Iraqi court rulings stop at U.S. detention sites
18-May-2008 (2 comments)

BAGHDAD - In the eyes of Iraqi justice, Yahya Ali Humadi is a free man. To the U.S. military, he's another of the detainees in yellow jumpsuits held at the sprawling Camp Bucca in southern Iraq. Humadi — ordered released nine months ago after an Iraqi judge dropped all charges — now spends his days in a legal limbo. It's one that has confronted and confounded thousands of other Iraqis since 2003 who have been freed by their nation's courts but remained in U.S. custody.


We are Above the Law

by almo5000 on

And, they claim they want "freedom" and "law and oder" in the Middleeast. Not for themselves, only for the people that they occupy and enslave. The same story is true with those blood suckers in Tel Aviv!



if it wasn,t for Heroic Americans, IRI losers

by samsam1111 on

 had to beg for naft shahr & 16 towns still in the hands of Saddam in 1991  .so IRI should kiss american soldiers boots as a good gesture.