8th child execution by Iran in 2008

8th child execution by Iran in 2008
by SCE Campaign

The organization of collective human rights activists in Iran reported the execution of juvenile offender Ahmad Zare'e .
His execution took place 10 days ago on the 5th of the Persian month of "Day"  around Dec 30th 2008 . According to Peyke Iran, Ahmad was 17 years old when he allegedly killed someone in a village on the outskirts of Sanandaj.

In the early morning before his execution, he was held in a special cell until he was executed in the courtyard of the prison. He was executed at the start of "Moharam", a time when no executions are to take place. 

His body was given to his family for burial purposes. SCE regrets not ever having any information about Ahmad Zare'e.

For more information and to sign the petition to stop child executions in Iran , visit:





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I am NOT outraged, Zareei was 24 years old

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

Mr. Etebari sensationalizes and makes the real issues trivial on purpose:

there was no "child execution". He was not a child when he was executed. So the title of this blog is a shameless lie to get more donations from unsuspecting bleeding hearts.

A lot of 17 year olds murderers are considered adults in convictions in the USA. Not every 17 year old murderer is hanged in Iran. Most juvenile offenders are not. I do not trust this organization to tell me why this person was hanged but not other child offenders. There must be a reason.

I am against juvenile capital punishment myself. But things like this make people doubt the intentions of this very public "campaign."



by Anonymousforever (not verified) on

children of iran don't deserve the same outrage that children of palestine do. or children of israel. where are the chest beating self righteous? for all the rhetoric about iranians being tolerant of jews, its never been more apparent how untrue that is when a war between palestine and israel takes precedence over the suffering of our own people.

Kaveh Nouraee

Where is the Outrage?

by Kaveh Nouraee on

Where is your sense of outrage, people?

Does someone have to be killed by a Jew for it to be a crime?

SCE Campaign

Reply to your questions:

by SCE Campaign on

SCE is a non-profit organization that focuses on the issue of child executions worldwide especially in Iran which holds the highest records.

There has been numerous harassments, arrests and imprisonment of human rights activists and oppositions in Iran. Nazanin Afshin-Jam occasionally focuses on raising the awareness on fate of some of those in Iran who do not get enough international recognition or some other Iranian and international issues that she is asked for assistance.

The written statements given by Nazanin on Sarkozy and Hoder were not posted on the Stop Child Executions website, nor were her statements against human rights abuses in China, Darfur or Burma written on SCE website, because those activities of Nazanin are not related to SCE and its specific cause. Nazanin also conducts a lot of diplomacy behind the scenes and has been in contact with members of Canadian parliament regarding Ms. Ebadi's situation. See here:


Same as the United Nation's secretary General , European Union and many Iranian and others worldwide, Nazanin Afshin-Jam strongly denounces the recent harassments and threats to Dr. Shirin Ebadi and demands that the human rights of Dr. Ebadi, her colleagues and clients to be respected.

SCE and Nazanin are short on volunteers to help post all of Nazanin's activities. Please let us know if you would like to help us: //www.stopchildexecutions.com/joinus.aspx 

Nazanin will also soon be posting a statement on SCE about Dr. Ebadi. Keep an eye out also in the next week on her myspace blog about the 10 people up for death by stoning, Farzad Kamangar who is in imminent danger, updates on Ayatollah Boroujerdi and his wife, ongoing brutality in honour killings in Iran and the request for immediate cease fire in Gaza.  Please note, that before Nazanin takes the time to post on SCE, myspace or other social network sites like iranian.com, she informs the UN, EU, governments worldwide and key NGO's.

Volunteers and supporters of SCE are from different nationalities, religions, viewpoints and come from different backgrounds. Our guidelines can also be found at  //www.stopchildexecutions.com/disclaimer.aspx :

1. The goal of the Stop Child Executions Campaign is to end executions of child offenders. (a person who is sentenced for a crime committed before he/she turns 18 years old). Our focus is primary on Iran, but we are working to stop executions of child offenders worldwide. Although we only campaign for child offenders, SCE categorically oppose all forms of death penalty at any age.

2. We believe that youth who commit crimes should have access to fair trial and be punished accordingly; however we oppose the death penalty for them.

3. We will attempt to reach our goal by informing politicians and the public about the situation in Iran and other countries and by encouraging governments, politicians and private citizens to put pressure on governments to ban executions of child offenders and commute all existing death sentences given to children.

4. The Stop Child Executions campaign consists of a volunteer group of individuals with the common goal of the abolition of the death penalty for child offenders.

5. Our campaign is not affiliated with any political or religious groups, associations or organizations. We appreciate and encourage any cooperation and efforts by all groups and individuals who share our goal. 

6. The Stop Child Executions campaign does not necessarily agree with all views published by other organizations or individuals we work with or link to and a link to an external website should not be seen as an embracing of views expressed at that website.  A link to any petition other than the Stop Child Executions petition does not necessarily reflect the views of the Stop Child Executions campaign and cannot be seen as an endorsement of any other petitions in their entirety other than the Stop Child Executions Petition.

7. Only the views expressed on this website, or given when members speak as representatives of the Stop Child Executions campaign, should be seen as representing the official views of the campaign.

8. Views which members of the campaign express in other settings or in private cannot be seen as representing the views of the campaign.

9. Information on this site is deemed reliable but not guaranteed to be correct, and should not be construed as legal advice for individual cases. 

Thank you

Stop Child Executions Campaign




Darius Kadivar

Did Anyone of You Read Nazanin's Letter Properly ? ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Clearly You Are All speaking without even bothering Reading SCE's Updates ... LOL

Nazanin Clearly Responded to Shirine Ebadi's Aggression by IRI thugs in the very early days which coincided with Ahmadinejad's Christmas greetings on Channel 4:

Letter to Channel 4:



Read Paragraph in Question:

"Just in the last few days officials of the Islamic Republic of Iran shut down Nobel Peace Laureate Shirin Ebadi’s human rights centre and executed 10 people this morning. Iran has the highest number of executions in the world after China and holds the number one spot for child executions. One of the 140 children on death row in Iran, Behnood Shojaee, was supposed to be executed earlier today but his name was pulled at the last minute. These are hardly symbols of “seasonal goodwill”."



Mr Duke

by A supporter (not verified) on

I am sure you can also understand how a person might conclude, from a lack of statement from SCE and Ms Afshin Jam about Dr Ebadi's situation, that they she doesn't care. Maybe a little comment here and there would would go a long way :)

Your own words sir!

SCE has made statements about Sarkozy and Derakhshan, and as far as I know neither were related to child executions in Iran. On the other hand, Dr Ebadi who is a human right activist in Iran, is being shunned by your organization.

I suggest you and the other SCE member put a stop on the senseless accusations of other members on this site that are based on the faulty logic that you just provided.

A little respect for other members would show good faith, but finger pointing and accusations only discredit an organization that Nazanin has put her heart and soul into.



by Tara on

Timing is everything.  Any support of Dr. Ebadi by SCE or any other organization would have been the appropriate symbolic gesture at this point.  Dr. Ebadi has done far more to help SCE's cause than the other way around.  Shirin Ebadi has been defending the rights of Iranian children and women long before SCE came to be.  Even now, she represents many of the children on death row pro bono and with dedication unmatched by any other activist in Iran.  The delay is questionnable in my opinion and I will voice my concerns directly to SCE.

DW Duke

A Supporter

by DW Duke on

Thanks Supporter: 

I agree that lack of response to a blog shouldn't be taken as lack of interest.  People often don't respond to something they are studying because they aren't prepared to make a comment.  I can understand though how a person might conclude from a lack of response that no one cares.  That seems easily repairable though.  Occasionally checking in to say I am supporting you or the cause goes a long way.  :)

We won't see SCE make an official statement on any issue except the execution of children because the focus has to remain narrow enough to be effective.  But members of SCE are also involved in various causes such as Aytollah Boroujerdi, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, Shirin Ebadi and human rights abuses not only in Iran but in other countries including the US. 


Thank you DW

by A supporter (not verified) on

I knew there must be a reason why we have not seen any statement from SCE about Dr Ebadi's latest ordeal on iraniandotcome .

I hope that also shows you that some of the people who are not responding to SCE blogs every time, might be doing their share somewhere else.

I mean it'd be hypocritical to think that some of the people here are only interested in the Palestinian children and not care about the Iranians, only based on their involvement on this site. Or if we use that as an attack on such people, like another member of SCE has already done on this site.

Wouldn't you agree?

DW Duke

Reply to Hajiagha

by DW Duke on

Yes, SCE does care.  One of SCE's members is connected with Israeli dignataries and is doing everthing possible to persuade them stop the assault.   In the short run that is far more effective than posting petitions that would generate 1000 signatures in 6 months or so after the carnage is over.

DW Duke

Reply to Inqury Mind

by DW Duke on

The world is full of injustice.  One organization has to choose its battles or the organization would become defunct due to over expansion.  However, be assured that Nazanin is greatly concerned about Shirin Ebadi, who is a personal friend of hers, and is doing what she can to assist.  Simply because something is not in the media does not mean nothing is being done.  Additionally, one of SCE's members has posted a number of posts in Iranian.com about Shirin Ebadi.  Unfortunately, you will see that almost no one here even bothered to respond.


100 children murdered in Gaza

by hajiagha on


Dear SCE/Ms Nazanin

by inquiry mind (not verified) on

I support your campaign and praise your continuous efforts in bringing people's attention to the injustice of the IRI system.
I also saw your statement in support of Sarkozy and your protest against Hoder's arrest which I also support and agree with.

Would you please let me know why when it comes to the threats to Dr Shirine Ebadi's life and the constant abuse that she's been exposed to (especially recently), you have not mentioned her nor supported her?
There have been many groups, even the code pink who have issued petitions in her support, but you are nowhere to be seen.

I was just wondering why you keep silent about Dr Shirine Ebadi's situation.

Thank you for your attention to this matter

David ET

double injustice

by David ET on

This was another juvenile that SCE and others had no knowledge of. Ahmad Zare'e just like Makwan Moloudzadeh was from Kurdistan.

Kurdistan of Iran has practically been under Marshall law since early months of the revolution and it somewhat is ruled by double injustice of IR and therefore hardly any information comes out until when often is too late.

If what happened to Nazanin Fatehi had happened in Kurdistan instead of Tehran, probably no one would have known about it and she would have been executed long time ago.


Sadly no one cares

by MRX1 on

Now if this kid was palestenian, we will never hear the end of it of course! there would have been protests and demonstrations all over U.S and Europe, hollywood acters would have had rally's,U.N would have been out raged, you name it. Life of Iranian has no value that's all.


Sad news

by javaneh29 on

Sad news indeed ... yet another child is murdered. Iran executes/ murders more children than any other country in the world.... and we wonder why the rest of world see Iran negatively.

Its injustice for the most defenceless.


Azarin Sadegh

Terrible news...

by Azarin Sadegh on

I'm so sorry to hear this terrible news...

I guess times have changed. The rules of Islam have been modified and improved and Moharam has become an ordinary month when it's ok to kill Iran's youth...

Thanks for info! Azarin