Lieberman to YouTube: Remove al Qaeda videos
22-May-2008 (3 comments)

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Sen. Joseph Lieberman is urging Google Inc. to take down YouTube videos that he said al Qaeda and "other terrorist organizations" use to encourage violence and disseminate propaganda.

In a Monday letter to Eric Schmidt, chief executive officer of Google, Lieberman asked that YouTube "implement its own policy against this offensive material," by removing the videos. Lieberman, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee, also wants YouTube staffers to have a system that will prevent the video from reappearing.

The letter follows the committee's staff report on terrorists' Internet use. Read the report

YouTube is a subsidiary of Google Inc.

"Many of the videos produced by one of the production arms of al Qaeda show attacks on U.S. forces in which American soldiers are injured and, in some cases, killed," wrote Lieberman, an independent from Connecticut.

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I only wonder ....

by . (not verified) on

I only wonder what it is that this joker "joe" (and by association, his masters the israelis) are afraid of? Did they have a role in 9/11 and don't want it to become public? Did they collaborate with someone dangerous whose name may come out? Is it their "democracy" and "freedom" propaganda that may suffer?
I have no clues. But it is interesting that "freedom of speech" has its own "masters" to decide whose speech is free and whose is not.



by MKB (not verified) on

Is this the thin end of the wedge? Is this a ploy to control what the public MAY CHOOSE to see online?


I am fine with his message

by Abarmard on

But Lieberman is still a Joker. Where is Batman?