Not An Escalation Of Force...!
USA Today / Associated Press
29-Apr-2008 (3 comments)
MEXICO CITY (AP) — Defense Secretary Robert Gates said Tuesday that sending a second aircraft carrier to the Persian Gulf could serve as a "reminder" to Iran, but he said it is not an escalation of force.

Speaking to reporters after meeting with Mexican leaders, Gates said heightening U.S. criticism of Iran and its support for terrorist groups is not a signal that the administration is laying the groundwork for a strike against Tehran. Still, he said Iran continues to back the Taliban in Afghanistan.

"I do not have a sense at this point of a significant increase in Iranian support for the Taliban and others opposing the government in Afghanistan," Gates said. "There is, as best I can tell, a continuing flow, but I would still characterize it as relatively modest."

His comments contrasted with those from Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who said last week that he had not seen any new signs of Iranian support for the Taliban.

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War ???????????

by Shahrokh from Swiss (not verified) on

By the way, it is so sad and even rediculous to see
Bush later Mc Cain and now Gates are doing the same stupid mistake by saying
Iran is traing the Al Quida and sending them to Irak!!!!!
I think if you dont know your Friend you must know your enemy. It make you look stupid internationally.

And it is so sad for the young people in service who are dying for you stupidity.
Are this guys not learning anything after so many years in Irak?????

God bless USA and IRAN


Another War ???????????

by Shahrokh from Swiss (not verified) on

Sending another carrier, many Atom submarins changing the commander of the joint chief of staff Fallan who was again the war with iran, recent visit of the chief of russian security council in tehran Should mean something:
It is a very intens pocker game.
I would get out... we are risking a lot for this uranium enrichment for whatever purpose it might be.

I would stop enrichment and wait for the american presidency in November. Iran does not need the fuel now nor another costly and devestating war.

I hope the Ajatollas are smarter than Bush-cheny-Gates-Mullen.

God bless


Must be a reduction of force then :)

by Mehdi on

Just hwo stupid are these guys?