Terror in EU overwhelmingly non-Islamic
Middle East Times
21-Apr-2008 (2 comments)

Although there were no major foiled, failed or executed terrorist attacks in Europe in 2007, Europol still witnessed a sharp increase in both terrorist attacks and arrests on terrorism charges. But only four of the 583 terrorist attacks committed were linked to militant Islam.

Europol's second annual EU Terrorism Situation and Trend Report, released last week, found that EU member states had to deal with a 24 percent increase in terrorist attacks, although many were foiled or failed, and arrested 48 percent more terrorist suspects. Eighty-eight percent of these terrorist attacks were linked to separatist groups unrelated to Islamist groups.


Terror in EU overwhelmingly non-Islamic

by sadegh on

Surely evidence like this goes some way toward undercutting the stereotypes and preconceptions of many, including a large number of individuals on this site.



wow..interesting!!will the

by Anonymous-haha (not verified) on

wow..interesting!!will the white men ask to leave europe now?