Obama's views on Isreal, Palestine and Iran
23-May-2008 (15 comments)

Barack Obama reconfirmed his committment to the security of Isreal. and defined his positions on Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.

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Anonymous-2, why don’t you help me with my English…

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

These are quotes from your post:

“In a country where the President of the US can't even say a negative word about Israel what does one expect.”

“This was passed into law by the U.S. Congress in 2004 and there has been ZERO publicity about it. The Law stinks of racism and totalitarianism, and makes a complete mockery of the concept of free speech.”

Aren’t you suggesting that US democracy is worthless? Any law that does not support your view of justice, is a racist law…..

I did not twist anything, you are truly a disgrace to democracy. The debate was about Obama’s character, not Zionism, but you always have to direct any debate into a path that gives you a forum to express your hatred towards Israel and Zionism.

You and those other self-proclaimed intellectuals who knowingly or through ignorance promote the Islamo-fscism doctrine of IRI, shall live in the total darkness of hatred ideals. Your types have sunk too deep in this darkness to see the truth, hence you will never be free……


Mehdi Mazloom, David ET and

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Mehdi Mazloom, David ET and Anonymush…all great responses! Like I said in my previous posting, these guys fool themselves to believe that anyone actually has any sympathy for this regime or anyone justifies their actions or existence! They have no clue how much all people around the world (Except some few leftist loonies and Islamic fascists) despise this regime. They irrationally blame any anti IRI remark or movement on Bush and Israel! For long they were supporting Obama cause they thought he’s gonna go to Tehran and hug Khamenei and other fascists there. Not knowing that Obama is a patriot, and a logical and intellectual individual, and like majority of people around the world, understand that Iran is the greatest threat to world peace. I was waiting and knew that this day would come! But believe me guys, now they gonna start trashing Obama and call him a “Zionists puppet”! We have heard that sick logic over and over for the last 50 years or so in Iran by those people.


Anonymoush - Do you have a problem reading English?

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on


You either have a problem understanding English or you are in the business of lying.

Disgrace are those who lie, twist and manipulate what is being said in order to detract from the truth.

Just one comment to you "The Truth Will Set You Free".


So, Anonymous-2, let me see if

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

I got it right (according to you)..

- Majority of the 300 million people(except a few like you) in US are stupid and know nothing about being manipulated by foreigners
- The true intellectuals and patriots are those who side with Hammas for destruction of Israel (All 3 candidates of the 300 million people are evil)
- We should include in the law of this land protection (and promotion) of communism, anti-Semitism, and anti-Zionism.
- This is a corrupt nation controlled by Zionists and Ahmadinejad knows it best.
I am wondering what the hell are you doing here?

You know Mr. Anonymous-2, with all your intellect, you are a disgrace to democracy. You can only see the world through your own foggy glass. Whether you can see it or not, existence of Israel and recognition of her existence is the definition of peace. You better get used to it.


All we are saying is that he is the best we have - nothing else!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

He is simply the better of the two other evils. That's it. No he is not the most progressive - the most progressive would have been Dennis Kucinich or Ron Paul. But in a country like the US they would have had no chance in hell to get elected.

Ahmadinejad said it right: there is no difference between any of these candidates - we don't really care who becomes the next president of the United States they are all the same.

In a country where the President of the US can't even say a negative word about Israel what does one expect. Don't know if you all have read the following report. If not you should.

It makes it punishable to state anything against Israel, against the Talmud, to question the power of AIPAC, to even discuss negatively any history in which the Jews were involved, or to even mention the term "Zionist Conspiracy", etc.,. etc.,. etc.,.

This was passed into law by the U.S. Congress in 2004 and there has been ZERO publicity about it. The Law stinks of racism and totalitarianism, and makes a complete mockery of the concept of free speech.


Contemporary Global Anti-Semitism:A Report Provided to the United States Congress


For some, it takes longer to

by Anonymousds (not verified) on

For some, it takes longer to wise up. He is probably briefed by the Intelligence committee. Obama is actually reverting to his original position back in August of last year. In an op-ed he called Iran the 'greatest threat'!

Hit Iran where it hurts
by Barack Obama:



To Mehdi Mazloom....

by Anonymo (not verified) on

Yaa Mazloom! ;-)

Read your remarks again. Do you realize that you basically agree with me point by point?

All you are saying is that there are other "wrongs" in the world! Does that makes Isreali actions right?!

I agree with some of your points ofcourse
in a more measured manner as you render judgement on issues that are rather complex. But I see gist of your argument and that has merit.

David ET

One world

by David ET on

For someone who has followed Obama's remarks. speeches and fundamental beliefs I honestly have not seen any change of tone. Mostly people become surprised and presume he has a new positions only because the position is new to the listener and they were not aware of it before.

If anyone has been changing positions daily and acting like a used watch salesman has been Hillary Clinton. Obama has been very consistent.

I don't know anyone who agrees with everything that his pastor has ever said, neither did Obama. Carter served no purpose by talking to Hamas (and he is not a president so that is different ) and remember that even when he was a president he did not have good policies. It was unfortunate when Edward Kennedy lost to Carter at the democratic convention which lead to Carter's presidency. The rest is a sad history especially for Iranians.

I will be the first to criticize Obama if and when I see a major error but his overall direction and mindset by far is much superior to what we have been used to.

The one group that I am afraid of for future of Obama is the drug Cartel and if you listen to Obama's speech today about Latin American policy , you will see what I am talking about.

Back to the subject, Israel is 60 years old and it is time that Arabs stop this nonsense and force Hamas and Hezbollah's to end the hostility and accept the facts....Expecting Jews to leave Israel is like asking all of is to leave US for Indians, then Azerbaijan has to go back to Iran and so on and on and on.........all history!

Show me one nation who has not killed another and rest my case defending Israel's existence.

Arabs kill each other every day in Iraq. An American was saying look at Muslims killing each other but they complain about Israeli's. Someone told him, they are Shia and Sunni's fighting. He replied : "From here they all look the same !"

Its one world and the lip services and slogans only serve the extremists on ALL sides. Time to get real and seek peace among humanity regardless of race, color, religion, etc...



Obama and Democracy

by mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on


Why dont we respond to your post, paragraph by paragraph. To drive my point, I hope you don mind if I borrow from your own post.

you wrote:
¨It is a shame. AIPAC is destroying his soul.
American Jews have to decide whether they are American or Israeli. American people interests are not one and same with Israel's.¨

Here is a reply using you own sentence, and see how ridiculous your argument can be made.

It is a shame. Iranian regime is destroying his soul.
Iranian Shiites have to decide whether they are Farsis or Arabs. Iranian people interests are not one and same with Sunni Palestinians.

The questions is. which group has more common ground with the other.
American Jews with Israel. OR
Farsi-Shiíte Iraninas with the Sunni Palestinian Arabs?

I think past 1300 years have given us plenty and clear answer to that question.


You wrote:
¨Israel is an occupied land with a suppressed Arab population that is being discriminated against in the most horrific form for 60 years.¨

Do you want to bet in which country Arabs & Muslims are more oppressed?. Israel, or the rest of the Arab Islamic states.

Trust me, you do not want to go into that midfield with me.
Most of the Palestinianś suffering was brought onto them by their own corrupt, and despotic leaders, who lead them into desperation and poverty, while themselves had pocketed the donations from the international community. Go and find out how much Arafatś net worth was when he died.. Billions
Why don't use Google Earth and scan the southern beach of Gaza and see the seaside villas littering the coast. All belong the ¨poor Palestinian elites¨

You wrote:
¨This is about justice and human dignity and defence of liberty and equality.¨

What type of dignity are you talking about here?. The lost dignity, cultural, language, heritages, and history of millions of people throughout the the ME, including your own country of Iran, which were wiped out by the sword by Muhammad and his followers, between 7-8th century of Islamś so called Golden era. Almost all were replaced by the religious of Islam and Arab language.


I do respect your opinion Mr. David ET,

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

And I have nothing against what he said in his speech in that synagogue yesterday. That is pretty much what Hillary has been saying all along (may be a little more blunt and to the point), and she has been crucified by Obama and all Israel haters for making her position known.

My note was to those Israel haters who were screaming “Obama for president” assuming their hero is a Carter follower.

With all due respect, my issue with Mr. Obama is his lack of integrity which to me makes him untrustworthy. He dismisses his pastor of 20 years (after initially praising him) when political pressure got too much. Now that Florida is in the headline, he goes out there and sweet talks to Cuban community and Jewish voters. Here he dismisses his idol, Jimmy Carter, when it comes to his stance in the Middle-East conflict.

You see, he is a great speaker and to me a great actor (he sounds so sincere and convincing). But, when I go back and think about what he said, when he said it, I can’t trust him. He is too wishy washy, and tries to keep everybody happy without considering at what price.

Having said all this, as a realist, I think he has the greatest chance of being the next president (Unfortunately, IMHO)


David ET

I posted this news piece and I still support Obama

by David ET on

Obama is committed to security and integrity of Israel. Israel is a member nation of UN recognized by the world and its safety against likes of Hamas , Hezbollah and Ahamdinejad's must be defended.

Obama stated that he will not negotiate with Hamas until they recognize Israel which is the right position.

Obama stated that the threat of Islamic Republic Regime is real which is also accurate..

Obama in this speech supported a country for Palestinians side by side with Israel in peace.

The slogans aside, I see nothing wrong with his positions. Actually he always had these positions and nothing has changed in his policy regarding this subject.

Obama for president!


How peculiar….

by Anonymoush (not verified) on

All-of-a-sudden Q and his gang went hiding under the rock. No more slogans of “long live Obama, the world’s savior”.
Q, do you want to post a few more of his old speeches?

Where are you Anonymous-2? Is Obama still your man? Or, are you ready to concede he has no integrity and has no balls…

Welcome to at least one more generation of terror. You succeeded to make this guy your president. Our children will suffer the consequences.

In ghesseh sar e deraaz darad…


Behold! Below is the first

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Behold! Below is the first one! More is to come !! Offcourse, as always, blame it on Israel! Anyone who exposes the brutality and barabrism of the regime in Tehran is an "Israeli puppet"!!!


I’m extremely glad that he

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

I’m extremely glad that he said that so that some of these misguided, confused Islamic Marxists on this website who think Obama is gonna side with the fascist regime in Iran or feels sympathy towards it, understand that the regime in Iran has no friends ! No one wants to be friends with a fascist regime. I bet all these guys who trash Bush and any U.S, Iranian or any other foreign individual who critizes the IRI, gonna start trashing Obama too now! Watch !


Obama is being pushed to the right!

by Anonymo (not verified) on

Right is pushing Obama to extreme right positions in order to get commitment from him.

It is a shame. AIPAC is destroying his soul.
American Jews have to decide whether they are American or Israeli. American people interests are not one and same with Israel's.

America is country based on democracy and justice and equal opportunity. Israel is an occupied land with a suppressed Arab population that is being discriminated against in the most horrific form for 60 years.

American ideals and principles expressed in the US constitution and declaration of independence abhors the policies of Tel Aviv racist leaders. Israel has tarnished US images for decades. Obama is under extreme pressure to continue the policies of the past.

Obama has to stand his ground and say my principles are not for sale.

This is not about Muslim against Jews or Hams against Likud or Ahmadinejad against Olmert!

This is about justice and human dignity and defence of liberty and equality.