Bahá'í International Community rejects Iranian allegations on recent arrests
Bahai World News Service / Bahai Internatinal Community
21-May-2008 (one comment)

— Allegations by Iran that six Bahá’ís were arrested last week “for security reasons and not for their faith” are utterly baseless and without documentation, said the Bahá’í International Community today....

............“The allegations are not new, and the Iranian government knows well that they are untrue,” Ms. Dugal said. “The documented plan of the Iranian government has always been to destroy the Bahá’í community, and these latest arrests represent an intensification of this plan. 

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failure to contain a rageful hate

by Seagull (not verified) on

Thank you Faryam for posting this, its always a matter of security for this short sighted bigots and yet they manage to bring more insecurity upon themselves. After over 150 years of unseizing brutal persecution and murderous bloodshed of the innocent, they still dont have the courage to come out and confess to their grudge and their envious hate of others. What a cowardly way to go down in history. Indeed they will join their rank in a place made of shear fear at the thought of which trembles the dead.
Their path is dark, they posses no viable alternative to anything and everything that they hate or disapprove of, yet they reject everything including their own book and prophet simply by their evil actions and their heinous crimes against those for whom they harbor an unjustified hate.
Would that one day, in the name of what they preach to believe, they would show a minute fraction of the courage of those innocent people who refuse to recant their faith, in the face of the most ugliest, brutal type of phonny Ruhanniat the world have come to know in this century of enlightenment, and admit to their deep seated and bigotous hate, not in a million years. Even the Prophet PUB can no longer shame them!