Pre-Islamic icons symbolize Iran's confused present
Los Angeles Times / Jeffrey Fleishman
28-Apr-2008 (2 comments)

There are few avenues for defiance in this Shiite Muslim nation, but one of them is in the past, where the emblems, folklore and images of old Persia mingle in quiet protest against the mullahs. The pre-Islamic era is alive in jewelry, architecture, decals, books, videos and websites that feature Cyrus the Great and gold-horned bulls.


Quiet protest

by alimostofi on

This is the essence of non-violent resistance. Accept something better. Ignore the ignorant.



javab ablhan ...

by AntiMullahMan (not verified) on

Baleh, be ghofteyeh marrof "javabeh ablahan khamooshist", mani ineh que dar iran felli que mullahayeh befahm zamamdareshan, kareh khodetoo bokon belakhareh yeh rooz in ablahan miravand.