Hizbollah's Lebanon veto power boosts Iran's Middle East influence
Telegraph (UK)
21-May-2008 (one comment)
Iran's influence across the Middle East was strengthened today when its close ally, Hizbollah, greatly increased its political power in Lebanon by winning a veto over all government decisions. >>>
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Future of Fundementalists is bleak

by mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

If you examine the history of mankind, it is clear that no regime which imposes its fundamentalist will on their people, managed to last for too long.

Just look at the communism. its basic doctrine was very similar to those of the Islamist in Tehran, Hizbollah (and the shishkabab). foirce the people to dress the same, behave the same, bow to the will of one man, or an institution.

Except for the delicious shishkabab, communism did implode under its own weight. That what will happen to the regime in Iran, Sudan, Hizbollah and others like them.

In modern times, as we are now, no regime can go around and keep oppressing the free will of their people and get away with it for too long.

In regards to the Mullahs in Tehran. It is all due time. their time will come and soon.