Bush pushes for Mideast unity against Iran
Washington Times
18-May-2008 (one comment)

Days after a speech in Israel deemed by many in the Arab world to be unhelpfully pro-Israel, President Bush today challenged Middle East leaders to reform their governments and stand together against Iran.

Top administration officials also said that the president may return to the region before his term is up if a peace agreement between the Israelis and Palestinians looks achievable.

Mr. Bush, speaking to a few hundred government and business leaders in Sharm el Sheikh, Egypt, ended his five-day trip to the Middle East by drawing attention to repressive governments in the region.

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Mullahs fingers are all over it

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

For starters, one would imagine that as farsi minority in Iran, as Islamic (Shi'ite) Minority, these idiots in Tehran would be much wiser then taking on other minority (Israel) , or Sunni majority groups in the region.

Instead of playing the constructive role, gain their cloth and influence through peace making effort. Generation of scientific knowledge, and industrial might, like China & India, they go around and spend most of their energy and hard earned money on ill fated ventures. Like that famous Spanish tale of Don Quixote, they support losers like Hizbollah & Hamas to try to destabilize democratic countries like Israel & Lebanon. with one of the fierce and mightiest military forces in the region.

I guest these 7th century Mullahs thinks just because their little midget goes on TV like the turkey, bellicose "Israel just triggered its own demize", the rest of the world will panic and let these jokes have their way.

If and the west will act,. (and they will), it will be against the forces which keep this backward and decadent regime in power. First to go, will be all the military units of the IRG, then the Navy etc. Civilians will not be harmed.

The most potent weapon will come from the millions female students throughout Iran. They will go out in the streets, remove their chaddor, and lift their skirts knee high, and taunt the religious police - come and get me..

Iran's student will bring the regime down, not the west.

The truth is, this fundamentalist regime play no constructive role to promote anything of value, except try to control the life of others through terror and mayhem. That can not be acceptable and will not be acceptable to those who wish to live in peace and freedom.