US lifts Cuba mobile phone ban
21-May-2008 (one comment)

US President George W Bush has said Americans will soon be allowed to send mobile phones to relatives in Cuba.

The change in US policy follows the Cuban government's easing last month of restrictions on mobile phone ownership.

Previously they could only be bought by government officials and people working for foreign firms.

The decades-old US trade embargo against Cuba remains in place. But Americans will now be able to include mobile phones in gift parcels for Cuba.

Speaking at the White House on Cuba Solidarity Day, Mr Bush said: "Cubans are now allowed to purchase mobile phones, DVD players and computers, and they have been told that they will be able to purchase toasters and other basic appliances in 2010.

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Decades old embargo is childish

by Mehdi on

Bush and others are like children playing a stupid game, proud that they have more toys. They are pathetic.