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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan
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The US Navy has decided to rename the Persian Gulf. Instead of begging them to right this wrong we should go on the offensive. Remind the world that this is the same Navy which murdered 290 civilians mostly Iranians but also Arab; Indian; Yugoslav and Italians. They never apologized. In fact Ray-Gun gave the crew and their Captain Will Rogers III a medal. So next time USA is shedding crocodile tears over some incident just remind them of their idea of Justice.

This act of cold blooded murder was done by a pathetic man who violated his own Naval rules. The actions were condemned by another American Captain David Carlson a decent man who wrote a letter explaining the truth. Now the Iran hater Hillary and the incompetent Obama want to rename Persian Gulf.

I like to bring this back in the spot light so that people know what kind of organization we are dealing with.




In short: US Navy rewards loose canons and hyper aggressive half-men who need to prove their manhood by murdering innocents. We cannot expect much from them. 


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

We must take personal responsibility for our actions. Not everything is other people's fault.  Other nations act in their own national interest, which is a foreign concept in IR's demented world.  The IR, on theother hand, is busy celebrating a show about Arab superiority over Iranians:

I do take personal responsibility for MY actions. The actions of IRI are not mine. We are only responsible for our actions not that of others. How the hell do we take responsibility for actions of IRI.

This is like saying because we live in California we are responsible for actions of every criminal there. This argument is used to dish out collective punishment. Something that is banned under Geneva Convention for good reason. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AO Jaan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



you cannot place the burden of distinguishing between the people and the government on other nations. 

Well then the same goes for America. Since America bombed flight 290 does that mean American people are fair game? That is the argument that the Islamists are using. 

If America wants to be a global power it BETTER distinguish between them. Heck my redneck Texan friend is smart enough to know the difference. (he likes to call himself redneck as a joke). If USA is not going to make that distinction then it is not fit to be a power. In fact USA does make the distinction or used to. Until newbie Obama got to power. For many years from Reagan to Bush junior the American policy made that distinction. Once this idiot is gone I believe they will make the distinction again. The problem now is that we have an incompetent idiot running things. The guy is simply unfit for the position.


Anonymous Observer


by Anonymous Observer on

you cannot place the burden of distinguishing between the people and the government on other nations.  The Iranian people are implicated in the anti-America frenzy.  Fesenjoon had a good blog about this a few days ago:


The IR said from the beginning that the U.S. is its # 1 enemy.  The U.S. is responding.  You can't play the victim card forever.  We must take personal responsibility for our actions. Not everything is other people's fault.  Other nations act in their own national interest, which is a foreign concept in IR's demented world.  The IR, on the other hand, is busy celebrating a show about Arab superiority over Iranians:


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The interview I said is between Mike Wallace and the Shah. That grinning pig Wallace is not worth the Shah's spit. It made me sick to watch his disrespect for the Shah. Now that was before the IRI. To see tha pompus ass Wallace is enough to make any Iranian vomit. 

Now his son Chris Wallace is even a bigger jerk than his dad. When I compare Reza Pahlavi with Chris Wallace it is obvious: rotten father rotten son. Great father; great son. Not that RP is perfect but compared to the idiot Wallace family he is a paragon of virtue.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

AO and COP

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

I am against IRI and have made that clear. I would expect USA not to be so stupid to confuse the two.

IRI was created by Jimmy Carter and indirectly as a result of the 1953 coup. So if America does not like it they should blame themselves. 

The enemy of my enemy is not my friend! We have many enemies:

  • IRI
  • USA
  • Britain

If one is gone the other does not automatically disappear.  The Arabian Gulf crap was around BEFORE IRI. The BBC was saying "The Gulf" even in Shah's times. There is a very interesting interview with the Shah about it.


Now that was before any of Marg bar America crap. Besides I don't care how many times people scream Marg bar America. It does not give them a right to murder 290 people. It does not give them a right to rename Persian Gulf. IRI will be gone but the well earned hate towards USA remains. 

When Britain was shafting us for centuries and it was not due to IRI. When America bombs the hell out of Afghan civilians it is not due to IRI. When CIA overthrew Mossadegh it was not due to IRI. When Carter shoved the Shah out the door it was not due to IRI.

Yes IRI is bad but it is not the only problem. If we think with IRI gone all our problems are solved we better think it over.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Yes I agree. That is why I said we need to use our voting power in California. Without California Obama is in trouble. We can make the difference of him winning or losing CA. I am saying the same thing you are. We need be united against those who hate Iran.

Anonymous Observer

And VPK jaan, what is the cause of Iran / US animosity?

by Anonymous Observer on

Could it have been the "death to America" chants, the flag burnings, the U.S. embassy hostage takings, the marine barracks bombings in Beirut, the hostage taking of the three hikers, the Iran made IED's in Iraq, the Mahdi Army, the ordering of the execution of Lt. Col. Higging, the American, UN peace keeper and hostage in Lebanon (by IR's ambassador to Syria at the time, Ali Akbar Mohtashamipour), etc. etc....

what do you expect in return? Flowers, a fruit basket and a thank you card? 

PS- Imam Khomeini said "amrika hich ghalati nemitavanad bekond."  Now "amrika" is showing us that it can do a lot of "ghalats." 


VPK, I disagree

by Cost-of-Progress on

"USA is very stupid in her policies. For one the idiots forget who did 911 and who held a vigil in supporting them."

I don't think so, VPK. The US is in bed with the Saudis so very deep. It is all about the control of oil reserves that will continue to load up supertankers for years to come, after which, the US could care less if the royal family will have to go back to eating lizards in the desert....

They figure that's a price to pay for "relatively" cheap oil. And that, is the name of that tune.





Let's not forget

by Cost-of-Progress on

that everything our nation has seen and endured in the last 30+ years is the result of this anti-nationalist regime occupying Iran now.  

While I could never understand how there could be double standards when it comes to civilian casualties, I do understand that (most) nations will act "in their own interest" and US is no different. In that regard, I suppose the US rationalized (or may be didn't need to) the shooting down a civilan jetliner as a sign that you don't mess with them...I don't know. Does not make it right, or just, but show me justice anywhere, then we can debate that point.

What I do know is that every thing bad and anti-Iranian that happens to us is because of the anti-human, anti everything so called government of the clergy.

And if you think that these characters looting Iran's natural resources and polluting our identity care about the name change - think again. 





Dear VPK

by iamfine on

The solution to this problem is unity among Iranians. When Iranians learn how to get along with each other and try to be united, no body can break us apart. Please note that, Iranians in this country are educated and powerful. Bring them together can create a powerful force, as strong as AIPAC. Unfortunately, with the present government in Iran, things can be a little complicated. Having said that, I am sure situation is going to get better. May be with our nuclear technology and advancement in other technical areas, we force the US Navy to leave the region and resolve the Persian Golf issue soon.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You are 90% right. Hillary is not Jewish but she is a prostitute. She will say and do anything to get votes. She thinks trashing Iran will get her votes. She is also a bitch and I do not say that lightly. The woman drove her husband right into the arms of another woman. I ask: would you want her as your wife? Heck I would jump on Monica also if it was between her and Billary. The stink of her is enough to turn any many away. Bill was lucky he did not end up gay :-) After years with that abomination of a woman.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

MM Jaan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


USA is very stupid in her policies. For one the idiots forget who did 911 and who held a vigil in supporting them.

Writing them will do no good. The only language Obama understands is votes. The Iranians in California need to make it clear that they will NOT vote for him. If he wants our votes he better get his act together. By together I don't mean bomb Iran!

Obama is an Arab lover at heart. He may be a Christian but at heart he symphatizes with them because of his paternal side. He may well be hopeless. I have never voted Republican but Obama is pushing me to either withold my vote or vote against him. 

Obama is a political novice and Hillary is an Iran hater. The real change will come when this guy leaves office. Unfortunately Republicans are no better. The last Republican who truly loved Iran was Nixon. 

Too bad there are no more like him. Yes Nixon had his problems but he was a real friend of Iran.

Now let us get NIAC to explain our position to Obama. Please get your contacts there to be very clear on this. Arabian Gulf = No Iranian American votes for big O.


Hilary is a hater

by statira on

Dont forget when she talked about nuking and wiping off Iran from the map.She is one Jewish American hypocrite. It's totally okay for her and Israel to have a dream to attack a country and annihilate it's people but it's not okay for others to say anthing about Israel.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Ali Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There are so many sources you have to be sleeping to miss it. Yes we are all supposed to hate IRI. Does this mean we have to deny reality? Hillary in her Persidential race tried to get votes by threatening Iran. It did not work. Obama is the USA commander in Chief. Therefore actions of USA Navy are directly his responsibility. I am shocked after weeks of debate we are still having people actually asking whether this is even happening.

The eb

But just to humor you I will provid them; here are some:

Hillary wants to Obliterate Iran:


As for renaming the Persian Gulf IC is filled with sources on this:




VPK - the policy of Arab appeasement has a long history

by MM on

The battleship Missouri (The Big MO) last saw battle in the first war with Iraq to kick them out of Kuwait.  Since then, The Big MO has become part of the US Navy floating museum in Hawaii.  When we visited the Battleship Missouri in 2002, the command center had a huge map of the battle-zone with the word Arabian Gulf replacing the correct Persian Gulf.  Needless to say, the guide knew about the ship but was clueless about the names on the map.

This policy has just become a public policy since the US is just too anxious to sell more than 60 billion dollars of military toys to the Emirates and even more $$$ to Saudi Arabia.  As you said, we just need to keep reminding the Navy and the State Dept., write to our elected officials.....etc.

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Now the Iran hater Hillary and the incompetent Obama want to rename Persian Gulf.

Do they?

Source please.


Thanks for not forgetting and remind us of such crime

by Bavafa on

The mentioned example, is a very small but good sample of their overt crimes against Iran and Iranians in the last 60 years. They have never shown the slightest regard for the ordinary Iranians if it did not suit their interest first. What baffles me is that some so call Iranians here in the West are advocating for the Americans to go and bomb Iran and get ride of IRI for us. One need to ask, what sort of regime do they expect to be installed after IRI since it would be hand picked by US?


Maryam Hojjat

Very True!

by Maryam Hojjat on

Thanks for reminding us of American government character & its policy toward IRAN & Iranians.