Israel 'using psychological torture'
BBC News, Jerusalem
14-May-2008 (4 comments)

Gheith Nasr, 18, of the Burj Luqluq neighbourhood in East Jerusalem, has not had the ideal preparation for his high-school graduation exams in a few weeks time.

Since January, he says, he has been arrested four times by the Israeli security services, accused of stone-throwing and vandalising security cameras in the Old City.

He says he has been detained each time for a few days in one of Jerusalem's interrogation centres, and then sent home under orders not to leave the house for another few days.

The muscular, but shy and inarticulate teenager says he regularly suffered violent treatment as interrogators tried to get him to own up to crimes he says he didn't commit - but one of his arrests stands out from the others.

"When I saw my mother being brought into the cell with handcuffs, I tell you, I would have told them anything just to save her, anything," he said.

It happened a day after Gheith was taken off to Qishlik police station. Plainclothes officers and troops returned to the house and searched through the family's belongings.

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Iran is expert in

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Iran is expert in psychological torture Mr. Javid, not Israel.


Good Old BBC

by Zion on

Never fails to spew her disinformation and anti Israel venom for the fans thirsting for such rubbish.
What would we do without BBC?


Israel, torture? noooo

by Abarmard on

How can that be? Israel and torture don't go in the same sentence together!!

A few idiots, many traitors, and the rest brain washed = Israeli regime.


And we claim to be "the chosen people"

by almo5000 on

With these acts by the "chosen people" what is needed   "not to be chosen people"?