Iran asks UNESCO to name 2009 as "Ferdowsi Year"
15-May-2008 (5 comments)

Secretary-General of the Ferdowsi Foundation Yaser Movahhedfar announced that the foundation will offer an official proposal to UNESCO for the naming of 2009 as "Ferdowsi Year"


No "Chosen People" with Ferdowsi !!!!

by ahmad.bahai on

Unlike our Zionist bretheren, in Iran we don't discriminate. That is we don't have "chosen people by god".  We are all created equal (bad news for zionists). Ferdowsi says:



(all peoples are from the same essence of life)



Just a correction

by Souri on

Mr. Ahmad Bahai, I want to bring a small correction to your comment. This wasn't Ferdowsi who said that poem, it comes from Saadi who said : "Bani adam aazaye yekdigarand" "ke dar aafarinesh ze yek goharand" Actually Ferdowsi's type is completely different than Saadi. Ferdowsi's interest were only Iran and Iran's heritage as Parthian. Saadi's work has been completely different, more spiritual and human concerned. Respectfully,


To: Zion (No Misunderstandings ...)

by zirak on

Zionists call themselves "chosen people" (as if God chooses the worst of the worst to be chosen among human beings!!!)


These zionsits excercise the worst human right violations of any religeion (inclduing Judiasm), appartite, murder, destructons, killing of defenseless children and old men. How can they be CHOSEN?


You misunderstand sir

by Zion on

Mr. Bahai, The so called 'chosen people' in Judaism (nothing to with Zionism by the way), is a religious notion. It is not an issue of superiority. It is a covenant, an agreement, for a purpose. Mutual agreement to do good on earth. It is not a racial issue.
I hope this puts your mind at rest.


"CHOSEN PEOPLE' all right.

by Mehdi Mazloom (not verified) on

A-ha!!!! if you are not an Iranian, and an Islamsit, you could not decipher the insidious message to which they will try to convey - unless you are familiar with their form of double talk. Most often they don't lie, they just won't tell the truth. Here is an example.

Agha'yeh ahmad bahahi writes: (hope you are not real bahaii)

"In Iran we don't discriminate"

BUT, he won't tell you against whom. From personal experience, I know for fact that this statement is bunch of bellony roasted on shish kabab, the only ones whom these "Iranians" don't discriminate is against other fellow Shi'ite Moslam.

You have to hold these gullible's feet to the fire. Just ask these innocent kid what the Dihimmi, and Jyza.are for.