Israel deports Zionist critic Finkelstein
25-May-2008 (2 comments)

The Zionist regime has deported Jewish-American academic Norman Finkelstein, the mass-selling Israeli Ha'aretz daily said.

Finkelstein was detained at Ben Gurion Airport for several hours Friday through Saturday before being boarded on an aircraft back to Amsterdam, where he came from.

Finkelstein " is not permitted to enter Israel because of suspicions involving hostile elements in Lebanon," and because he " did not give a full accounting to interrogators with regard to these suspicions, an Israeli daily quoted the Shin Bet security organization as saying.

Finkelstein who has blamed Israel for "exploiting" the Holocaust, met with Hezbollah leader's in Lebanon, and praised the anti-Israeli organization whose July 2006 snatching of two Israeli soldiers during a cross-border raid sparked a 33-day war between the Zionist state and the guerilla organization.

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Hey Fozoul...

by bijanam (not verified) on

Just remember, it is called the best in terrorist control and the best democracy in the region...


So much for the best

by Fozoul (not verified) on

So much for the best democracy in the region!