the myth of ‘western rationality’


the myth of ‘western rationality’
by Niloufar Parsi

it is clear that there is a major ideological barrier to real dialogue between iran and the west. mistranslations are common, misunderstanding is encouraged, and it is easy to get the feeling that there is a strategy in place to ensure confusion and animosity instead of goodwill. i tend to see more of this mischief emanating from the west, but that is probably related to the fact that i live here, and it is easier to catch the lies on this side. iran is probably just as guilty.

but there is this one specific western myth that is definitely a big part of the problem: the myth of western ‘rationality’ that presupposes many positive qualities associated with the west and negative ones associated with the east, including iran.

in a different context and time, it would be called racism, but i expect that definition will come later. a bit like how the slave trade was first totally ‘justified’ by religious, racial and other myths, and then later described as ‘racist’. at some point, many westerners believed that their genes or skin colour gave them some sort of spiritual and/or intellectual superiority to other ‘races’, and enslaving people or taking over their countries was more like a favour, a civilizing effect. they sugar-coated this kind of racist self-deception with terminology such as ‘the white man’s burden’, and a host of other ideological justifications. the act of plunder was described as some kind of civilizing mission.

remnants of this kind of mind game remain today in the western discourse on iran. the ordinary american is more likely to see iran and iranians as ‘irrational’ beings who cannot be trusted with a nuclear bomb. but they are a little more subtle than that. knowing full well the racist connotations in openly labeling other countries and cultures as ‘irrational’, they apply further sugar coating by going one step removed and using a term like ‘dangerous’ instead.

if we look out for the terms ‘danger’, ‘threat’ and ‘risk’ in any report or speech on iran by israeli and western media and politicians, it becomes quite clear that the agenda is for the conflict situation to persist – particularly, in the minds of their own citizens. the politicians themselves are fully aware of realities on the ground.

what is this reality? well, we all have our own perceptions, but mine is this:

iran is and has been acting far more rationally than her enemies would like to admit. her priorities have included
-          protecting iran and the regime
-          challenging the power of israel – a proven regional warmonger - and building alliances in the region to contain israel and her allies and arming them in order to create a buffer zone for iran
-          working against american interventionism and warmongering in the region. building a global alliance against american imperialism
-          growing her influence in iraq once saddam’s regime was removed, and preparing the ground to take over as the biggest foreign sponsor once the americans leave iraq,
-          same as above for afghanistan only with less success
-          building up her own armaments industry,
-          finding ways to defeat or weaken sanctions,
-          building up political capital among muslim nations,

-          developing nuclear capability mainly within internationally allowed rules, but remaining vigilant of the iaea and other un agencies as they often behave like tools of american imperialism, and
-          adopting, and speaking from a position of strength rather than servitude

nothing about iran’s regional policy is particularly ‘irrational’. iran could have been more strategic and effective, and could have taken a more conciliatory path. all that may have been possible if one allows for the remote possibility that her foes would have reacted differently. but khatami perhaps proved the opposite.

in any case, while the iranian approach might have been better, it has not been irrational. on the contrary, iran’s military expenditure as a percentage of gdp and her overall tendency to war is far more humane and rational than that of the us or israel. iran’s military architecture is designed and built for defensive purposes. the us military is designed for offence, so much so that they could not respond effectively to a natural disaster such as hurricane katrina at home.

in other words, the us military structure is designed for plunder and loot in the name of ‘rationality’, ‘democracy’ and ‘human rights’. take your pick.

truth is, we are all equally irrational!


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Niloufar Parsi

by jamshid on

You ask:

"if you are going to throw iranian atorcities in my face to try and prove something, then... who is more brutal and murderous? the western alliance led by the us or iran?"

In the past 30 years, the IRI has been more brutal against the people of Iran than any other domestic or foreign entity.

"how many people killed?"

The IRI has executed more Iranians than can be counted. Foreigners have not.

"how many Women and men raped?"

Many of Iran's youth were raped by the IRI, but none by foreigners.

"how many prison facilities built for the purpose of torture and domination?"

There are many open and many more secret prison facilities holding Iranians political prisoners, ALL of which were built by the IRI, and none by foreigners. 

"how many soldiers on drugs proudly filming and otherwise recording their own brutality and murder joyfully and mercilessly?"

I don't know about recording one's own brutatlity, but all the available videos on merciless brutalitly committed against Iraniains point to IRI's mob committing them, not foreigners. 

"how many pure innocents, non-combatants killed as 'collateral' damage and without any remorse or compensation? "

There are many innocent, non-combatant Iranians who have been executed by the IRI as "colateral" damage for furthering its ideology and without any remorse. More than 8000 were executed in only a few weeks in the late 80s without remorse or compensation.

You wrote:

"if you are going to throw atrocities out as argumentation, then be a man and face the reality of the situation..."

To which I say, if you are going to throw atrocities committed elsewhere in the world as argumentation in order to difuse or to justify IRI's crimes, or otherwise to divert attention, then YOU be a man and face the brutal realities of Iran for the past 30 years and admit to them.

Since you are first and foremost a citizen of the world, to you Iranian blood is no less than Palestinian or Lebanese blood. But since I am first and foremost a citizen of Iran, I find myself more sensitive and more focused on the blood and plights of Iranians.

That is the big difference between us, Ms. Niloufar.

And I don't need to prove my "manhood" to you or anyone. I have been in places and seen things that would make someone like you piss in her pants and rattle her teeth in fear. So don't talk to me about "manhood" when you don't even know what it means.

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

once again you jump from branch to branch and do anything to avoid the root problem at hand. 

for one thing, you simply refuse to address the core dilemmas that i have raised here. if you are going to throw iranian atrocities in my face to try and prove something, then you have to follow your own logic and tell us: based on the raw data that cannot be disputed, who is more brutal and murderous? the western alliance led by the us or iran? how many countries invaded, how many people killed, how many Women and men raped? how many prison facilities built for the purpose of torture and domination? how many young girls gang-raped and murdered in front of their parents' eyes before they all get slaughtered? how many soldiers on drugs proudly filming and otherwise recording their own brutality and murder joyfully and mercilessly? how many pure innocents, non-combatants killed as 'collateral' damage and without any remorse or compensation?

if you are going to throw atrocities out as argumentation, then be a real man and face the reality of the situation, and then come back honestly and sincerely to argue your case in a rational manner.

so far you have proven that you are incapable of such an act. rather, you mask you own penchant for brutality with a lopsided focus on iri brutalities, garnishing your arguments with anti-arab racism, which is really a reflections of the arayan supramacist in you.

it does not hold water. you are just an apologist for murder, rape, incarceration and other brutalities committed by those who specialise in the act in mass-produced quantities and for decades on end. racist imperialists who shame the worst elements in iri.

tough luck jamshid. some of us are not going to put up with it any more.  

now go on and continue to chit chat about 'flagging' or 'moozi' or whether i believe in women's emancipation or why kharmagas lives here.

anything to avoid the topic here, right jamshid?


Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

indeed that was an amazingly irrational input by you...

Manoucher Avaznia

جمشید جان؛

Manoucher Avaznia

قربان مرامت.  برخی صبحتهای شما روحیه آدم را زیر آتش تهیه دشمن خوب بالا می برد.  توپهای خمسه خمسه صدام که یادت هست.  بچه های لت و پار شده کوچه پس کوچه های شهرها و روستاهای فقیر چه طور؟  نگو نه.  با وفا، ما که کف کردیم سرکار؛ همۀ تلاش این است که گفتگو کنیم.  سی سال از زمانی که در جنگ گذراندیم گذشته.  والله نسل نو نمی داند که چه بهایی پرداخت کرده ایم.  بسیاری در کمینند که همین نسل را گوشت دم توپ کنند که از نمدی کلاهی بیابند. ما هم گفتیم دایی جان تو توده ای بودی و خائن و ما نسل فداییم. نتیجه این شد که بر روی یکدیگر سلاح کشیدیم و همگی قربانی شدیم. اگر سلاح نمی کشیدیم، انقدر قربانی نمی شدیم.  باید به یکدیگر گوش بدهیم نه به عنوان بله البته گو، بلکه به عنوان کسانی منتقد با اندیشه ای قربال گونه که به حداقل حقوق بیان یکدیگر احترام می گزارند.  والله، در روستای من از خدا و پیغمبر گرفته تا رفتار روزمرۀ یکدیگر انتقاد می کردند، دعوا و زد و خورد هم می کردند، و درنهایت با هم حرف می زدند. بالاتراز هشتاد درصدشان هم مطلقا بیسواد بودند. ما باید حرف بزنیم تا آنجا که برخی کج فهمیهای یکدیکر را در یابیم. توپ و تشر بر شناخت ما از یکدیگر ابر تیرگی می اندازد.

یاد بچه های خاک و خلی سنگرها افتادم

درود بر تو و بر تیری که در پدافند از میهن شلیک کردی





Dear Videmose, one more thing...

by jamshid on

Scroll the page up and see what Ms. Niloufar Parsi has written, which appears at the very top of all her blogs:

"The Lotus grows out of the murky waters of swamps and blooms into the most wondrous beauty. It is a symbol of compassion, wisdom and women's emancipation in eastern philosophy."

She has no shame speaking about women's emancipation while at the same time supporting a regime that has completely crushed the dignity and honor of Iranian women.


Marhoum kharmagas

by jamshid on

"More than two years ago you said give me 100 men and I'll take IRI down"

Your claim is rubbish. Back then I suggested that with 100 dedicated man and woman working in unisom and with coordindated efforts, the IRI's propaganda and regime enablers in the West can be neutralized.

Your memory seems to be inflicted by the same ills than your political views.

You told me what you have detected in me. And now let me tell you what I have detected in you. I detect a timid coward in you who, while in the comfort of his Western home, supports IRI behaviors that is leading us directly to a war.

A war which could claim many Iranian lives, but not yours, and that is precisely what makes it ok for you.

I also detect a despicable paranoid being who lacks human conscious and who is completely insensitive to the crimes the IRI is committing against its own people.

Now go read what you represent and support:


marhoum Kharmagas

where is your 100 men Jamshid?

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Jamshid, talk is cheap. As I told you long time ago, if I had a fraction of your hatred for IRI, I would be busy toppling it. More than two years ago you said give me 100 men and I'll take IRI down, don't tell me you can't find them, you don't have it in you, and I detected that long time ago, I am a kharmagas you know, you are the bear hunter not revolutionary.  Two years ago your problem was not 100 men (not finding them), now it is not 100 men, and your problem is not going to be solved by intimidating Niloufar.



Jamshid e nazanin: Berasti

by vildemose on

Jamshid e nazanin: Berasti ke amsale nilo va kharmagas are nothing but parasitic ideologue brainwashed to the point of no return.

maziar 58

amen bro..........

by maziar 58 on

right on the nail............

BTW , I don't think (nilo) is HIS real name, they are irr drags in u.k to get LAID ,and go home to get PAID.             Maziar



by jamshid on

Kharmagas (what a fitting name) lives here because he CHOOSES to live in here. His American wife is just an excuse. He enjoys the comforts and freedoms of the West, the same comforts and freedoms that are denied to our Iranian brothers and sisters in Iran, while at the same time he defends the suppressors of those same freedoms at every opportunity he can get.

As I have said before, one hair from the likes of IRI or Shananshahesmail who at least are straight about their views, are worth a thousands Kharmagas and Niloufar, who are shameless hypocrites to their bones. and who so well define the meaning of the word "moozi".


Dear Souri

by jamshid on

Thanks for bringing up the flagging issue. They have already succeeded in removing one of my comments regarding Keyvaan Goodarzi' death under torture.

But their actions is based on their nature, which goes hand in hand with their lack of shame, one of their most noticeable traits.

marhoum Kharmagas

Vildee joon

by marhoum Kharmagas on

Vildee joon says: "he chooses to live here."

Vildee joon, actually I am perfectly fine with living in Iran too, I love Iran, specially Esfahan, but my American wife doesn't let me go back. Just like you she loves me, but unlike you she can't tolerate me going away, and unlike you she is %100 American!

Now, can you instead of generating cheap slogans go back to the topic.



Manoucher Avaznia

بنروس عزیز؛

Manoucher Avaznia

ما که از اول خدمت عرض کردیم که چون آزادی را تعریف کنند تبدیل به چهار چوب و قانون می شود. بازهم عرض کردیم که در بارۀ چیزهای عدمی که غیر قابل تعریفند و حوضه عملشان نامشخص نمی توان صحبت کرد.  نمی توان در باره کره ای در دو کیلومتری زمین که وجود خارجی ندارد داد سخن داد.

اکنون بنا برتعریف شما از آزادی که با واژگان مغزهای فاسد به فرجام آمد، آزادی همه کسانی که با ایدۀ شما مخالفند به پایان آمده است چون آزادی شما آغاز شده است؟  ما که پلاسمان را جمع کردیم.  راستش را اینگونه تعاریف را  نه درفرنگ بلکه در بیست و چند سالگی و با مشاهدات عینی نیروهای سیاسی مدعی غالب و مغلوب در خاک پاک ایران سه طلاقه کردیم.  شما بر ما ببخشایید و بگذارید مغزهای فاسد هم سخنان فاسد بزنند.  به کجای دنیا بر می خورد وقتی مغزهای سالم روشنگری و افشاگری می کنند.  خوبی هم دارد.  دست کم مردم مغزهای فاسد و سالم را با یکدیگر مقایسه می کنند و تفاوتشان را بهتر در می یابند.  با وجود این، خانم پارسی با حوصله فراوان مبحث خوبی را پیش کشیده است و خوب هم پیش می برد.


با احترام




amazing and irrational

by sparrowlake on

Its always interesting to read posts from indivduals that flee the brutality of tyranny to live in a place where they can say anything without worry , no matter how juvenile.


When an earthquake occurs in chile it isn't iran that brings the helocoptors to help

when the tsunami occurs it isn't iran that sends the food

the only time iran does anything is when its able to kill someone that isn't a muslim. Wow what a great society.And then their is the constant brutality to women. Oh but, we in the westsimply don't understand, they deserve to be stoned after being raped.

And that is Rational?


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Souri Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


you are right. I see no reason not even a remote one to have your post flagged. This use is an abuse of the feature. I really like to see "flag" removed.



by Souri on

Actually, there's a problem now! The comments get flagged by the members of the gang and they get deleted very fast! See, even my comment here below is flagged. Actually there's something wrong with the moderation recently. I just suspect that a dishonest person took back her moderating power!


Yes Souri's this comment is

by benross on

Yes Souri's this comment is flagged again. But flagging doesn't automatically lead to deletion does it? The moderator choose to delete or not, based on flags received on one part and his or her editorial judgment on the other.

In comments, in flagging and in deletion, common sense should prevail. I don't see any other way.

marhoum Kharmagas

repackaging domination (to VPK)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

VPK, I more than agree with good parts of your last comment to me. U.S/Israel have been doing that kind of **** **** baazi (G. Mirfendereski's  term) for sometime. However, I have no reason to believe that ET's view in that regard is same as yours. If I am not mistaken I have been reading his comments long before you joined..... we can agree to disagree on this, I don't buy his stuff although he is much more sophisticated than Fred.


MK is a warmonger, itching

by vildemose on

MK is a warmonger, itching for war with the US. He would not mind sacrificing Iran for his 'conviction, which is "defeating US imperialism".

 He wants a world without America but he chooses to live here.


vpk: Thank you. Pathetic and

by vildemose on

vpk: Thank you. Pathetic and uninfomred creature...

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Hi Souri!

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


hope you are doing well. Nice to see you comment and of course I agree :-)

Personally I like to see the "flag" go away altogether. There has been just one instance when flag made sense. That was when some dude started spamming the Iran news blog in 22 of Bahman. That is something that the admin may detect pretty easily and the dude got banned. Otherwise we should just let people say whatever they want.




by Souri on

I just came here and read all the post from the last one to the first.

I've noticed that one post has been flagged for no obvious reason!

What is this? Why people do flag the comment of the people that they don't like?

What is their motif? Is that anything normal?

How do you deal with this?

My comment has been deleted yesterday, for no reason!

I don't give a dime!

But now I want to call on your fairness! Is that normal that people click on the flag bottom just because they don't like the author of the comment? 

Here's that comment:

Niloufar Parsi

by jamshid on

"i think jamshid just refuses to acknowledge the real world.
he will stay on the sidelines until iranians as a nation stop being who
and what they are and turn into exactly what he dreams of..."

No, Madam. I think it is the other way around. It is you and your side
who refuse to acknowledge the real world and the existence of more
intelligent foreign policies that could benefit the people of Iran,
instead of policies that have taken them hostage. Case in point, North
vs South Korea.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


David is just telling the truth. The world follows what US says. We don't have to like it. But it is the reality of today. Why is this dome khroos? Is David not right? Of course he is right it may be bitter however it is the hard reality.

I don't want Iran attacked but you get on wrong side of US  and they make life real hard. The world gets bribed by US. Do you remember how Singh the PM of India sold out Iran? Yes he did because US bribed him. The IRI is deliberately poking at the US. They are returning the favor. In addition thanks to IRI bad public relations most nations genuinely don't sympathize with Iran. It is shameful but it is true. Who likes a regime that gives out fatwas on writers (albeit terrible ones Rushidi)

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

vildemose Jan

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Here is the thread and his post was early on. 


Here is the quote:

and the U.S. will unleash its overwhelmingly powerful military against Iran, leaving Iran looking like a mud puddle - especially where its nuclear facilities once stood.

I don't like chest beating and threats. I also don't like the IRI for putting us in such danger. I know without the IRI no one will make such threats. Nevertheless threats have been made and not just to IRI but to all of our people. My recent experience reminded me of just how precious Iran really is to me.

I pointed out to him that even when US has attacked others like Iraq they did not turn them into mud puddles. Not that I am justifying it but the overt threats are an indication of anger. The kind that comes from fear. The fear generated by the like of Murdoch. The IRI leaders are too selfish to risk their own lives to destroy Israel. They must be approached with the knowledge of how they think not propaganda. IRI is not going to attempt to "free" Palestine by Nuking it!



One thing to note

by iranvataneman on

The majority of these anti Iran, Iranian diaspora, with the knowledge and proper information they have, and realization that the west just seeks to destroy Iranian lives, regardless of Islam or not, STILL ARE WILLING, to support U.S. Europe, Canada, Australia, and other powers, to HELP THEM, destroy Iran, whether directly via war, or indirectly via sanctions.

It really is funny. The majority of these diaspora also bad mouth Iran all day, have no lives, and meanwhile, even the people inside Iran, who hate Islam or have some kind of opposition, do not spend their entire lives, or every minute or second of their lives talking about the IRI, meanwhile these diaspora morons, have nothing better to do, but to criticize Iran, everysingle second of their lives, rather than move on, and get a grip and a life.

They can talk all they want, but that won't change anything :)


جناب منوچهر


ممنون از یادآوری ارزنده در مورد آزادی. بله آزادی هر شهروند به آنجا ختم می‌شود که آزادی شهروند دیگر آغاز می‌شود. تعریف آن هم به عهدهٔ قانون است.

من با شما یا هیچکس دیگر عنادی ندارم. اگر این گفتگوها ، چه از سوی نیلوفر و چه از سوی شما و چه از سوی فلان بچهٔ دبستانی، در ایران آزاد دنبال می‌شد، من نه دخالتی می‌کردم و نه اصولاً علاقه‌ای به مشارکت در چنین گفتگوهایی نشان می‌دادم.

نکته‌ای که گمان نکنم از ذهن کسی پنهان مانده باشد این است که ما این گفتگوها را در ایران آزاد انجام نمی‌دهیم. برای رسیدن به آن ایران آزاد که این گفتگوها میسر شود اما، باید میان آنها که خواهان آن هستند و آنها که نیستند تمیز داد. این نیز خود به خود تمیز داده شده است مگر در ساختار این سایت. روده درازی در باب اینکه هر کشوری دولتی دارد و هر دولتی سیاستی و اداراتی و نظمی و روابطی و این مجموعه تابع یک «راشنال» هستند در شرایط کنونی تنها از یک مغز فاسد بروز می‌کند که بحمدالله از این مغزها هم در این سایت کم نداریم. 

marhoum Kharmagas

Dome khoroos (to ET)

by marhoum Kharmagas on

ET says: "The problem that today the world has is not with Iran or Iranians but with the regime that rules it and that applies to the use of nuclear technology also."

ET, Do something about this dome khoroos, I have seen many domhaye khoroos from you, this one is just from this blog!

I give you plenty of credit on one thing though, you are way much smarter than Fred, even Q and Niloufar might fall for your stuff.

Niloufar-e gol, by no means I was upset with you, it was jut a small jab to tickle you!


Q:You're much to talk,

by vildemose on

Q:You're much to talk, massacre-loving narcissit!

You people are sickening.


David ET, bravo

by Q on

My position on US foreign policy is very clear and repeated often and that is US should stop acting as police and bully of the world and must bring ALL troops home from everywhere and leave the affairs of the countries to its own people and to the world community as a whole. I have repeated that US should act more like Canada when it comes to foreign issues.

I admire this, even as I have problems with some of your other views. But I give credit where credit is due. Thank You.


vildemose, being STASI is not any better

by Q on

then Mojahed or Marxist.

Just FYI.