Iran mosque blast plotters admit Israeli, US links: report
24-May-2008 (2 comments)

TEHRAN (AFP) Iran's chief prosecutor said bombers who caused a deadly blast at a mosque in Shiraz had confessed of links to Israel and the United States, the ISNA student news agency reported on Friday. "Those responsible for the attack against the Shiraz mosque have confessed to having links to worldwide oppression, in particular the United States and Israel," Ghorbanali Dorri-Najafabadi was quoted by the agency as saying.

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sure mehdi,

by Anonym7 (not verified) on

mehdi says: "The trick is not how far they push other peopleś button, but the wisdom to know when to stop pushing."

Sure Meytijan, although there are many peace loving people in Israel (2/3 of them according to a recent poll-), there is that 1/3 that itches for war, you tell them stop pushing other people's buttons. They have done enough damage,...., as George Soros says: "I am not sufficiently engaged in Jewish affairs to be involved in the reform of AIPAC; but I must speak out in favor of the critical process that is at the heart of our open society. I believe that a much-needed self-examination of American policy in the Middle East has started in this country; but it can't make much headway as long as AIPAC retains powerful influence in both the Democratic and Republican parties. Some leaders of the Democratic Party have promised to bring about a change of direction but they cannot deliver on that promise until they are able to resist the dictates of AIPAC. Palestine is a place of critical importance where positive change is still possible. Iraq is largely beyond our control; but if we succeeded in settling the Palestinian problem we would be in a much better position to engage in negotiations with Iran and extricate ourselves from Iraq."
BTW, hopefully you are among the 2/3 group, ey nAmazloom!


Is that some type of Joke or what?

by mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

One has to be utterly naive to believe that, one of the most effective intelligent services in the world, as the Mossad is, it would be that idiot or moron to expose itself with such petty crime. Neither the Israeli Mossad, nor the British MI6, or CIA would be such armatures to spend assets to ¨blow up a mosque¨. One does not read that an important Iranian leader was praying there at the time of the blast. So what would be the purpose. This is yet another trick dreamed up by the Mollaha to divert attention from Iranś worsening economical and social problem, and pin them on the 2 shay-tunah. If and when these services WILL get to do their job (of regime change in Iran), they will make sure it is effective and successful. Iranian people deserves the same freedom and quality of life as anyone else. It is time for regime change. This regime ideology is bankrupt and time to bring in secular and open minded leaders to lead this wonderful and ancient country. Time to restore its glory of 2500 years ago. Through intellectual, economic and industrious activities. Not by terror and mayhem on the surrounding region. People are not that stupid, including the Israelis & the Americans. No one is going to sit on his hands and watch bunch of pathetic mullahs with 7th century mind set, who try to control their lives and destiny. This is exactly what Khamanei and co. are doing. The trick is not how far they push other peopleś button, but the wisdom to know when to stop pushing.