Iranian woman taekwondoka wins gold
29-Apr-2008 (3 comments)

Fatemeh Nemati claimed the gold medal in the women's category of the 18th Asian Senior Taekwondo Championship in Zhengzhou, China, on Sunday.

The under 47 kg class made history as the first ever Iranian woman to win the gold medal. She won 2-0 over Indonesian taekwondoka in the final game.

Iran has previously bagged the gold medal in the men's category. Alireza Nasr Azadani won the gold medal in the under 72 kg class on Saturday.


first-ever female gold medalist

by Q on

congratulations to the 2008 Iranian Taekwando team. The men's team became Asian champions, for the first time unseating South Korea's 38-year domination of the sport. The women's team came in fourth with one gold and one bronze.



Bachehaa Motshakereem!

by Monda on

This is quite an achievement especially since the competition was held in the center of Martial Arts. 


Talented bunch of Athletes

by farokh2000 on

We should really be proud of our Athletes.

With all the limitations they face at home, they still work so hard and achieve so much.

Congratulations to all our brave young Athletes.