Persecution of Baha'is Intensified
Mulsim Network
17-May-2008 (7 comments)

On Wednesday morning, May 14th 2008, six Baha’i leaders were arrested in Iran, comparable to the “episodes in the 1980s when scores of Iranian Bahá’í leaders were summarily rounded up and killed.” We as Muslims strongly condemn this grave injustice...


Muslim youth group supports Baha'i rights

by alborz on

The Muslim network for Baha’i rights is developed by a group of Muslim interfaith activists who believe in tolerance, coexistence and freedom. We created this site to promote human rights, religious freedom and respect within the Arab and Muslim world.

Now can you find me an Iranian group, youth or otherwise, that would speak up on behalf of a Faith that was born in Iran and carries a message of hope based on the Unity of Mankind?





by faryarm on

your comments define you...


Where are the youth? Where is equality?

by alborz on

For those of you who write before you read....

The website is operated by Moslem youth.  They are reporting on an event, which was the arrest of Baha'is in the photo.  So the photos are not of the youth that reported on the event.

To those of you who write before you think...

The people in the photo were appointed for their capabilities and dedication to their cause and not based on their gender.  So any combination of men and women could have been appointed. The 2 women, 5 men combination is purely coincidental and not based on a formula like that of Islam where a woman is 1/2  of a man.  Also the group photo was taken before they were arrested by their  unshaven thugs that run the place.  I can see why you may have thought they took this photo 30+ years ago.  Let me tel ou, one can be clean shaven and dressed in a respectful and dignified manner even amongst the bigoted and fanatical masses.   Perhaps another reason to imprison them !

From the comments, it is no wonder that the entire nation is sinking into a hell hole of an era.





there are good moslems

by Seagull (not verified) on

thank you Alborz, I had seen this sight before. this is definatly a credit to the moslems.


Where are the young Bahais in your newline?

by zirak on


The picture that is on the web of your news item has some very old, and certainly older folks. So, where are the young Bahais?




Where are the youth?

by ./. (not verified) on

You refer to this as the moslem youth. The picture that your news web is connected to is full of older people. Where are the young Bahais?


No Equality? How come there are 5 men but only 2 women?

by ahmad.bahai on

Where is equality in bahaism? In the picture you show which probably correspond to the "consule of Bahais" there are only 2 woemn, but 5 mean. Isn't this sexist? Where is the equality that you speak of so often?


Real Bahai