Photo essay: Cyrus the Great showered with flowers





by Shahriyar (not verified) on

We need to understand that the people of persia on that time elected Korosh as a leader, and he was great leader but by making his son as a leader he made his only mistake but the bigest mistake on his leadership.



by AnonymousX (not verified) on

True Iranians...


New Tradition

by Ellen (not verified) on

A new generation, a new era and a new tradition, that is what we need. These people are considered rightfully a group of trendsetters and should be praised for their action. In fact, there are lots and lots of festivals, gatherings and celebrations across this globe and in various parts of the world in many different tribes, communities, nations and countries that given this way hold on to their roots and origin and keep it save, safe and sound and promote their way of doing to the rest of the world and there is only one place on this planet that nobody does pay attention to its origing and celebrate it the way it should be and that is Iran.

Up until now!!!! and luckily, and I am so glad to see these people and these pictures, from now on, there are lots and hopefully will be even more, of those who pay attention to as such, make a new tradition of it and put this beautiful ancient sight on the spotlights for the World outside to see and to recognize and to finally embrace as a new event, a new era and a new Iran!

Let's hope that someday these gatherings will be broadcast worldwide by major media channels as bigger and better as always and where billions of fellow Persians may be part of.


norooz dar kenaar Korosh

by bahar (not verified) on

wouldn't that be the perfect way to celebrate Norooz?