Is Washington telling the truth, or setting stage for war?
Los Angeles Times
27-Apr-2008 (4 comments)

Mullen's words carry weight. He's uniformed military, not some beltway ideologue.

Still, many in the U.S. and the world feel burned by the Bush administration's pre-war claims about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction and support for Al Qaeda that turned out to be false.


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by Q on

The question isn't will war happen or not. It may not happen based on many factors. But there is no question that Bush and Cheney WANT it to happen. Therefore, they may be prepared to pay the price for it. Meanwhile the public has to be ready to accept another bloody conflict. That's what these reports of "Iran killing our soldiers" is all about. Pure propaganda.



It is just the good old Peak

by alimostofi on

It is just the good old Peak Oil/Neocon propaganda machine Q. And it has back fired.

They can get rid of the Seyyeds in a snap, by showing the mass boycott of the Seyyed selection process, and how the whole system has no grass roots supports, and could not stand a General Strike.

But a peaceful solution would bring the oil price down etc etc.

Ali Mostofi




Dr. StrangeLove, Hillary!!

by Anonymo (not verified) on


This adminstration has

by Anonymousk (not verified) on

This adminstration has proven to be unstrustworthy, incompetent, and hell bent on destroying America:

Cheney camp 'behind Syrian reactor claim'