Iran's arrest of Baha'is condemned
17-May-2008 (11 comments)

CNN) -- Six Baha'i leaders in Iran were seized and imprisoned this week, the religious group said. The chairman of the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom called the acts the "latest sign of the rapidly deteriorating status of religious freedom and other human rights in Iran."


Another stain on your record !

by alborz on

Iran is being watched closely on more fronts than you may have thought!



Ayatollah Defends Baha'is

by scb (not verified) on

Grand Ayatollah Hossein Ali Montazeri, styled His Honourable Eminence, (born in 1922), was one of the leaders of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. He is best known as the one-time designated successor to the revolution's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khomeini who fell out with Khomeini in 1989 over government policies that Montazeri claimed infringed on freedom and denied people's rights. He currently lives in the holy city of Qom, and remains politically influential in Iran, especially upon reformist politics. Montazeri is a senior Islamic scholar and a grand marja (religious authority) of Islam.

Translation of the decree:

In the Name of God

With greetings,

The congregation of Baha'ism not having the heavenly book like those of Jews, Christians, and Zoaretrians in the constitution [of Islamic republic of Iran], are not considered one of the religious minorities. However, since they are the citizens of this country, they have the right of citizenship and to live in this country. Furthermore, they must benefit from the Islamic compassion which is stressed in Quran and by the religious authorities.

God-willing you will be successful,
(Wal Salam–u Alaykum Warahmatullah)
[Peace and Mercy of God be upon you]

25 Urdibehesht 1387 [14 May 2008]

Signature: Montazeri [Seal]

In view of the current crisis facing the Baha'is of Iran, with the recent arrests of the leaders of that community, this development can be seen to be of great significance.


To: Anonymoushcvt7p - I wouldn't say that

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I have seen pictures of those who were killed. They were ordinary people and innoccent children. Why are you calling them Iranian skin heads? Something did happen, but who is the blame is the question; and personally I do believe there are elements working with U.S. to create havoc. Didn't you even hear last week, one of the former U.S. generals made a comment that we should engage in a "tit for tat" with Iran by engaging in terrorist activities in Iran for every bomb that goes off in Iraq. MSNBC, Keither Oberlman broadcasted it!

This type of activity has always been part of the U.S. plan, if it is difficult to engage in military activity, sanctions are not working, isolation is not working, then unleash terrorism. This is nor far off - Both the U.S. and Israel have been involved in political assassinations and terrorist activities.

Do you remember the bus bombing in Balouchestan last year which killed many soldiers - it was conducted by Jundallah.


I would not be surprised if

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I would not be surprised if this whole thing is a plot by IRI to reciprocate the allegations against it. What the hell a bunch of Islamic skinheads were doing in a husainyeh clan gathering anyways. what is wrong with these people?


The gov. is making these bull shit excuses!

by hanna (not verified) on

Just last week the IRI made the following assertions right after the news that MEK were taken out of the terrorist list in U.K:

1. The Shiraz bombings was part of a terrorist group supported by the U.S. - and we know who that is the MEK.

2. They also made the assertion that it was done by the monarchists.

3. So now it is the Bah'ais - of all of these groups the Bah'ais have removed themselves from political matters. They are not dumb to get involved in such acts.

IRI is pretty stupid to anger the world community, by pointing fingers to Bah'ais.

The MEK are more like it they are being used by the U.S. for exactly these activities.

What the hell are these people doing creating more enemies for themselves and for Iran! Enough is enough.


CNN Link

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Ahmad wake up

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The answer to your question is NO, it was probobly who seriously dont care for you. We try to educate you and help you rehabilitate, hoping you salvage yourself.
But you have alot more present immenent clear dangers and worries now than a handful of peace loving law abiding citizens of Iran.
You should be aware that spreading falsehood and hate among Iranians is not going to serve your purpose.
You are only playing at the hands of your enemies.
Iranians and the world want you and your bunch to get back to your senses and to use your head but you just dont get it!!!!!!!!
I just hope that ordinary Iranians and Moslems wont have to pay the price for your stupidity any more than what they have already. Wise up! when are you going to learn? Your hate-mongering is catching up with you.


I have not accessed the article - but this is not the work

by hanna (not verified) on

of Ba'hais. They have never engaged in this type of activity. If anything it is the work of the MEK in fact very early on one monarchist group (out of Paris) said it was their work - I even doubt this (I think they just wanted to make themselves feel like they have the capability).

It is the MEK; or other U.S. or Israeli funded terrorist group. It could be PJAK God, knows.


What happened, I can access the article?

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The page has disappeared? Can anyone else access it?


Were those Bahai's involved in Bombing?

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here we go again

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Iranian government on charm offensive.