Iraqi official says Iran arms evidence not conclusive
04-May-2008 (4 comments)

BAGHDAD —  A top Iraqi official said Sunday there was no conclusive evidence that Shiite extremists have been directly supplied with some Iranian arms as alleged by the United States.

Government spokesman Ali al-Dabbagh said Iraq does not want trouble with any country, "especially Iran."

Al-Dabbagh was commenting on talks this week in Tehran between an Iraqi delegation and Iranian authorities aimed at halting suspected Iranian aid to some Shiite militias.

Asked about reports that some rockets made in 2007 or 2008 and seized in raids against militias were directly supplied by Iran, al-Dabbagh replied: "There is no conclusive evidence."

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I would not put too much credance in what "Radio Farda" says

by almo5000 on

Radio Farda is an organ of CIA, and US government. It is known for propaganda and "incorrect"  information dissemination. This would be called "disinformation". For example if you have recently listened to it (or anytime in the past), there is absolutely no mention of hardship that American people are going through with the massive gas price increases. Nor is there mention of other "negative" things happening in US.  Most positive news are also exagerated.

As far as the discussion by the Iraqis stating that Iraninas are not behind the problems in Iraq, and then taking it back, there are no "reputable" news media reporting the latter. If Radio Farda is the only source, i would say the hell with their propaganda again.


گفت: شواهد و مدارکی درباره دخالت ايران وجود دارد.

ABC (not verified)

سخنگوی دولت عراق سخنان خود را در باره ایران پس گرفت

علی الدباغ، سخنگوی دولت عراق، يکشنبه شب در يک کنفرانس خبری فوق العاده، گفت: سخنان وی در کنفرانس خبری همان روز با عنوان «مدرک محکمی درباره کمک ايران به شبه نظاميان وجود ندارد»، اشتباه ترجمه شده است.

روزنامه واشينگتن پست روز دوشنبه نوشت: آقای دباغ يکشنبه شب دوباره خبرنگاران را دعوت کرد و گفت:«شواهد و مدارکی درباره دخالت ايران وجود دارد.»

سخنگوی دولت عراق در پاسخ به اين که چطور ثابت می کند اسلحه های ايرانی به عراق وارد شده اند، گفت:« مدارک قاطعی وجود دارد.»


در عين حال روز دوشنبه، عبدالغدير العبيدی، وزير دفاع عراق گفت: در شهر بصره راکتی کشف شده است که تنها دولت ها می توانند در امر صدور آنها به عراق دست داشته باشند.

وزير دفاع عراق گفت که در جست و هايشان در شمال بصره يک راکت زمين به زمين ۲۰۰ ميلی متری با تاريخ ساخت سال ۲۰۰۷ پيدا کرده اند.

آقای العبيدی گفت:«طيق قوانين بين المللی، فقط پارلمان ها می توانند فروش اين نوع راکت را که تنها در جنگ و شرايط استثنايی به کار می رود، صادر کنند.»

موفق الربیعي، مشاور امنيتی عراق هم به تايمز لندن گفت: سلاح های ايرانی ساخت سال ۲۰۰۸ از شبه نظاميان شيعه در بصره به دست آمده است.

مقامات آمريکايی بارها ايران را به مداخله در عراق و ارسال سلاح برای شبه نظاميان شیعه متهم کرده اند اما جمهوری اسلامی هرگونه کمک تسليحاتی و مالی و اموزشی به شبه نظاميان عراقی را انکار می کند.

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You should read the following article: Selling the War on IRan!!

by Anonymous-2 (not verified) on

This is an excellent article; Here is a brief excerpt, but I would recommend that you read the full article.

Selling the War with Iran

"Moreover, the Americans have always blamed their failures in Iraq on outsiders, Baathists, al Qaeda, Iranians, because they refuse to admit that the Iraqi people don't want them. So Iran is a convenient scapegoat to explain the strength of the Sadrists, a strength actually resulting from the fact that they are a genuinely popular mass movement. Blaming Iran also lets the Americans maintain the illusion that the Mahdi Army's ceasefire is still in effect.

I expect this from the Bush administration and the ideologues who back it. But when the American media, which, in the build up to the American attack on Iraq abdicated its duty to challenge those in power and inform the public, continues to demonstrate the same lack of skepticism, it is very distressing.

In April I testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee to attempt to explain what was really happening in Iraq, where I have spent most of the last five years, so that they could better challenge General David Petraeus and Ambassador Ryan Crocker during their Senate testimony. But it made little difference."


Patience, Zirak, Patience!

by Pissed Off (not verified) on

What matters most is that at the end of the day, G.W. will get what he needs: Enough dollars to unleash another bloody war.

The rest is history!