Iran paid to have UK soldiers killed
telegraph UK
24-May-2008 (6 comments)

Iran has secretly paid Iraqi insurgents hundreds of thousands of American dollars to kill British soldiers, according to a leaked government document obtained by The Telegraph. The document states that the Jaish al-Mahdi (JAM) – also known as the Mahdi Army – one of the most violent insurgent groups operating in Basra, used money from Iran to recruit and pay young unemployed men up to $300 (£150) a month to carry out attacks against the British. The findings have been passed to the highest levels in the military.

K Nassery

You can't keep secrets in this world.

by K Nassery on

I have no comment.




by ToofanZeGreat on

The telegraph should be sued for this article and beg for an apology. JAM is a sunni rebel group, Mahdi Army is a shia militant group in the east of Iraq. Its inbelivable that these motherf¤¤¤¤¤ get away with garbage like this.



by n3m 1s1s (not verified) on

We know these are lies attempting to manufacture consent to war with Iran when we read that the people were allegedly paid in dollars.

Everyone knows that the dollar is a worthless piece of shit.

I would think would be freedom fighters would much rather be paid in a currency which is worth something.



by n3m 1s1s (not verified) on

The UK Daily Telegraph is owned by Hollinger Inc one of the companies which belongs to the Barclay Brothers.

Also in their media portfolio is the Jerusalem Times.

The Telegraph is a dangerously rabid right wing rag, and was pro events such as the mass bombing of Lebanon and the illegal invasion of Iraq.

The Telegraph also tells as many unsubstantiated lies as the US press, and these stories are 'placed' by agencies with connections to Neo-Conservative idealogues.


Nooshe Janeshan Bashad

by almo5000 on

They killed many Iranian citizens through their agents in Khuzestan. They deserve it.


more lies

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

are we supposed to believe the British army? Why did they sit on this information for over a year?