Inside a Palestinian refugee camp
BBC World News
17-May-2008 (2 comments)

Martin Asser spent a week in Shatila refugee camp in Beirut, meeting some of the prominent personalities among the population of Palestinian refugees.

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enough already

by MRX1 (not verified) on

seek of hearing about palestine. millions of millions refugees all over the world have found the place to settle and moved on with their lifes except these so called palestenians! apparently there was no mention of palestine any where untill 1967 Arab Israeli war.guess who lost@! There is no such a thing as palestenian identity. they should be absorbed in syria, lebenon, jordan and parts of west bank and gaza and live under a banner of united arab some thing and move on....Arabs know their nationalities are all bogus why is it so hard for some of you call Iranians to get this...


The Refugess Problem would not exist if:

by mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

Since WWII, over 130M people had lost their lives, homes, land, and many became refugees. All have been settled quietly and peacefully. All EXCEPT THE PALESTINIANS. Even 60 years later, have you wondered why are they still being kept in refugees camps?

If you think that, the Arab-Israeli conflict is all about "The Palestinians plight for independence from occupation", and their "despair" is the driving force behind the teen aged homicide killers to murder innocent , Israeli women & children, then think again. The Palestinian issue would not exist today, IF:

1) Like others, Israel would force the Palestinian population under the gun and by threat of beheading to covert into Jewish religion, then absorbed them into greater Israel.

2) Israel would have been yet another 3rd world fundamentalist Islamic state. Like these countries, use public executions, and other “convincing” methods to suppress resistance.

3) Israel would deal with these Palestinian atrocities against innocent civilians, “the Islamic way”. That is, wipe out the suicide killer's entire family, 3 generations deep, and neighborhood . Much as it was done in Iraq, Libya, Egypt, Syria, and other Arab states.

4) Majority religion in Israel would have been Islam. Instead of Jewish. (think of Iranians Mullahs)

5) Israel would not prosper, economically and socially, as it is today. Which makes the Palestinians, and some of their Arab supporters all the more envy and angry.

6) Israel’s Jewish population would have been 25, 35, or maybe 100 Million people, instead of only 7.3 million. (Arabs didn’t complain when Syria was occupying, and sucking the life out of Lebanon, did they?)

7) Gaza Strip would still remain under Egyptian, and West Bank under Jordanian rules.

8) Palestinians would have accepted the 2-State proposal offered to them back in 1947 by the League of Nations.

9) Palestinians would unconditionally had joined the peace treaty signed with Egypt in 1978, and with Jordan in 1995.

10) Yasser Arafat would have accepted the peace proposal offered to him in July 2000 by US & Israel.

11) Arab, Islamic and Western countries would offer them just and fair financial compensation, and willingness to absorb those refugees and full citizenship.