Why ethnic issues are not popular among Iranian/Persian?

Why ethnic issues are not  popular among Iranian/Persian?
by Savalan

The Azerbaijani Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Baluches, Turkmens, Lors issues are not popular subjects, in Iranian/Persian community.

Because since the establishment of Pahlavi dynasty [in 1925, after the fall of the Qajar dynasty] non-Persians have been treated as second-class citizens and there have always been a lack of political and individual rights for them. There is deep and wide racism against non-Persian ethnic groups. They are subjected to racism and discrimination by not only the Iranian government but also by the Persian society.

So it's not surprising Persian media doesn't cover the issue, and if they do they represent the government's point of view.

In August 2010, the UN anti-racism panel called on Iran to counter racism and ethnic discrimination, including incitement to hatred by officials and "double discrimination suffered by women from minorities.

The Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination expressed concern at the exclusion of Arab, Azeri, Balochi, Kurdish and Bahai communities in areas such as housing, education, health, jobs and "from public life".


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by Rastin on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory (courtesy of Bavafa)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Dear Raoul

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Are you joking, or were these real?

Yes he is joking do you think we really have "country clubs" in Islamic Republic!!  My good pal Faramarz has a great sense of humor. But if you are not Iranian you might miss some of it which is 100% obvious to us.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Why is it

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Because Iranian people are not racist by nature. When I see another Iranian I do not see an ethnic. I see an Iranian as does the other person. I never ran into an Iranian who asked me my ethnicity.

We just do not really care. This is very incomprehensible to pan turks as they are deeply racist by nature. Given the history of genocide by turks it is not a surprise. Iranians say "kafar hame ra be kishe khod pendarad". 

The other thing is to know the motive. People as Savalan who despise Iran are trying to divide us. This will not work with most Iranians other than some PC in the West.

Basically this *** may sell in America and Europe because they put race above all. Minority this and that but Iranians do not.

Meanwhile turky is jumping up and down at France. Because they made it illegal to deny the Armenian Genocide. Tough to face your own racism is it? 

Then with "vegahat" they go whining about Iranian.

Much to Savalan's anger Iranian people don't give a sh*** about race. My family has people from many parts of Iran. Including Arab; Mongol and so on.

Iran is a melting pot into which "Republic of Azarbayjan" will be absorbed. 

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on


Who cares ?


Jeesh Daram


Jeesh Daram

سولان، ای شیطون، حالا شبها میایی اینجا و شبنامه چاپ میکنی که میدونی ما خواب هستیم؟ بلند شدم برم دستشویی دیدم باز بجای انجام درس و مشق و تکالیف مدرسه ات آمده ای و این مهملات را نوشته ای

while other ehtnicities have been discriminated against, the rest of us were subjected to circumcision 


Mohammad Ala

by Savalan on

Senin janin olsun, olmasin... Who Cares?


You can play this game endlessly, here is how..

by IranFirst on


Here is the map of Aran (Azerbaijan)


has its own minorities, now the minorities there can also claim to be
second class citizens (just because they are minorities) and then you
would have upset Lezgis and Talyshis. 

Where does it stop, do we need to look into each city and see which ethnicity lives in what neighbourhood and
claim victim hood, if we happen to be minority in that neighbourhood?


What job discrimination?! Khamenei is Azari

Mohammad Ala

Ajar Iran olmasa, benim janim olmasin ( cho Iran nabashad, tan-.

by Mohammad Ala on

Savalan has been consistent in posting video’s and statements that Turk separatists have spewed.  He has been anti-Iranian in his posts and comments.

Savalan, Allah san na shafa versin.  Farsi in the middle?  Sa-fek aadam.

The map you posted is indicative of where you stand on Iran and Iranians.  Iranians are Persians, Turks, Lurs, etc.  We are first Iranians then Turks, for example.

Ajar Iran olmasa, benim janim olmasin (Cho Iran nabashad, tan-e man mabad). 

(When I studied in Louisiana, USA in 70s, there were places where blacks and those Iranians who looked dark could not go.  In Wisconsin in 80s, American native Indians were not served food or drinks.)

Iran is proud of its ethnic groups and all of them call themselves Iranians.  We are Iranians and our language translated into English is Persian.  Persian Gulf is and will be Persian Gulf.  Our food is called Persian, Azeri, and Luri food, but our cats are Persian cats and rugs are Persian rugs. 

Ajar Iran olmasa, benim janim olmasin (Cho Iran nabashad, tan-e man mabad).



by Raoul1955 on

Are you joking, or were these real?

""Persians only Country Clubs", "Persian only Water Fountains, Bathrooms, Pools", "non-Persians Need not Apply", "non-Persians Sit in the back of the Bus" and the worst one of them all was no inter-racial marriages between Persians and non-Persians."


Interesting Subject..but False Statements

by iranvatan on


1. The Islamic Fascist Apartrheid regime doesn't discriminate when it comes to murder, rape and harrassments.

2. Iranians if you want to be referred to as Persians (Doen't exist) it is just a propaganda to cause separation are being treated as anyone else.

3. Two ethnic groups have been receiving the most discrimination teh rest are crying wolves and they are the Kurds and baluch.

4. Iranian women have been subject to most of the harrassments

5. Iranian Bahai are also very much discriminated

Now there are opportunists and traitors who trying to hard now to take advantage of current situation and create chaso and even are yearning for a blood baths amongs Iranians.

These traitors are enemies of Iran and Iranian people and are no diffrenet than the current Fascist Islamic Apartheid regime.

 Remeber Iran is not Soviet Union or Yugoslavia so if you hate Iran and Iranians do what 4 million others have done get the HELL out and leave the rest of us alone.

 Iranian.com has become home to separtist, aploogists, cowards and group of people who don't have the guts to fight the Islamic Fascist Regime but are very good at creating chaos and hatred.

 If you are an Iranian then join us on February 14, 2012, for call of Unity and solidarirt with All People of Iran 

One Iran for all Iranians


More 2nd Class Evidence

by Faramarz on

As Ali Persian mentioned, there was also "Persians only Country Clubs", "Persian only Water Fountains, Bathrooms, Pools", "non-Persians Need not Apply", "non-Persians Sit in the back of the Bus" and the worst one of them all was no inter-racial marriages between Persians and non-Persians.

And the scariest part was that dreaded PPP with their white hoods!

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

Arkadash !

Allah shafa sana di.

pedar amorzide at the moment only womens& Bahais are discriminated against.


Ali P.

2nd class indeed!

by Ali P. on

I remember signs, that read: "Persians only!", "No non-Persians allowed!" non-Persians may not vote!", "Persian Power!", "Persians-only school!"

all over the place!

The non-Persian part of each town was always mess. We'd call it "non-Persian ghetto"!


Realism vs idealism......

by پندارنیک on

I find the mosaic map of our beloved homeland, posted here, ominously disturbing and ill-willed.............I want my country to be a cultural melting pot.........