World’s youngest professor can’t legally drink
01-May-2008 (7 comments)

Alia Sabur, a prodigy in many ways, says she wants to share her knowledge

Nazy Kaviani

So, is she an Iranian or not?

by Nazy Kaviani on

She was featured as Iranian of the Day, but some people objected and said she is Pakistani. Either way, she is an exceptionally gifted young woman. Watch her interview on Today Show.




by Hesam (not verified) on

Alia Sabur is Born in New York from an American mother and an Iranian father but she surrounds herself with mostly none Iranians. Obviously she's not very proud of her Iranian parent's country with the mountain of lies and negative news she hears on America's media about Iran.


Dawn of Pakistan had this to report about Alia Sabur

by Hamid (not verified) on


Her name and her features

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

Her name and her features are Pakistani...


What Is It With You Guys?

by Killjoy (not verified) on

Legally and culturally she's American. Having been born into a Middle Eastern family does not necessarily make her a Middle Eastern--Iranian, Pakistani or Egyptian.

Legally she can become a naturalized citizen of a different country, but being raised in the U.S. she is and will remain an American culturally.

Of course, this does not mean she won't be able to adopt other cultural norms when and if she decides to live in a different country.

BUT does it really make any difference where she is from?

Let's just call her by her name and treat her as a human being without other redundant attributes!!!



by Abarmard on

No doubt about it.


Iranian or Egyptian?

by M. (not verified) on

I read in Iranian.Com that she is Iranian American but to me she looks like Egyptian American + her name seems Arabic. However, in any case I am proud of her!