Helping to put a ‘human face on Iran’
Adirondack Daily
15-May-2008 (one comment)

LAKE PLACID — Priscilla Fairbanks was at the Adirondack Community Church in Lake Placid Wednesday night presenting a slide show of her recent trip to Iran.

“So much of what I am trying to do is put a human face on Iran,” the Lake Placid resident said. “If we can just move beyond the demonizing.”

Fairbanks travelled with the Fellowship of Reconciliation, an interfaith and international movement that was started in 1914 by an English Quaker and a German Lutheran trying to prevent the outbreak of what became World War I.

Fairbanks said her group took “letters of friendship” from many people in the U.S. and handed them to school children and people they met in Iran.

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why are you insulting her?

by IRANdokht on

She's doing something to stop the military attack on Iran. She's against the demonizing of the Iranians that is being done all over the west.

why are you insulting her in your super title?