Committee for Democracy in Iran Praises UK Court Ruling, Calls on US to End Blacklisting of PMOI
Fox News
10-May-2008 (7 comments)

This ruling is in line with the demands of Iranian-Americans across the United States and their representatives in Congress. In the 2006 National Convention for a Democratic, Secular Republic in Iran, Iranian-American organizations from nearly 40 states declared: "there is no amount of political concessions or economic incentives that would moderate Tehran's regime. It is time to erase all traces of appeasement policy including the blacklisting of Iran's main opposition groups, like the PMOI."


What the hell is CDI?

by Q on

Iranian-Americans in 40 states did what??? This is how the Fascist Mojaheds operate, by making themselves look like they represent Iranians when in reality, no one supports them. Who knows about CDI in San Diego? Why don't they put a name or address on their press releases? Cowards...



To Annany

by Pouyan (not verified) on

Your support from the MEK does not justify Mr. Q's support for the IRI. Both systems are derived and differently shaped from Islam and have black records.

People's wish is to strictly limit Islam to private life.

But in one thing I give you right: the IRI is more guilty for its numerous crimes against Iranians than the MEK for its collaboration with Saddam, not as brutal to our people as Mullahs. In this point IRI's propagandists like Mr. Q and co. must one day be accountable.


POMI's Victory Is People's Victory!

by Pissed Off (not verified) on

This wonderful piece of news has scared the molahs and their supporters shitless.

The international community has eventually come to the realization that POMI which boasts millions of members, supporters and sympathizers is the only force that can overthrow the regime of the killer molahs in Iran and will lend it all the support it needs.

The number of POMI supporters will increase by millions more when people realize that molahs' days are numbered.


CDI = MEK surrogates!

by Anonymo (not verified) on

They go with so many different names but have one goal to sell Iran to the lowest bidder!

They should call it: CIT committee for Iranian traitors!


CDI < MEK front

by cyrus- (not verified) on

MEK has many front organizations claiming to be independent,, looooooooool


translation: CDI = MEK terrorist front group

by Q on

Why is it that all PMOI supporters are cowards too?

Why not give an office name, address, something? What are you afraid of if you have such great "support" ? Why is it that Reza Pahlavi and dozens of anti-IRI groups can operate in the open in the US, but Mojaheds have to resort to Soviet Style secret propaganda and deception to communicate their ideas?

Who gave them permission to elect the next President of Iran, which is how they present Maryam to US Congress?

Where is their funding coming from after their terrorist services was no longer required in Iraq after 2003?

These are legitimate quesitons What are you afraid of?

a group of "ordinary Iranian-Americans" my ass.


Committee fro Democracy in Iran

by Anonymous5001 (not verified) on

Keep on dreaming Mr. or Ms. Q that no body supports the Mojahedin, and keep on whisteling in the dark as this is the method of cowards who don't want to face reality thus whistle in the dark hoping that the brute reality would disappear, as in your case; you think by writing these type of anti-PMOI JAFANGIYAT, the rest of us will be deluded in believing that no Iranian supports the PMOI.

FYI, the supporters of the PMOI are spread all ovr the world, including in the USA and work hard to inform men and women of honor and integrity in the US Congress about this Organization's plan of action for a free and democratic Iran as well as how the PMOI has been trying for the past 40 years to achieve these sublime goals.

On the other hand, we have people like you whose one and only concern is to prop up this vile and criminal-terrorist entity, the IRI, with no regard for truth, nor for our people's three decades of sufferings under the IRI. Wake up dude, and smell the coffee: your mantra is dated, idiotic and far from reality.

As to what this CDI is question? It is composed of ordinary Iranians and Iranian-Americans who use their consitutional rights and privileges for political assebly to expose this criminal-terrorist regime in Iran under the command of the likes of Ali Khamenehi and Ahmadi Nejad. Is this bugging you thus the reason for these anti-Mokahed JAFANGIYAT on a 7/24?