Navy-Contracted Vessel Fires Warning Shots on Fast Boats in Persian Gulf
Fox News
25-Apr-2008 (one comment)

U.S. Navy Fifth Fleet spokeswoman Cmdr. Lydia Robertson said the boats were of unknown origin, but other Navy officials told FOX News that the markings of the boats and their behavior led them to believe they were Iranian and typical of those used by the Iranian Revolutionary Guard.


Flash Point

by alimostofi on

Rogue elements within the Seyyeds are causing a stir. The Iranian Navy still holds quite a bit of its clout from the Shah days it seems. Cool heads prevail. Ba Dorood be hameh Daryasalara Irani.

The obvious benefit for the Peak Oil advocates in Texas and Qom is academic. This is all theatre. And the oil traders are suckers for this all the time. The price of oil is pure hype, and is kept up, by sound bites and pretentious acts of aggression in the Persian Gulf.