Hezbollah 'to restore normality'
BBC World
15-May-2008 (2 comments)

The Hezbollah opposition has pledged to return normality to Lebanon, a week after battles erupted between the movement and government supporters. The announcement comes a day after the government withdrew two key measures to curb Hezbollah that triggered clashes. Militants loyal to Hezbollah have now begun removing roadblocks on the route to Beirut's international airport.

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LOSERS are the west and its allies in Lebanon

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It is time that the west understands that people in their rown legitimate homelands prefer to deal with indiginous problems indiginously. They look at Iraq today; it is a lot worse than when saddam was there; and will never become better until the invadoers leave Iraq. So Lebanese argue why do they want another invasion by the henchmen of the west in Lebanon?


The Loser is Hizballah: This

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The Loser is Hizballah: This is from a comment section on Angryarab.blogspot.com

After The Lebanese Shiite Putsch,Winners,Losers,and Solution
At the face of it,Shiites Nasrallah and Berri won by a landslide.Maronite 'Aoun is also a winner albeit his winning is a derivative of the Shiite victory.Consequently,Christians attached to 'Aoun won too.Also at the face of it,Sunni Hariri and Druze Jumblatt lost by a landslide.Christians attached to Hariri and Jumblatt lost as well.At this point,those who are interested in statistics can take the
news and run to spread the word.However,a closer and more meaningful look would reveal that Lebanon was the only loser
in that putsch.There were no winners at all.

The Shiite win came at a very heavy price.The lack of goodwill,some say pure hate, by all non-Shiites towards them.Their Sunni,Druze,and Chrisitian adversaries were left with a sense of shame and humiliation that will not subside until avenged.Their Sunni and Druze supporters were left with the stigma of being Shiite
collaborators,and accordingly despised,shunned and besieged.Their Christian supporters realized how ruthless their Shiite partners were,with the frightening implications for these Christians,as insignificant partners, if they should step out of line.But there is still a lot more.

The Shiite vision for Lebanon,its present and future,as a militant society totally immersed in preparation for war,with all the brainwashing,blood,tears,and destruction that comes with it,and dedicated to be a vanguard of all Shiite causes and wars,
ready to move at the whim of a non-Lebanese Grand Ayatollah in Iran,this vision proved to be markedly different than all what
the rest of the Lebanese had in mind.The Shiite vision leaves the rest of the Lebanese with only two choices.They can accept
to abide by the Shiite vision or they can reject it.If they accept it,they will earn a de facto status of second class citizens,Dhimmis,be they Muslims or Chrsitians or Druze.If they reject it,they have but one recourse,leave Lebanon and move elsewhere.Those who reject and stay will be hunted and persecuted,Iraqi Style.With that in mind,how could Lebanese solve this dilemma?

Based on the fact that Shiites will not change their God Mandated and Ayatollah's blessed views,and based on the fact that non-Shiite Lebanese should never resort to outside powers to seek their help in overpowering Shiites,the only alternative is to ask regional and international help in implementing an amicable divorce,a partition plan for Lebanon.This way,Shiites can happily enjoy their unrivaled sovereignty over their own State and piously practice all their Spartan duties.And the rest of the Lebanese can enjoy a moment of peace,pick up the pieces,and get to work trying to rebuild their lives all over again.