Exporting Violence is Treason
03-May-2008 (5 comments)

"What did Imam (Khomeini) want and what did he mean by 'exporting the revolution'? Taking up arms and causing explosions in other countries and establishing groups to carry out sabotage in other countries? Imam was strongly opposed to these behaviors," Khatami told students in northern Iran on Friday.

"This is the biggest treason to Islam and the revolution."

K Nassery


by K Nassery on

On occassion, we discuss Iran supporting non Iranian militias in other nations. President Khatami defines this action as treason to the Revolution.

I just like this man. I wish he had had more support during his administration. The planet would have been better off.



Exporting Vioelence is Treason

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

Very Good MK, very good. Not to mention the naumer of women that under the very eyes of this so-called "Liberal" akhund Khatami were stoned to death. Those who call this criminal Khatami as a "Liberal" are just adding salt to our wounds out of their sheer ignornace as to what Liberalism is all about. Khatami is one of the top criminals of the IRI that in a democratic and free Iran of the future, must stand trial for his crimes against Iranian people next to Ali Khamenehi, Rfsan Jaaannnni, Ahmadi Nejad, Mesbah Yadi and other heyvaanat that comprise this regime.


I could not agree more with Masoud

by Parthian on

The same sort of nonsense was said about the guy who just died(he was in the sixth majles), people calling him Liberal! This is nonsense, and miscategorization of part of the IR ruling circle. I am not saying the guy is bad or good, I am just saying he was no liberal!

Immanuel Kant was a liberal, John Stuart Mill was a liberal, Jefferson was a liberal. I am sure there are many Iranians who are progressive and liberal. That dude was fundementalist lite, I don't care whose friend, or beloved brother he was. It is an insult to call any member of the IR ruling circle as liberal. If you have doubt, go find the real, true meaning of the word liberal. These sort of lose  labeling becomes part of the political discourse as it is repeated over and over. Words, and terms such as liberal have powerful connotation associate with them.


What a misguided person

by Hooloo (not verified) on

It is a shame that such a speech comes from and ex-president of Iran. He should have focused on illegal occupation of a nation, killing of one million of its people, and totally destroying its infrastructure. It is a sad day that an ex-president is so ignorant.

Masoud Kazemzadeh

a few comments on Khatami's actual deeds and words

by Masoud Kazemzadeh on

1. It is false to use the term "pro-democracy" for Khatami and other reformist members of the fundamentalist oligarchy.

Khatami and other fundamentalist reformists want to reform the nezam velayat faghih (or since 1989, nezam velayat MOTLAGH faghih) in order to preserve it and prolong this clerical system. Time and again, Khatami has explicitly said that he supports the nezam velayat faghih with its terribly tyrannical constitution of exclusive powers for clerics.

Pro-democracy groups and individuals want to replace the incumbent dictatorship (rule of fundamentalist clerics) with democracy (rule of the people). Democratic groups in Iran include:

Jebhe Melli Iran, Hezb Mellat Iran, NAMIR, Hezb Marz Por Gohar, Liberal Party of Iran...

For an elaboration of Iranian pro-democracy groups see:




2. Mohammad Khatami played a crucial role in the establishment and maintenance of Khomeini’s genocidal tyranny. In particular in his vicious lies, slanders and personal attacks against Mehdi Bazargan, Dr. Bani Sadr, Mohandes Abbas Amir-Entezam calling them spies and puppets of the U.S.



Khatami has never apologized for making these slanderous attacks against Bazargan, Bani Sadr, and Amir-Entezam.



3. Khatami also was part and parcel of the fundamentalist regime including for 12 years in the cabinet, including in Rafsanjani’s cabinet. In this era, the fundamentalist regime committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY including:

* the mass executions of between 12,000 and 20,000 political prisoners, including many teenagers, and many little teenage girls who were raped before their executions;

* the massacre of political prisoners (about 4,500 in about 3 weeks in August-September 1988), mass rape of female political prisoners both as a form of torture and before their executions;

* large scale assassinations of dissidents inside and outside Iran.



4. In actual fact, Khatami and other reformist members of the fundamentalist oligarchy such as Ayatollah Sadeq Khalkhali, Abdi (leader of the hostage takers), were among the most extreme and most violent members of the oligarchy in the 1980s. It is good that now they are less bad compared with Ahmadinejad and Mesbah, and Khamanehi. To use terms like "democrat" or "pro-democracy" for these individuals is false. They are reformist members of the fundamentalist oligarchy. So, I suggest the term "fundamentalist lite."


5. The fundamentalist regime is the main obstacle for democracy in Iran. If we want freedom, democracy, human rights, and equality, we have to take several steps:

First step is to send this genocidal fascistic regime to the garbage can of history where it belongs.

Second step is to establish a modern secular democratic republic. No special privileges for ANY person or strata; period, no buts or ifs.

Third step, our intellectuals should teach a culture of tolerance and coexistence.

As long as the velayat faghih constitution exists, we will have tyranny and oppression and misery. We need to remove this gang of reactionary, misogynist, oppressive, violent, war mongers from power.


6. Merely claiming that one is a democrat does NOT make a person a democrat. This is particularly the case when the person (and persons) in question have in actual fact committed CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY and have been leaders in a terribly brutal tyranny.


my 2 cents,