Gaza Attack News and Open Thread


Gaza Attack News and Open Thread
by Q

Since the usual mob of so-called Persian "patriots" is clearly uncomfortable talking about Israeli war crimes (or anything other than their own agenda), I propose we have an open thread where the latest from the Gaza crisis can be discussed.

First, let me say, that those people who constantly moan about "I don't care about X, this is IRANIAN.COM, not X.COM", are clearly wrong. Many of them are disingenuous. This has been proven several times. Most recently it was proven again when I put up news stories of Iranians getting killed in Iraq, and the inhuman and hostile reaction some of these "patriots" exhibited was telling.

A smaller group is clearly just protecting Israel against criticism. We have all met these people, some of them right-of-center thinkers who admire Israel's modernity, power and authority and don't care about much else. Some of them are Iranian Jews who have found a sense of pride and belonging in the dominant Israeli narrative in the West, and this is their way of protecting that feeling. Some are brought up to equate Islam with Arabs and evil and since Israel is "against" Arabs, they think Israel must be a friend, so they are just protecting friends from "enemies" by trying to silence criticism of Israel.

One way this hypocrisy becomes obvious is with their own conduct. They claim they support freedom of speech and also that we should not waste energy on Palestine when there are human rights violations in Iran. Both are valid points of view. But why would a person who has these views waste time actually criticizing others who do write about Palestine? Does that sound like someone who wants to just concern themselves with Iranian human rights? Why would someone like that care, for example, that Iran has requested Intropol investigations of Israeli officials?

Not everyone is a hypocrite of course, far from it, even here. Some people genuinely just think the Palestinian issue has nothing to do with us, and they do not want to lose focus on Iran. While I can respect their honesty, I think they are misguided. The world is incredibly interconnected. Crisis in the Middle East as well as anything having to do with Israel, Turkey, US is very relevant to Iran, relevant to the future of our country, and to the future of the people in it, including those who are seeking democratic changes.

However, I didn't really mean to get off on a rant here. I did not make this blog to talk about why the Gaza massacre is relevant to us, I will write an article about that part soon. Here, I just want to give a central location to those who do care about what is going on to comment, share links and ideas. I humbly ask those who do not care to stay out of this as to not cause themselves any unnecessary headaches.

The Picture is of the Nobel Elders Group, founded by Nelson Mandela and comprised of Nobel Peace prize winners who are active in human rights issues. It just released the statement on the Gaza crisis, which in part reads:

“The Elders have condemned the reported killing by Israeli forces of more than a dozen people who were attempting to deliver relief supplies to the Gaza Strip by sea,” the 12—member group said in a statement issued in Johannesburg, where it met over the weekend.

The group, which was launched by Mr. Mandela on his birthday in 2007 to try to solve some of the world’s most intractable conflicts, called for a “full investigation” of the incident and urged the UN Security Council “to debate the situation with a view to mandating action to end the closure of the Gaza Strip.” “This tragic incident should draw the world’s attention to the terrible suffering of Gaza’s 1.5 million people, half of whom are children under the age of 18,” the group said.

This comes in the wake of the UN Security Council action after a 12 hour emergency meeting. It was predictably watered down by Israel's main supporter, the United States. But it was passed anyway. See: UN Security Council Condemns Israel for Violence in Gaza Raid, Seeks Probe.

Lastly, I want to leave you with this short interview by Dr. Norman Finkelstein, himself an American Jew and son of two holocaust survivors who has dedicated his life to battling the inhuman Israeli policies and their corrupt cheerleaders in American media and society. Here he talks about why Israeli is officially a "Lunatic State":

So please share your feelings and links.
See Mola's blog here: //

Update: See Zedbazi's excellent Gaza solidarity song made during Israel's previous crimes in 2009.


more from Q

Thanks for all those who are supportive

by Q on

It seems some angry character assassins have difficulty understanding basic English. Let me repeat this for them:

Here, I just want to give a central location to those who do care about what is going on to comment, share links and ideas. I humbly ask those who do not care to stay out of this as to not cause themselves any unnecessary headaches.

This only goes to show the hypocrisy I already pointed out. However, I'm glad some of them show they can finally listen to reason, albeit after much headache and waste of time.

Mola Nasredeen

I signed the petition to United Nations

by Mola Nasredeen on

Thanks for posting the link.

Ari Siletz

Iran spotlighted in incident

by Ari Siletz on

This article by a Haaretz editor showcases why Iran is an important part of the equation in this incident: because in Israel some view it as a victory for the IRI.


Hamas, and no less, Iran and Hezbollah, learned early on that Israel's own embargo against Hamas-ruled Gaza was the most sophisticated and powerful weapon they could have deployed against the Jewish state. 


Hamas, as well as Iran, have come to know and benefit from the toxicity of Israeli domestic politics, which is all too ready to mortgage the future for the sake of a momentary apparent calm.



Thank you Azadeh Khanom, just signed them.

by Bavafa on



i believe

by curly on

that Ahmadinejad and hezbollah are the happiest right now.

Azadeh Azad

Just for today: Please Sign This Petition to the UN

by Azadeh Azad on

Hello everyone

Israel's deadly raid on a flotilla of aid ships headed for Gaza has shocked the world.

Israel, like any other state, has the right to self-defence, but this was an outrageous use of lethal force to defend an outrageous and lethal policy -- Israel's blockade of Gaza, where two thirds of families don't know where they'll find their next meal.

The UN, EU, and nearly every other government and multilateral organization have called on Israel to lift the blockade and, now, launch a full investigation of the flotilla raid. But without massive pressure from their citizens, world leaders might limit their response to mere words -- as they have so many times before.

Let's make the world's outcry too loud to ignore. Join the petition for an independent investigation into the raid, accountability for those responsible, and an immediate end to the blockade in Gaza -- click to sign this petition:


The petition will be delivered to the UN and world leaders, as soon as it reaches 200,000 names -- and again at every opportunity as it grows and leaders choose their responses. A massive petition at a moment of crisis like this one can demonstrate to those in power that sound bites and press releases aren't enough -- that citizens are paying attention and demanding action.

As the EU decides whether to expand its special trade relationship with Israel, as Obama and the US Congress set next year's budget for Israeli military aid, and as neighbours like Turkey and Egypt decide their next diplomatic steps -- let's make the world's voice unignorable: it's time for truth and accountability on the flotilla raid, and it's time for Israel to comply with international law and end the siege of Gaza. Sign now and pass this message along:


Most people everywhere still share the same dream: for two free and viable states, Israel and Palestine, to live side by side. But the blockade, and the violence used to defend it, poisons that dream. As a columnist wrote to his fellow Israelis today in the newspaper Ha'aretz, "We are no longer defending Israel. We are now defending the siege. The siege itself is becoming Israel's Vietnam."

Thousands of pro-peace activists in Israel today protested the raid and the blockade in demonstrations from Haifa, to Tel Aviv and Jerusalem -- joining demonstrations around the world. Regardless of which side threw the first punch or fired the first shot (the Israeli military claims it did not initiate the violence), Israel's leaders sent helicopters of armed storm-troopers to raid a convoy of ships in international waters bringing medicine and supplies to Gaza, and some now lay dead.

Their lives cannot be brought back. But perhaps, together, we can make this dark moment a turning point -- if we arise with an unshakable call for justice, and an unbreakable dream of peace.

With hope,

Azadeh & the Avaaz team



Live coverage from Al Jazeera:

Live coverage from the Guardian:


"The Second Gaza War: Israel lost at sea" - Bradley Burston, Ha'aretz

Analysis of violence from IDF's perspective from Debka, reporters with ties to Israeli intelligence:


70% of Gazans suffer from food insecurity - 2008 ICRC report, cited by al Jazeera:

Analysis of possible political consequences of the flotilla attack:

pastor bill rennick

All those who have strong convictions about the plight of

by pastor bill rennick on

the Palestinians in Gaza should jump on the next train, plane, bus, truck, ship, camel, donkey, or walk on foot to Gaza to defend their brothers and sisters. Why not?

Talk is cheap and you should put your money where your mouth is otherwise you are a bunch of inconsistent, two-faced, and hypocrites!


maziar 58


by maziar 58 on




Hedy Epstein

by Darveesh on

I read somewhere that an 85 year old holocaust survivor by the name of hedy epstein was the one wielding an AK47 on the deck of marmara and that is why israeli execution squad panicked and started shooting people.


any news about her being put back in Israeli made Auschwitz called Gaza? IF so then we are all safe now.

Mola Nasredeen

Non violent resistance towards Israel continues, 2 more ships

by Mola Nasredeen on

are on their ways towards Gaza. One of the ships is called after Rachel Corrie, a young beautiful American woman, who was ran over by Israeli bouldozer when she stood in front of it to protect a Palestinian home from demolition by the racist criminal Israeli regime.

Rachel Corrie Continues Towards Gaza: Will Obama Let Israel Attack?


Before becomes

by benross on

Before becomes or again and again, and just by few degenerates who couldn't care less about Iran, I cross-post this as a sign of where things stand over there. So that we can focus again on our own country and keep this place as

Israel politics is changing and Palestine politics has the same old challenges.

Haaretz editorial of June 1st, 2010

Gaza real story, May 23rd, 2010



by Mammad on

The more you write, the clearer it becomes where you stand and what your colour is.

And, let me repeat it again: The attacks committed by Israel represent war crimes. Article 33 of Geneva Convention explicitly prohibits the type of attacks that Israel carried out, not to mention the fact that the attacks were carried out in international waters, not even in Israel's territorial waters.

Now, go back to your masters and ask them how to respond. But, get this in your thought process, because it would do wonders for you as a human being:


Yes, I am "angry" because you fake supporter of HRs cannot even do a good job of faking it!!!




by Mammad on

Yes, the plight of Bahais in Iran is just as important as the rest of Iranians, not more, not less, although 99% of all the victims after the 1979 revolution have been Muslims.

But, in terms of protesting violations of HR, every single case EVERYWHERE must be protested. Those who want to avoid taking position with respect to Israel's war crimes cannot claim to be supporters of HRs.

You might be new to this site, but those who know me here know my complete name, and can check whether I did and do what I said I did and do.





by Darveesh on



Turkish sources and media revealed a document which shows that a
death list had been prepared in advance by the Israelis, showing names
and pictures of people on board of the ships to be murdered, who,
according to Israel, were “involved in the International humanitarian
aid for Gaza”. According to the Turkish sources, hundreds of Israeli
soldiers stormed the blue Turkish ship “Marmara” flotilla and they had
copies of the death list. The list included the names of civilians on
the fleet who should be killed”. The document was apparently recovered
after one of the Israeli soldiers lost it during the piracy act.


Dear Shepesh

by hooshie on

Thanks for your words of support. I can see that we have made the point and got the answer we expected.


به ریتم نوحه بخونید


وای فلسطین وای فلسطین

جمهوری اسلامی چکار میکرد اگر تو نبودی، وای فلسطین

هر روز ایرانی‌ میکشیم ولی‌ برای تو گریه میکنیم، وای فلسطین

هر روز ایرانی‌ شکنجه میکنیم ولی‌ برای گربه‌های غزه هم گریه میکنیم، وای فلسطین

وای فلسطین، وای فلسطین

(مکث برای گریه)

۳۱ سال کردیمت پیرهن عثمان، وای فلسطین 

هر روز از اسرائیل اسلحه میخریم، وای فلسطین

اراذل و اوباش حماس را انداختیم به جونتئون، وای فلسطین

وای فلسطین، وای فلسطین

(مکث برای سینه زدن)

ریدیم به هر چی‌ قرار داد صلح بود، وای فلسطین

اسرائیل از برکت ما بیشتر زمین دزدید، وای فلسطین 

اگر تو نبودی به چه عذری ایرانی‌ میکشتیم، وای فلسطین

اون سربازی عزیزت که در جنگ با عراق بر ضد ایرانیها میجنگیدند کجان، وای فلسطین

(مکث برای سینه زدن و گریه کردن)



by fooladi on

I sense great anger and frustration in your comments my mr "muslim academic", Your anger and frustartion is understandable, as you and other "user ID's" supporting the velayate vaghih, have shot yourself in your  virtual, internet legs very  badly!

Now be a good boy, come back , masqurading as someone else, anything but "muslim academic/intellectual", and I promise I'll be kinder on you this time :)


this user ID "obama"'s

by fooladi on

raving anti jew screams Is kinda comical, dont you think? Perhaps the US immigration officer who gave him a hard time reviewing his suspicious application for greencard before throwing one at him was a jew!

But seriously, Israel would make a great strategic partner with Iran after the overthrow of velayate vaghih Islamic Regime. The last two occasions when these palistinians had anything to do with Iran were:

1) Saddam's Invasion of Iran , where the palistinians volunteerd in saddams army.

2) last years mass demosntrations in Iran against the regime of velayate vaghih, when palistinian and lebanese hizbullah actively participated in the suppression, beatings and shootings of the defenceless peaceful demonstartion of Iranians against the dictatorship of velayate vaghih islamic regime.


Hooshie jan

by Shepesh on

You are right in what you say but it is not worth continuing in this blog with such attitudes. Save our energy for elsewhere, and better things.


My agenda is called: Human Rights

by hooshie on



Midewesty - Now if this goes against your grain Midwesty, well that is something you need to deal with. Bahai situation in Iran, while not the most important of the issues, remains the litmus test for all human rights pretenders. And as is seen here, all of our Mr Human Rights are at pains to defend the Bahai rights in Iran with the same ferocity as they defend the Palestinian rights in Israel. You can't have hypocrisy without hypocrites and calling someone a hypocrite may be a personal attack but it is an attack against the very claim made by that person which happens to be the subject of this blog. Q gives a link in his text to another blog of his in which he is accusing many for being hypocrite (their usernames is in that linked blog) but when the tables are turned around he has nothing to come up with. 

Yes, this blog is about hypocrisy of those who accuse others of hypocrisy: Q Incorporated.


Mammad - Apparently my reply to you was deleted but if that's the case I am not sure why. All I said was that how can I check the facts about you if all I know is a fake user id called Mammad. But I give you credit for admitting to be supportive of the plight of the Bahais as Mammad, whoever he (or even she) might be.



by Shepesh on

We have not come to a lecture by you. People have a right to make a comment without being undermined. You are being rather disrespectful towards others opinions.  You cannot force your views on other people, but we can all see your position.

Mola Nasredeen

Latest pictures of World Wide demonstrations against Israeli

by Mola Nasredeen on



by Mammad on

You get a F for everything, including your reading of other people's comments.

Yes, open your mouth, or use your pen, or click ,when you have all the facts, not what you are told to repeat here.

The focus of this thread is the war crimes committed by Israel against defenseless people, and who is willing to protest them.


One cannot claim to be supporting HR, but be selective about condemnation of their violations. Any nonsense about "it starts in Iran" is just that - nonsense.




by Mammad on

What the devil are you talking about? Pay more attention to Palestine, here on this website? Who did that? Show me! We are constantly talking about Iran on a daily basis, and just when a crime against humanity has been committed by Israel, we should not protest it even once? What is it?



Sag K.

by Mammad on

of course, you can say and write whatever you want or whenever you want. That was not the point. I did not claim that you need permission, least of all from me!

The point was, before making a comment that sounds like a basless attack or accusation, check the facts, and double- and triple-check them. Otherwise, say what you want, but expect to be responded to and criticised. 

No, Human rights and respect for them are universal values. Because they are universal values, they do not recognize national boundaries. Their violations everywhere must be protested, Iran, Palestine, Guantanamu, Bagram, Iraq, Pakistan, Latin America, EVERYWHERE.




by Shepesh on

There are 4 people here (who are either under cover, or zionists)whose jobs alwayas is to divert our attentions from the real issue being discussed here, Israel, and they want to make some of you to focus on IRI.

Who are you calling a Zionist? So focusing on IRI makes one a Zionist or an agent? If you make accusations like that then name those people openly. Are you accusing Bahais here of being Zionists, you ignorant IRI propogandist?

You are the type of person which intimidates others in speaking, calling names. Who are You? I  just read another comment by you in another blog saying Israel created all the World Wars! Are you just uneducated or full of IRI-induced hate? Why dont you go and read some history before making personal accusations on this website against other Users and making ignorant comments :



Israel is the scumb and humanity's No. 1 enemy! Uses IRI 2 hide!

by obama on

...Moses, please take your evil Israel back to Sudan where they belong! Enough of these evils who created only wars in the world! WWl, ll; and now WWW lll?


With Israel, there would never be peace on earth! Evil empire!

by obama on

You can never trust the blood thirsty israel! Bunch of blood suckers, racists,baby killers, peace activists killer, who have brought to the ME nothing but misery! These FOOZOL VA DOE BEH HAM ZAN people have genetic defects for being for doing that (with a few exceptions)!  

Israel is Iran's No. 1 enemy, the enemy of the whole ME and anyone and any country that opposes it! They want everything free and that is the reason they stole Plaestine!

Without Israel, IRI would have gone long time ago! They keep focusing on nuclear crap which we don't have, in order to distract the world from their own atrocities around the world! IRI is not attcking other countries, it is attacking her own people! Israel' mafia is all over the world sucking blood and stealing!

GAZA was bombed using weapons closes to a Nuclear bomb. The chemicals used in the bombs have created huge births deffects for generation to come! Israel does not believe in international laws and ignores them all the time!

when they did this to their "ally" turkey, how much more to us! Israel is the real satan in this world who have caused many WW's and more!

There are 4 people here (who are either under cover, or zionists)whose jobs alwayas is to divert our attentions from the real issue being discussed here, Israel, and they want to make some of you to focus on IRI. IRI is not the subject here, Israel is. Don't respond to them please! Ignore them! Q asked them to butt out, but they ignored her plea!


People have made some good points here about priorities

by Shepesh on

I do not think one should accuse others of attack if they resort to it themselves when they cannot answer questions. While I support Human Rights in the ME, I believe our own problems come first. The question of Iranian minorities is a good one, and relevant. It is disappointing to see them sidelined in favour of Palestine Palestine every day. It is something we owe to our fellow Iranians who have suffered great persecution and continue to do so. They need our support and deserve it. It is an insult to say one manner of death is different to another. We should pay more respect to what they say as they are the ones who have suffered, we can never know how they feel and how let down they have been by their own country.




by Midwesty on

It's very typical of most commenters to deviate from the main topic. I answered your patriotism inquiry by quoting Sa'di.

Bottom line we can not close down our human right workshop because IRI is not complying. This is a very popular distraction technique that is used commonly by all perpetrators of crimes, from the gang menemebers in Harlem whom beat a homeless to death to Hitler invading Poland.

"You can't tell me what to do because your hands are bloodier than mine", that's what we hear all the time.



Is that the best you can come up with? And our agenda is???

by sag koochooloo on

People are not “uncomfortable” talking about Israeli war crimes or war crimes in any other country, but what they want is to improve crimes in Iran and not for these to be priority over Iranian Human Rights. To accuse others of being disingenuous and of hypocrisy is rich when the blogger supports someone who has blood on his hands like Mousavi. Midwesty, you have no answer and you are resorting to sweeping issues under the carpet. That is fine, it is what we expect.

And now cheap shots at Hooshie? Code of conduct? Absolutely pathetic.