Family of Lawful Permanent Residents join Immigration Raids Lawsuit
PR Newswire / Lowenstein Sandler PC
22-May-2008 (2 comments)

One agent drew his weapon and pointed it at [their 9 year old U.S. Citizen son] and his mother, causing the boy to fear the agents would kill him and his family. Even after the agents realized they were in the wrong house, the agents remained in the house questioning Chavez and Galindo and they made explicit threats to take the boy away from his parents. When the agents finally left the house one of the agents announced, "We're going to come back. And next time it will be worse." The amended complaint alleges that Galindo and her son experienced severe trauma as a result of the raid. They are unable to sleep and fear the agents' return. Chavez and Galindo have found their son crying and shaking in the night, and he becomes afraid every time the doorbell rings.

Niki Tehranchi

This could happen to you

by Niki Tehranchi on

A while ago on the Los Angeles County Bar Association Immigration Listserve, an immigration attorney told of being harassed by ICE agents knocking on his door early in the morning as he was preparing to go to court. They tried every thing to force themselves in short of breaking the door open (which they threatened to do). The attorney spoke to them from behind the door asking them to show their I.D. and show their warrant to enter his premises. They did none of it and were belligerent and abusive and threatened to stay around until he would eventually have to come out. Of course, they left after a few minutes. Couldn't stick around without a supply of coffee and donuts I guess. But I mean, if this is what they do to an American attorney who happens to know his constitutional rights and speak English, imagine what can they do to immigrants. It is important to emphasize the above-mentioned family in the article were not illegal immigrants but Green Card holders. Their son is a US Citizen. Shoot first, ask questions later seems to be the motto of the Gestapo...Oooppss... I mean Homeland Security.


Ali P.

That's how it is...

by Ali P. on

  As long as there is power placed in people's hands, somebody is going to abuse it. This will never go away. The system has to be set up in a way that the abuser be weeded out and the power taken away from them.

 The alleged abuse of an ICE agent needs to be reported and dealt with. There are many courageous federal judges out there. Civil lawsuits seem to have worked against abusive local law enforcement agents; they'll work against feds too.