Shirin Ebadi Slams Clinton's "Obliteration" Remark: She is exception to the norm
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14-May-2008 (6 comments)

Shirin Ebadi in response to Hillary Clinton:

"My reply to people such as Mrs. Clinton, who use their fear of Israel's destruction as an excuse to attack Iran, is to remind them that Iran has been a refuge for Jewish people since the era of Cyrus The Great. Jews have lived peacefully in Iran for centuries. One of their oldest and most famous settlements is in Iran. Iran must be judged by its 3,000-year history, not by its performance over the past 30 years after the Islamic Revolution, or the past two years, since Ahmadinejad [came into office in 2005]."


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David ET

Great Commentary

by David ET on

Well said.

I am so glad Hillary will not be nominated for president. She says and does anything for popularity and votes.

Saturday Night Live did a good job portraying her:



why was it

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

she wrapped herself in 3000 years of history without saying anything about what happened to the Palestinians in 1948?

Has the so-called 'human rights champion' in Iran become so fearful of speaking on behalf of the millions of voiceless Palestinians?



by bahaaran on

she is great!



by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

I may not agree with all of Ms. Ebadi's ideas but she is a rare courageous voice of reason not only in Iran but in the world. Her assessment of Hillary Cinton's pathetic rehtoric in search of redneck voters and her contribution to a climate of warmongering against Iran is spot on. Note, all those on the Right (and some on the Left), that she is not letting the Mullahs and Ahamadinejad off the hook. She reminds me a lot of Hanan Ashrawi in the Occupied Territories. We need more of these ladies to step forward and take charge.



by farokh2000 on

Her response is very intelligent and smart. The type of response you like and expect to see from an intelectual with history of Civilization and Culture=Shirin Ebadi, to a total Moron with a Cowboy Culture= Air head Hillary.


She is my hero

by Abarmard on

I really love Shirin Ebadi. She is a great asset to have in Iran to work for our people. Thank you.