Ayatollah Montazeri Decrees Baha'is Rightful Citizens of Iran
21-May-2008 (14 comments)

Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri (Persian: حسین علی منتظری), styled His Honourable Eminence, (born in 1922), was one of the leaders of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. He is best known as the one-time designated successor to the revolution's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini who fell out with Khomeini in 1989 over government policies that Montazeri claimed infringed on freedom and denied people's rights. He currently lives in the holy city of Qom, and remains politically influential in Iran, especially upon reformist politics. Montazeri is a senior Islamic scholar and a grand marja (religious authority) of Islam.

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wait till next week

by MRX1 (not verified) on

when Montazeri will discover benefits of hygines and the following weeks he will have a final decree as to using your left leg or right leg when you enter a bathroom. such amazing people we have in iran.


RE: Forgery

by jimzbund on

 These words of forgery and blah blahs are the trade marks of bacheh hayeh  pa manabris who are trained under the agha's aba !!! kafar hameh ra beh kish e khod pendarad.


Bund, Jimz Bund


Dear Afshin, You are

by sadegh on

Dear Afshin, You are mistaken, Ayatollah Montazeri was only under house arrest from 1997 to 2003. For more information you can see the post on my blog at eterazonline.com. Whether it is a forgery or not I am not certain...Of course I sincerely hope for the latter...I hope it is the genuine article. Kind regards, Sadegh...


When it's listed on his website, I'll believe it.

by abu ladan (not verified) on


If it's true, then I think it's a courageous move. Montazeri's opinions mean little to those in power however. The Sepah, Basijian, and hezbollahis that enforce the current intolerance aren't going to be swayed one iota.



by afshin on

Not sure whether you're aware or not, but Mr. Montazeri has been under <essential> house arrest for about 20 years!  Clearly the alleged decree and document supporting it are forgeries.  Don't think for a second that the government of Iran would allow such a move.  The only reason he's not dead yet, is that he's an Ayatollah.  It seems that this document has clearly achieved its aims by generating a lot of buzz and traffic on the hosting site and also bringing attention to the atrocious conditions Iranian Bahai's are living under.  Not that I don't defend the message.  But don't pat yourselves on the back just yet.  In my opinion this document is a forgery.


Agha Montazeri

by jimzbund on

Not an Ayatullah , probably plain clothes gave him some civility. Anyway he deserves a credit. of the three ( marg bar seh mollah, Sadegh khareh o Gorbeh nareh o ruhollah  ) , he is the only survivor while the other two are rotting in hell.


Bund, Jimz Bund


Thank you so much for this

by sadegh on

Thank you so much for this Faryarm...I have just written a brief blog entry on this important step forward towards peaceful coexistence. As an Iranian I stand shoulder to should with my Baha'i compatriots.



Kind regards, Sadegh


Very important

by Asghar_Massombagi on

You have to be an Iranian Shi'a to understand how important this decree is by a grand ayatollah.  By decreeing that the Bahais are rightful citizens of Iran and should be treated as such, Montazeri is in fact putting citizenship ahead of religious affiliation, i.e. membership in Ummat. In doing so he is also pleading for a humane interpretation of Islam, one that was enforced throughout much of middle ages under the Ottomans and other Islamic rulers accommodating the Jews and even at times certain Christian sects that were refugees from intolerant Christian Europe; tolerance that European travelers to the "orient" found appalling and attributed to degeneracy of the "Muhammedan's mind."  Montazeri is not only humanizing the Bahais but also breaking a long held taboo.  As well, by turning his back on 150 years of hostility by Shi'a clergy towards the Bahais, he is taking a serious chance.  If I were one of the people in Ayatollah’s circle I'd be seriously worried about him being the target of assassination.



by Shahyad on


David ET

a good move

by David ET on

by a courageous man


To ./. Unverified: Show us when and how Bahais have collaborated

by faryarm on

If you are indeed well informed, just in your judgement and willing to put away all your preconceived ideas; you can begin to realise, as many in Iran are now realising that Bahais are indeed, not only what they have been made out to be by the mullahs , but in reality they have historically been, i every field the source of positive  progress in Iranian society;

It is because of this sole reason that, the forces of darkness and backward thought (guess who?) who today are losing their grip over satellite watching-internet savvy- well informed iranians who no longer listen to them...

Bahais are indeed rightful citizens in every sense of the word; much more than the very people persecuting them...they are devout followers of a universal religion from Iran ; a uniting religion that has nothing to do with involvement in partisan politics , international conspiracies and everything to do witha Divine Plan and Will to transfrom human beings and in turn the Globe into a better place.

So please stop this truly ignorant rant which has no basis...because YOU and your likes always accuse the Bahais, but have never produced one credible shred of evidence ...so  Show us when and how Bahais have collaborated?



Yallah Amou Montazery. God bless him!!!

by samsam1111 on

Cool Mullah!!! in yeh mulast keh nemireh jahanam..


"RIGHTFUL CITIZENS" -- A great term!

by ./. (not verified) on

This term means what it says. Therfore, those "rightful" citizens have NO RIGHT to collaborate with the enemies of that state. In the case of Bahais, they collaborate with the US government and the Zionists. Therefore, their right should be curtailed.


That's what is needed the right of every citizen and

by hanna (not verified) on

compassion. People may not believe various faiths, but to have full rights as citizens of a country and compassion for human beings is more important! I hope this brings some relief to our Bah'ai Iranians, and I hope so many who wish to return or travel back to their homeland can do so without any fear.

A step in the right direction.