An Iranian's vision of Jesus' life stirs debate
Los Angeles Times / Jeffrey Fleishman
29-Apr-2008 (2 comments)

The Iranian director's new film is based on the Islamic version of the life of Jesus, depicting the man Christians believe to be the messiah and son of God as a tormented Judean prophet foretelling the coming of Muhammad, the founder of the Muslim faith.

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Now, that's real Hollywood :)

by Mehdi on

Make believe ;)

K Nassery

Historical Jesus

by K Nassery on

There are historical accounts from non Christian sources of Jesus that seem to confirm his existence.  The four accepted gospels (there are others) appear to be generally consistent with each other.

Where does this author get his evidence for his assumptions?  I went to a Catholic University and studied under Jesuit (liberal) scholars and I never saw a mention of Mohammed in any of the sources that we evaluated. 

 I can make things up.  You can have visions.... and create your own religion if you want to do that.