US plan for Lebanon attack revealed
18-May-2008 (one comment)

Israeli intelligence sources have revealed that the US had given the green light to Israel to attack Lebanon's Hezbollah on May 11th.

They said that, on May 10, the US government urged the Israeli army to launch a fierce military strike on Southern and Western Beirut as well as other Lebanese regions, DEBKA website which is close to Israeli intelligence agency reported.

May eleven was the day when Hezbollah forces were engaged in street battles with opposition militiamen in Beirut and other Lebanese regions.

Two controversial decsions made by the pro-US ruling majority against Hezbollah's telecommunication network and Beirut Airport's Security Chief mounted tensions in Lebanon.

"Israel failed to grasp a historic opportunity to get rid of one of its four enemies (Iran, Hezbollah, Syria, and Hamas). This would certainly lead to the destruction of Hezbollah," DEBKA quoted a senior US military source as saying.

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And your source is PressTV?

by CrushedPress! (not verified) on

Maybe you should also add that PressTV is the mouthpiece of the IRI. It is an English language satellite channel run from Tehran aimed at spreading the views of the mullahs throughout the world (as if it interests anybody).

So as much as I do not doubt that the USA and Israel might have many plans to protect their interests, I would not believe news put forward by PressTV without some skepticism.