Photo essay: Cyrus the Great showered with flowers




Brave Iranian People

by Farhad2 (not verified) on

Dear Citizen

you made me so proud by going to the resting place of the Great Cyrus and paid respect and to celebrate the Nowroz 3747. You are very Brave Citizen and I am proud of you. May God Bless you and Iran.

Down with the Occupied regim of the Black evils.



Proud To Be an Iranian

by Kamangeyr (not verified) on

No Gold, No mystical Being, No Man made Guide Book, Just Pure and Simple.
Wishing For a better Tomorrow for Iranian Children, Free from an unknown and selfish God who expects to be appreciated all the time, any Religions, and any so called God send Prophets and Books !


What a wonderful thing to

by Parnian (not verified) on

What a wonderful thing to do. Doroud bar shoma Iraniane rastgar.



by Abol Hassan Danesh, Ph.D. From UCR (not verified) on

At least one hundred meters is the necessary distance to maintain for public
When they come to the resting place of Cyrus the Great to pay their homae and their due respect!

Bow to the king at once!