Iran tops state-sponsored terrorism
The daily Telegraph
30-Apr-2008 (10 comments)

IRAN remained the world's "most active" state sponsor of terrorism as it tries to build regional influence and drive the United States from the Middle East, according to a US government report.

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U.S =……, Castro:

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

U.S =……, Castro: Hijacked power for 50 years, appointed himself the life long ruler of a proud and great country, killed, imprisoned and force exiled millions of his country, is hated all around the world, people starving to death, actively supporting terrorist groups such as FARC. Chavez: Directly participated and headed a coup de eta against a democratically elected president in 1992, has shut down media organizations simply because they disagree with him (Act of fascism), is working hard to also self proclaim himself as life long ruler, sponsors and supports terrorist groups such as FARC. Hizbollah: Has absolutely hijacked and took hostage Lebanon and its people for the sake of eventually taking power establishing an Islamic shite state such as Iran, participated in numerous terrorist attacks such as killing of U.N approved Marines and French soldiers in 1982, hijacking airplanes, reporters, foreign aid workers, diplomats, hijacked the Lebanese righteous cause of Shabaa farms. Hamas: Hijacked the Palestinian cause in order to establish an Islamic state (Its charter clearly says Palestinian issue is second in importance to the establishment of an Islamic empire for them)…wow, these are so called “anti Imperialists”? First off, what is the new definition of “Imperialism”? and is there is a definition for it all these days? Second, if these are anti Imperialist, I wanna be the most pro-Imperialism human being on this planet.


Anonymous500, great response

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Anonymous500, great response my friend.


Regarding this report

by Abarmard on



Iran tops state-sponsored of terrorism

by Anonymous500 (not verified) on

To Annonymous whatever and his gang (sehta vo nesfi Rowshanfekran-e Hezbollahi):

So when the US State Department puts the Iranian Mojahedin in its list of terrorist organizations, you ladies and gentlemen-NOT get very excited and happy jumping up and down like a bunch of rabid monkies chanting "Allah O Akbar, Khomeini Rahbar" Death to Mojahed, but when the same source puts this vile and criminal entity that we call IRI in this terrorism list, you gus and gals become depressed and start calling it garbage, right? In Tehran, your Hezbollahi sisters and brothers also chant Death to Mojahed, Death to America and Death to Isreal.

Go figure, a bunch of hypocritical supporters of this regime in Iran have the gulls of giving the rsest of us lessions in morality and patriotism!! Isn't it funny that you guys live comfy in the West, enjoy all the good things that USA and other democratic countries have availed to you, and yet root for the No One Sponsor of International Terrorism, the IRI?

This shameless and almost criminal rooting of the IRI on a 7/24 puts all of you in the categoriy of PARASITES, enjoy it. As to your judging the Mojahedin, there is this Iranian saying that aptly applies to all of you: "In ghalathaa beh shoma nayamdeh," got it?



by US = TERRORIST NMBER ONE! (not verified) on

No Farhad joon, change it around

Iran by far, since 1979, has been the biggest inspirer, supporter and center of INTERNATIONAL RESISTANC AGAINST AMERICAN IMPERIALISM. Just ask Castro, Chavez, and every Muslim on earth from Hamas to Hizbollah to Iraqi Shiite Islamists.

Iran is an inspiration to anti-colonial resistance struggle, stop buying into the european orientalist discourse on iran

Anyway I love how the POT is calling the KETTLE black. US has the dirtiest hands of anyone in world yet it accuses others of supporting terrorism. yeah US doesnt support it, it PRODUCES IT!


Iran by far, since 1979, has

by Farhad Kashani (not verified) on

Iran by far, since 1979, has been the biggest inspirer, supporter and center of International movement of Islamic Fascism. Just ask the Iranians inside of Iran.


You say Tomatoe...

by Ali Reza (not verified) on

A bit rich coming from the ACTUAL no.1 State sponsor of terrorism.

There is not one shred of evidence for Iran being involved with terrorism.

This charge rests on political manipulation, downright lies and twisting both semantics and facts.

However if you want to read about the United States involvement in terrorism it is even published in the public record of their own national archives as historically incontrovertible evidence.


Help me understand

by Anonymous-today (not verified) on

How can Iran be the top state sponsoring terror (terror defined be who and against whom? Nevermind that for now) and yet Al-qaeda, cloistered and cuddled in Pakistan, remain the greatest threat in the world? Huh?


if my arch-enemy

by proud (not verified) on

let them say what they want to say, who cares?oh I forgot they are going to invade us!!!oh how scary!!this is Iran and they have to deal with it.



by Anonymous2 (not verified) on