Red Devils Defended Last Year's Title
Sefati Independent News / Alireza Sefati
11-May-2008 (one comment)

Manchester United won their 10th EPL title in 16 years, once again proving they are by far the most powerful English Club ever.

Arsenal's EPL lead in the EPL table didn't last after a series of draws due to several injuries of key players, so the Red Devils took advantage of the opportunity to take the lead in EPL table competing against Chelsea. With better goal differentials, Manchester United was in better place to secure the title and all they had to do was to win the game today and they did just that.

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Saw the game. Man U played great.

by soccerfant (not verified) on

I am a Chelsea fan and I wanted Man U. to lose that is why I watched the Man U. game today but they played so good that I changed my mind at the end. Well done Man U. Also that Cristiano Ronaldo guy is a great soccer player.