Boycott Israel to stop the carnage!


Boycott Israel to stop the carnage!
by Niloufar Parsi

many people do not know this, but african organisations involved in resisting South African racism and apartheid were labelled as 'terrorists' by the American administrations in the 80s. Reagan referred to people like Nelson Mandela and Steve Biko as terrorists. Western governments, corporations and financial institutions all supported and had a stake in Apartheid in South Africa. Yet they were all defeated. How? Simple: international boycott of South African products by ordinary citizens worldwide

Now we have another apartheid state in our region, based on a racist premise, and engaged in ethnic cleansing with impunity and supported by another world power that regularly engages in mass murder, namely, the US. As recently as in 2007, many would have laughed at the idea of any effective sanctions against the US. But that mythical time is long gone. The US is Highly vulnerable. Israel too is highly vulnerable.

So what would this entail? A simple change in shopping habits by ordinary people. despite the pretence to the contrary, Everything that we buy has a 'nationality'. It is easy to find out. Let us do that, and those goods that are clearly of Israeli origin or linked to companies that provide financial support to the state of Israel, boycott them! organise petitions. write letters, spread the word. make a list of known israeli products and brands and circulate it to everyone who cares.

Yes we can.

It has been done before. We can do it again.

This kind of collective civil society action against genocide is what makes a true 'international community' and helps us revive hope in the human spirit.

Some relevant links:

for campaign ideas and information on interntional solidarity:




for some of the brands to avoid:


once you go through the sites, you will note that many of the links have been sabotaged! Why am i not surprised...!


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Niloufar Parsi

Iva jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

at the risk of infuriating rajab without meaning to, i skipped most of his comment as it was so off topic and long. there are many tasks to juggle and i don't want to stray too far off subject. we have been there. it is not a pretty place.

the simple way to answer you is this: forget that i am an iranian in this blog. i am but a single cog in the gigantic wheel of humanity. this conflict has grown into the hearts of the great majority of the people in the world. we care. but perhaps you do not agree, and i respect that. i do not mean to force you to change your mind, but i am hoping to help change the minds of enough people to reduce the overwhelming power of israel so that we can have peace.

and we are just a few cogs. there are others who choose other causes, and they deserve respect for it. some risk their own lives for whales. good for them. i admire anyone who is passionate about things other than violence and war.

and i didn't just boycott the mullahs. i left the country.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Whether or not you or anyone else choose to see my response to this boycott as a valid one is the least of my concerns, as are your guidelines for what constitutes a legitimate or worthy post.

This level of phoniness and hypocrisy projected by this crowd of self-proclaimed illuminati has reached new heights, and your only concern and that of Niloufar is that I used a name to describe people who think they are so important in this world that these multi-billion dollar companies and people who can buy and sell you a thousand times over are actually going to give a damn?



Why all this name calling?

by choghok on

I do not understand Kaveh, anonmousforever, Fred and a like think that by ridiculing or calling names they have done something positive in here. You should argue against this by coming with valid argument or not post at all. If we should boycott Russia or Iran is another topic. If you want to blend in other topics then you should post in your own article.

I think it is a good idea to put pressure on Israel since it is in a point where it is in a no loss situation so it can do as it likes. Israels war does not just leads to killing of innocent people. Israels handling does also leads to fundamentalist muslims to get more power in the area. Mullahs in Iran are very fast to use peoples sentiments to their needs. For example they shut down Shirin Ebadis human watch centre and brand her as Israel-lover and send their thugs to shut her and her supporters up.

Yes, Israels actions do lead to these things as well. Peoples sentiments are used in this way in middle east. The solution is to not support any of them. Easy thing is to stop watching hollywood movies in cinema, go download instead :-).

Israel need Mullahs and Mullahs need Israel since the tremendous American support to Israel would vanish the day conflict would be gone and so would be with Mullahs. 

/Bidar bash ke ma bekhabim

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

Yes, you're absolutely right. Only certain bloggers have the right to engage in name-calling.

I guess I'm just not enough of a phony to be among their ranks.

Thanks for the reminder.



by Anonymousforever (not verified) on

you should know by now that "name calling" is the select right of only "certain" bloggers.

actually, i do want to apologize for my "iri" comment to niloufar earlier. i shouldn't lump everyone together in that charge. i'm just as guilty as everyone else if i do. my bad.

boycott all you want. i'll be sure to remind you how effective it is next time someone complains about sanctions against iran and how it's hurting the iranian PEOPLE, not the government. but oh, i forgot. this isn't about israel. it's about the jewish people. so it's ok... right?


Oh boy!

by HARDY HAR HAR (not verified) on

Niloufar jaan;

Let me get it straight!! are you saying that you are also trying to bankrupt America's economy by this boycott of yours?!!

oh boy! I've never laughed so hard in my entire life!
hahahahhahhahahahhahahahhahahhaha ......

iraj khan

Ms Parsi, thanks for reminding us that we have a voice too

by iraj khan on

The idea of boycotting Israel is probably the most effective weapon we have to stand against the atrocities of Israel. We need to be consistant and follow up with the boycott.


Have you seen this?

by Cyrus_ (not verified) on

I just opened and clicked on this link
just to see what kind of atrocities Israeli people are doing to the innocent people of palestine.


I hope that you can send it to some member of the government trying to puta stop to it.


Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

You ask why I take this "so personally" as to engage in name calling, while explaining that you didn't attack anyone other than "Israeli zealots". I'm not taking it personally at all. I don't know if your intent was to be funny, but it's indeed amusing. I'm calling people names you say, but the term "Israeli zealots" is what? A compliment? Do the rules of etiquette apply universally, or only when it is convenient?

Oppose it? No dear, I laugh my butt off at the idea of it. 

Anonymous8: Make sure that no one makes you crap your pants. God forbid that were to happen, with Kimberly-Clark, Kleenex, Hanes Underwear and Victoria's Secret on the boycott list, cleaning up after yourself or changing your underwear might turn into a crisis of conscience.



Hypocrite moslems

by Iva (not verified) on

Rajab's statement is a great post that shows where the priority of so called moslem Iranians lays ... Not with Iranians that is for sure.

I ask ms. parsi ... I know you will not boycott Iranian moslem clerics, however, are you also going to boycott Russians goods and companies because Russians have killed and destroyed and still are killing lots of moslems in Chechnia ... oh I forgot ... chechnians are not Arabs, their blood is indeed "green" like Iranians.

Niloufar Parsi

suomynona, Anonymous8

by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks for your wonderful encouragement.

there are a number of critical factors at play at this juncture:

- the financial collapse has hit the US and Israel hard, and they are both highly indebted and vulnerable economies.

- being a warmongering nation in the midst of a financial crisis detracts attention from domestic woes, but it also hasten their bankruptcy

- ethical consumerism gives individuals tremendous power without the need for violence or even too much agitation

- the power of consumers can easily defeat both Israel and the US if enough people join in, as was done in the case of South Africa

- neither country produces affordable products that would cause us any financial hardship if we exercised a boycott. quite the contrary, we are likely to save a lot of money if we avoid kaveh's shopping list!




by Hamas hater (not verified) on

The U.S. Congress strongly condemns Hamas as a terrorist organization ...



Priorities misplaced

by Rajab. (not verified) on

Cheraaghi keh beh khaaneh ravaast beh masjed haraam ast.

Palestinians are brutalized, BUT so are Iranians for the past 30 years.

Some are very unaware of how people live on the edges of disaster in Iran. 25% of palestinians live in Gaza, that is 1.5 M people. More than 25% of Iranians live in absolute poverty, that more than 18 million people. What have you done for them? Are they less important than Palestinians?

Where were you when khomeini was murdering youth? 5000 only in 1988.

Where have you been when Basij sets up check points to capture bad-hejab's to take them in, rape them, torture them, and kill them?

Where were you when Arafaat said to khomeini "where is my money?", khomeini handed him the money that he stole from children of Iran, only for Arafat to buy a 1M$ apartment for his ugly wife in Paris and give her a $100,000 monthly stipend and then cheer in the streets for saddam?

What have you done for Iran or Iranians in the past 30 years? Are you all useless talk and no action. Iran is still burning; Orphans of Bam are still living in tents on an empty stomachs, abused and desperate, while you are screaming for Palestinians.

Where is your country if you have one? What have you done for her exactly? Why is it that Iran and Iranians should always be second-class citizens of the world? Second class citizen to Islam, Marx, Lenin, and Arab causes? When does their turn come up?

Yes, we should be fair to all citizens of the world, but I swear that Iranian blood is not green.

Have you noticed that you are advised that you should first put on your OWN oxygen mask in case of a problem in plane THEN place the oxygen mask of your child sitting next to you?

Iran is being looted. Iranians are being raped. Iranian heritage is being destroyed. Iran is burning.

I haven't seen as much enthusiasm when it comes to Iran. On the contrary, Islamists rush to defense of IRI and how fantastic it has been for Iran in the past 30 years. It relieved us from shah's dictatorship, albeit trapped us into a religious oppression far worse. Maybe we deserve what we got. We the refugees of Iran. Iran is burning. 177 under-age children of Iran are on death row as we speak, numerous in prisons, some infants are living with their mothers inside prison. Iran is burning. What did Iran do to you that you are so ignorant of her? Why is she so devalued? Why so few care about Iran for the sake of Iran?

Kurdistan is under effective martial law, same as West Bank is, yet no mention or care for Kurdistan. Is kurdish blood less valuable than Palestinian blood. Kurds are imprisoned and threatened with rape in front of their children. Where is any mention of them?

My Iran is burning. Mullas are committing daily crimes against 70 million people and no voice and no action.

Niloufar Parsi

kaveh jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

thanks for helping us identify the products. you really didn't have to!

just one thing: why do you take this all so personally as to start name calling? i respect your right to oppose this, but i didn't attack any group other than israeli zealots. i thought you were against them too.



Niloufar, good job!

by Anonymous8 (not verified) on

This is indeed a very practical solution. It has lots of support too. It was tried before, but the momentum was lost. Nothing better than a genocide to make it relevant again.

Unlike Iran, Israel can't survive without major international trade.

I think you have succeeded in making the local zionists crap their pants! Good job again.

Kaveh Nouraee


by Kaveh Nouraee on

I clicked on the link to see the various brands of consumer products to be boycotted in protest of Israel.

AOL: I hope you do in fact boycott AOL....You bigots hog up too much internet bandwidth to begin with.

Buitoni: Thanks for reminding me to add fresh pasta to my grocery list.

Hugo Boss: Hugo Boss was the clothier for the Nazi SS and the Hitler Youth. Go ahead. Boycott them. Find a Jew who will care.

Intel: Yes, dear bigots, please do remove the processors from your machines as well. 

NOKIA: All of you bigots with NOKIA cell phones...please shut them off, so that the rest of us can enjoy better reception.

Wonderbra: Go ahead, boycott them. You weren't fooling me or anyone else, anyway.

Also, please do not buy Jimmy Dean pork sausage, as we all know how Israel is the the center of the pork industry as well.

To the members of the Iranian Bigot Ladies Auxiliary, I ask that you please do not boycott companies such as Hanes, Bali, Victoria's Secret, Playtex, Kotex, L'Eggs, Revlon, Maybelline, Lancome, Clinique or Redken, because as ugly as your ideology is, it would be a lot worse if we had to see it with no makeup, no bra, and with your roots showing.



by suomynona (not verified) on


this is the best way for good people who will never take up arms or engage in anything violent to show their dismay at the genocide and tyranny taking place.

boycot Israeli goods and institutions.

i am going to email the posting and the links to everyone i know.

please do your part. together, we the good people everywhere will defeat the hatred and evil perpetuated by few in Israel.

Niloufar Parsi

Iranian Reader

by Niloufar Parsi on

one of the best ways of getting to know what products benefit israel is to ask muslims who have been boycotting israeli goods for years. i know i am gonna get roasted for saying this by our pro-zionist friends here, but it is time for the world to join muslims in boycotting israel. sometimes, even muslims can be proved right.


Niloufar Parsi

Observer jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

pls check the websites because they outline various strategies for diferent types of people. from the academic to the consumer to the lobbyist. but honestly, one of THE most effective ways is to watch how we shop!


Niloufar Parsi

ghalam-doon jan

by Niloufar Parsi on

that's an important point. there are many Jewish groups dedicated to the peace cause.

couple of links that may be of interest:



Hypocrisy in bold letters

by Fred on

There is no question as to the efficacy of consumer boycott, economic sanction and international intervention as legitimate tools which have been and most probably will be used in the future against the egregious offenders.

The puzzlement is why the Islamists, Anti-Semites and their likeminded lefty allies alongside the Islamist republic rile against its usage in the case of the Islamist republic.

 If the body count is the criteria, how about the mass murders that are documented by non other than the former Khomeini heir apparent, they are in thousands in a span of two weeks. If Apartheid is the case in point, how about the codified official gender and religious Apartheid in the Islamist republic and if  general savagery is it, what about the limb chopping, eye gouging and stoning that is officially carried out  in the Islamist republic? 

Niloufar Parsi


by Niloufar Parsi on

you ask a good question, but it is not one that consumes me much.

my focus is on helping to stop this slaughter.


Niloufar Parsi

anonymousforever aziz

by Niloufar Parsi on

in case you had not noticed, iran is already under sanctions. if you mean you want the kind of sanctions that killed half a million iraqi children, then i am against it.

but what i have written here is absolutely nothing to do with iran. i am speaking as a concerned citizen of the world. we have the right to free speech on this issue, believe me.

you can support both types of sanctions. they are not mutually exclusive options.



Lets not get distracted by the Israel's defenders and take actio

by zionist detector (not verified) on

n. They try to change the suject. We need to concentrate on boycotting Israeli products and companies that help this crimial goverment. We need to write to our representatives, media and demonstrate against the massacre of Palestinians. Here is link for demonstrations taking place in U.S.



San Francisco:


Boycott Israel: We need a complete list and a plan of action

by Observer (not verified) on

Where do we start? There are more than 8 million Muslims in this country and our dollars can have an effect on these companies. Where are the plans? A few links on the internet is not going to do it. We need more than that


Find a Palestinian Nelson Mandela

by Atish biyar e ma'rekeh (not verified) on

That is what is REALLY needed if mullahs allow it!

The simiarity of what "Niloufar" said to what I have heard from a couple of IR officials is interesting though ... she says that after all it is up to the Palestinians if they want to accept the two-state solution!

The big question remains : WILL mullahs in Iran once and for all stop interefering/manipulating and let Palestinians decide for themselves?

Iranian Reader

Definitely good long-term strategy

by Iranian Reader on

But isn't it interesting that so many of the everyday brands people use is tied to support for Israel? That certainly wasn't the case for South Africa. What does that say about the state of affairs in the US?


are you talking sanctions?

by anonymousforever (not verified) on

what a hypocrite but then again, you have proved to be already niloufar. i guess you just like seeing your name in the headlights with so many blogs. WE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL ALREADY. you want sanctions against jews but not iran. take a break, you need to report in to the iri along with your buddies.


Sabotaged Sites?

by ghalam-doon on

I guess Zionists are getting nervous which is a good thing. This should be an ongoing campaign and we should not forget the plight of the Palestinians after this particular carnage is passed. I haven't seen the links but I'm all for this campaign.I hope we can persuade the Jewish populations to stop aiding Israel too since this boycott could be meaningless without their support. We should remind them that Israel is not their friend but their worst enemy. That could be the hardest part.