22 Bahman: developing news


22 Bahman: developing news
by Shifteh Ansari

Thirty one years after the Islamic Revolution, two forces inside Iran come face to face tomorrow, February 11, 2010.  The Iranian regime, which has increasingly been the sole celebrator of 22 Bahman, is trying with all its might to show this day and its related "celebrations" as evidence of its legitimacy and Iranian people's commitment to the Islamic Republic of Iran, despite appearances.  Iranian protesters who have been denied legal permits for their gatherings to object to elections fraud and subsequent violence on protesters, are planning to take over this public gathering, much as they have every other government supported occasion since June, 2009.

By all accounts, the government has done its best to enlist and summon its supporters to its Tehran gathering, using intimidation and threats to keep the protesters at home, bringing internet services to a hault, lining main streets with loudspeakers to drone out voices of the protesters, switching plastic garbage dumpsters (flammable ones) with metal ones to keep the protesters from using them as barricades, and closing in Azadi Square for more effective crowd control, among other things.

For their part, the protesters have said in Tweets and blogs that they would not be deterred.  They are planning to show up and to be heard again.

The sad murders of Iranians on Tehran streets whenever there has been a large protest over the past seven months has been no small matter.  Nobody looks forward to more violence and it is everyone's sincere hope that no other Iranian dies during the protests or after.  We cannot stop the violence Islamic Republic of Iran is able and willing to unleash on the unarmed Iranian protesters.  All we can do is to share what information we get about the events with others.  Let us not be indifferent.  Let us make the voices of those defenseless people on Tehran streets heard by the rest of the world.

If you see Tweets, blogs, news items, video clips, or anything else which could be of interest to others in our community, please feel free to post it here over the coming hours.  I will do the same.  This blog will be a live news blog.

I wish Iranians worldwide peace and freedom.  I wish every one of those people to go back to their families safe and sound tomorrow.


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gitdoun ver.2.0

How are u Optimistic ??

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i'm really disheartened. how is that the rest of you are so optimistic ??? whatever you guys are drinking let me have some too. i dunno i think this regime is effectively a Police/Military State and i dont see it going away anytime soon. --full of despair here

Shifteh Ansari


Shifteh Ansari

نن جون مهدی فهمید، تایم مگزین نفهمید!

این گزارش سی ان ان است که حتی به خبرنگارانش ویزای ورود به ایران هم نداده بودند !فکر کنم حتی زحمت نگاه کردن تلویزیون هم به خودش نداده!


Darius Kadivar

FYI/ Man Shot in the Head on Bahman 22 (Video)

by Darius Kadivar on

Shifteh Ansari

خبر فوری : تجمعات در خیابان وزراء در ساعت 21:30 در 22 بهمن

Shifteh Ansari

همین الان به من اطلاع دادن که در خیابان وزراء روبروی کلانتریش جمعیتی بالغ بر 1000 نفر تجمع کردند و خواستار آزادی فرزندان و دستگیرشدگان امروز می باشند البته این تجمع تا الا بدون برخورد بوده و در سکوت می باشد .


this Time "reporter"

by ahvazi on


had a easy pay day. Wake up, get on the bus, come back to the hotel and sleep....

Darius Kadivar

FYI/Don't Let Iran On The Human Rights Council (FORBES)

by Darius Kadivar on


More reason not to waste time on irrelevant Time. Either they

by Hovakhshatare on

are stupid/blind or on the take. All they had to do was look at hundreds of videos and eyewitness, Twitter reports and tens of thousands of security forces on the street.

Shifteh Ansari


by Shifteh Ansari on

Foreign reporters were bussed to Azadi Square, to ensure that they wouldn't see anything they could report.

Al Jazeera: Rallies mark Iran Revolution Day

Iranian government
supporters and opposition protesters have rallied en masse on the 31st
anniversary of the revolution that turned Iran into an Islamic Republic.


Mona 19

Why do some people have to be so heartless?

by Mona 19 on

Sargord I don't see any strength and power in beating a defendless young man, a civilian ( in that video you posted earlier)!

Nothing to be proud of ! To me their vicious behaviours (melitia forces) only display lack of humanity,decency, and moral chracters.



Shifteh Ansari

CBS: Iran Reform Leader's Wife Beaten at Rally

by Shifteh Ansari on

(CBS/AP) As hundreds of thousands of government supporters massed in Tehran to mark the 31st anniversary of the revolution that created the Islamic republic, gangs of hard-liners attacked senior opposition figures as they tried to attend the rallies - including the wife of the head of the reform movement.
Plainclothes Basiji militiamen beat 65-year-old Zahra Rahnavard with clubs on her head and back until her supporters formed a human ring around her and whisked her away, according to the Web site of her husband, Mir Hossein Mousavi.
The assault on Mousavi's wife took place in the square, and government supporters also blocked Mousavi himself from joining the protests, his Web site said.


Time Magazine on Today's protests...

by ahvazi on


This Time Reporter believes there was no protest. Please read it






Fair, it is hollow and it is no victory

by Hovakhshatare on

44 Noble Laureates have written in support of Iranian people, many individual, NGO and governments have issued support statements. The news of suffocation is widespread and ....

If anything the momentum of this movement is gaining. Globally, there is increasing distancing from IRR (even China-see my link from early this morning). Inside, these choke holds work for one day but cannot be practically maintained and as several pointed out this is deep rooted anger and is not going away. Net net, today probably turned another million or two into green. As these green gradually become more vocal as driven by both social and financial pressures, the movement will become more grassroots and entrenched. As IRR won't have the money to keep bribing with food and incentives, and as previous spendings come home to roost, within the next 12-18 months, this regime will be at the mercy of the day when several million happen to be frustrated at the same time and come out. IRR is a very depressed group of people today because their best effort against their own people is a PR disaster. Which will be enforced by global protests that have been scheduled. 

Let us all get out there and nibble at the roots of this regime so we can dismantle them without an armed struggle or foreign intervention.

Darius Kadivar

Watching ROOYEH KHAT on VOA and Guess what ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Each time someone calls from Iran the conversation is cut short to everone's dismay ... .

The Regime is staunchly controlling ALL communication channels so as to discourage any information to get out of the country.

Shifteh Ansari

Meanwhile the Iranian flag keeps on turning blue--pathetic!

by Shifteh Ansari on


Hollow "victory" for Islamic Fuehrer

by Fair on

What an impressive "defeat" of unarmed dissidents. Once again, guns, violence, and huge amounts of money from the state win against unarmed defenseless civilians. This makes clear the "legitimacy" of the Islamic Fascist republic. Why else would a popular government need to

-deploy tens of thousands of storm troopers and basiji thugs, with brand new Chinese anti population vehicles, and permission to shoot to kill

-cut off communications for the whole country

-imprison more reporters and close down more newspapers than any other country in the world

-mass arrest and imprison without trial or representation dozens of innocent opposition members

-execute people on the crime of "fighting with God"

-physically attack a 73 year old man and beat a 65 year old woman opposition figure to stop them from joining demonstrations

For once I find myself in agreement with waffen SS major: under conditions like these who would come to demonstrate?

Which brings me to those who did show up. Given the brutal uncivilized government we are dealing with, EVERY Iranian opposition who showed up in my mind is the "tank man" from Tienanmenn square.

So to all Iranians, congratulations that we still do not back down in front of barbarism. And to all Islamic fascist mercenaries and cyber basijis like Alireza and Jaleho and waffen SS major and your fellow thugs (oops, sorry I meant "law enforcement"), you can take pride today that you and your gang truly excelled once again at what they do- beat, intimidate, suppress, kill, and rape unarmed civilians who they don't like. You are truly proficient criminals.

Now imagine if the Shah had done such brutality, what would have happened? Shah's brutality was a fraction of yours, but look what did happen to him. Maybe there is a lesson in this for you.

The people of Iran shall prevail, make no mistake.










Also- Look at the big picture

by Onlyiran on

After arrests, rapes, murders, show trials, threats and more, people are still not giving up.

The regime has put thugs on every inch of every street in Tehran, and people still managed to put demonstrations together to the extent that the regime had to use teargas to confront them.  they still managed to set Basiji bikes on fire and rip Khamnei's poster.  Not only that shows courage, it shows that the movement has not died, it's strong and it has wide popular support.  Can you imagine if the regime loses its grip for a moment and / or if it makes a mistake in its security precautions?  It will be in a lot of trouble.  And this will happen.  It's only a matter of time.     

Shifteh Ansari

بازداشت بیش از یکصد تن از سبزها در مشهد

Shifteh Ansari

در پی برگزاری راهپیمایی اعتراضی سبزها در اطراف فلکه برق مشهد ، دست کم صد تن از مردم معترض مشهدی بازداشت شدند و درگیری های محدوی بین نیروهای دولتی و مردمی شکل گرفت.
بنا به گفته شاهدان عینی بیشتر بازداشت شدگان جوانان و دانشجویان میباشند.
گفتنی است از شب گذشته در مشهد ، نیروهای بسیجی و انتظامی با در دست داشتن اسلحه های جنگی مثل کلاشینکف در سطح مشهد رژه میرفتند و فضایی کاملا شبیه حکومت نظامی در مشهد حاکم کرده بودند.
از صبح امروز ، بیست و دوم بهمن ،نیز همین فضا در تمامی خیابان های مرکزی مشهد حاکم بوده است.
این گزارش حاکیست نیروهای لباس شخصی و انتظامی با حضور گسترده در اطراف میدان تقی آباد و حمله و بازداشت مردم ، مانع از تشکیل راهپیمایی سبز ها در این میدان شدند. در پی این اقدام کودتاچیان، سبزهای مشهد طبق قرار قبلی تجمعات پراکنده خود را اطراف فلکه برق برگزار کردند که با شکل گیری جمع های کوچک مردم ، نیروهای لباس شخصی و انتظامی به جمعیت حمله کرده و دست کم 100 تن از مردم را بازداشت کردند.

Shifteh Ansari

Here to the end

by Shifteh Ansari on

Islamic Republic of Iran has the podium.  It has the microphone.  It has the ballot boxes full of fake votes.  It has the guns, the armored vehicles.  It has the prisons and the jailkeepers and judges corrupted with politics.

Iranians have none of that.  They have a resolve to be counted and to choose rulers who would not persecute, torture, and kill innocent civilians in search of their rights.

For now, police and armed thugs may have a "victory" to push people aside and show their own on TV.  They may be able to imprison people with a conscience and allow murderers to walk the streets.

This battle is not a one-off.  It is not a whim.  It has roots in 30 years of abuse and violations of human rights.  It will last and it will arrive at its destination.  It will wear out the dictators with guns and microphones.  If not today, then tomorrow, and if not tomorow, then next year.

The movement is here to stay until it has what it wants, fair elections to choose its own leaders and to rule itself.

We are here to share news of the movement's struggles, as it is the only thing we can do.  If those young people on the streets of Iran are not deterred with bullets, do you think we should be with silly comments of ultra left who have fallen into the hands of the ultra right?

No Sir/Madam.  Until the day I live, I will do what little I can to help those people who have no microphones, no guns, no jails, and no friends in high places.  

I am on the side of Iranian people and their struggle for freedom and I will tell about their struggles to the world.  Come and read it if you like and add your own.  If you don't like it, keep with what you have been doing.  The least you can do is to be respectful.


OI, thanks for elaborating on 'it'

by Hovakhshatare on

For reasons you elaborated and more, they are ready to kill for their idealogy and also die for it. in that order. That's why without a political break through soon, Iranians will likely move to 'aggressive defense" stage and then "armed resistance" to kill them before they kill. I would not be surprised if we see cocktail molotov's by Charshanbesouri.


On Marzieh Dabbagh

by vildemose on

C. 1942 -

Islamist activist in Iran.

Marzieh Dabbagh was born in Hamadan, Iran, in the early 1940s. She was married at the age of thirteen, gave birth to eight children, and moved to Tehran. There she joined the circle of Ayatollah Saidi, a protégé of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, and became a dedicated Islamist. In 1972, she was arrested by the SAVAK and severely tortured. After a second arrest, when her health began to fail, she was released. Dabbagh left Iran for Europe. In England and France, she participated in hunger strikes on behalf of Iranian prisoners. In Saudi Arabia, she distributed Khomeini's clandestine fliers among Muslim pilgrims to Mecca. In Syria, she helped set up a military camp where anti-Shah combatants were trained. With the help of the dissident Shiʿite cleric Imam Musa Sadr, an Iranian who was mobilizing the Shiʿa of Lebanon, Dabbagh trained a new generation of young Iranian combatants in paramilitary tactics. She was a confidant and bodyguard of Khomeini in Paris in 1978. After the Iranian Revolution, she participated in the Iran - Iraq War ...much more below




onlyiran: You summed the

by vildemose on

onlyiran: You summed the entitiy, Jaleho, pretty well.

I also think she/he is somehow related to Lebanese Hizballah via Marzieh Dabbagh.


Vildemose- Hovakh has a point

by Onlyiran on

this character-Jaleho-appears to be an ideological zealot.  People like him / her ("it" for the purposes of this discussion) tend to lose all their humanity and all notions of right and wrong in pursuit of their ideology.  For instance, if it believes that the "imperialist"'s nose can be bloodied and / or that Israel can be thought some kind of a lesson by some kind of a war that can be provoked with either entity by the IRI, they won't hesitate to second to do all they can to facilitate that war, and in the process, sacrifice millions of Iranians.  In that regard, human life has no value for them, and neither does nationality or kinship.  They are absolutely blinded by ideology.  It's kind of like being a cult member.  

A perfect example was the 2006 Hezbollah war with Lebanon that all these hezbollahis cheer on.  The facts are the facts.  Nasrollah decided (probably on IRI orders) to pull a stunt and attack an Israeli base, and perhaps kill a few Israeli soldiers.  In response, Israel destroyed half of South Lebanon and killed almost 1500 people, a great majority of which were civilians.  This was a predictable outcome.  But these cult members didn't really care.  The cvilian deaths and the destruction were irrelevant.  they still came out and claimed victory because they thought that they had bloodied Israel's nose.  Hence, my point that Hovakh's designation of "it" for this bunch is more than appropriate.  When you lose your humanity to this extent, there is no better term to be called than an "it".   


clashes and tear gas

by Hovakhshatare on





My question to the regime sympethizers

by MM on

What you saw on 22 Bahman was spontaneous combusion fueled by years of supression and is not over yet.  Imagine how widespread the demonstrations would have been if:

- if the internet/cell phones/sources of info were working regularly?

- if the journalists' cameras were allowed to film?

- if permits for demonstrations were issued regularly?

- if people were not beaten, prisoned, tortured and shot?

- if there was a coordinated effort by a leader with vision who was directing the efforts?

oooooh, did I give you goose-bumps?


S/he is an 'it' vildemose

by Hovakhshatare on

based on comments and evidence. One step below SP phylum


More videos - Khamenei poster torn

by Onlyiran on


Sargord: Why are you so

by vildemose on

Sargord: Why are you so obssessed with military::




Shepesh: Good catch. I

by vildemose on

Shepesh: Good catch. I don't even think she is a 'she'...

Sargord Pirouz

FG, there is no such thing

by Sargord Pirouz on

FG, there is no such thing as a IRGC conscript.

There are army conscipts attached to the IRIPF (NAJA). Is this what you're trying to say?

BTW: None of the rumors of fatalities have been confirmed.

Contrary to all expectations of the many anti-IRI cheerleaders here at IC, it appears the government won this round.

Looks like the initiative and momentum have swung. 


jaleho appears as soon as Alireza12 is blocked. Interesting

by Hovakhshatare on


and comments just as worthless