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12/11/2007 - 07:44



by Anonymous-she (not verified) on

You people are thinking in extreme. Not everybody in Chadoor is evil or else. Think about your grandma or great grandma. They could be Muslim, were putting on Chadoor by choice, and were able to give your parents advice and guide the whole family. That is the disrespect I am talking about!


Covered by darkness: both the human and the humanity within

by Khosro-Daad (not verified) on

I agree that we should not disrespect any individuals. But individuality is one thing these creatures don't like. Besides, they can wear that black cover if they want, only in the privacy of their own group, not as a standard for others to conform to, or to achieve a favorable status among the Akhoonds.


I do not understan you are ? may youn are crazy?

by you are crazy (not verified) on

this people like to have he jab, what is your problems?
this is freedom of what the women like to wear, now %80 of Iranian are Moslem's, they choice this kind life and this nasty regime, what is your problems few people are bag 5 ** ?? $%#@5867. all the time's.
you don't liked you are free to move from Iran, Mullahs in Iran far as I know they never stop any one to move out include me...


Mr/Mrs: Anonymous: they get

by just me (not verified) on

Mr/Mrs: Anonymous: they get what they deserve.. these old farts are the the ones who are forcing their stupid 1400 years old mentality onto our young generation in how to dress and how to live their lives according to a book written 1400 yeas ago..i hope that one day we will get rid of religion in the public domain and if one wants to practice it he should do it in his own privacy.
let people choose their own faith.



by Anonymous-she (not verified) on

disrespectful and improper writing toward previous generation!