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Jahanshah Javid
by Jahanshah Javid

Dear friends,

When you visit on Monday, you will see a page asking for your financial support. is now in its 15th year. Since its launch, it has relied entirely on the support of its readers. Well, my late mother, a couple of sisters, a few cousins, and a handful of  friends have been extremely generous too.

I am proud to say that I have not taken a dime from any government or any government-funded organization. If I had applied for some of those millions of dollars handed out by the U.S. State Department, my bank account would not have been more than $500 in the red at the end of last month.

Last year I remember having dinner with two people in Washington. I casually joked that I was going to apply for some government grants.

-- "You should! Why don't you?"

-- "The most important thing that distinguishes from others is its reputation for independence. If I start getting money from the U.S. or any government-backed agency, everything will change."

-- "You're wrong. How will it change? You can go on doing all that you are doing now, but with some money in your pocket. You're making yourself suffer for no reason."

-- "That's not true. It makes a big difference to people who is backing you. Some people will never forgive me for working for the Islamic Republic News Agency or Aftab TV. It doesn't matter if I tried hard to report the truth or do something interesting. What mattered was that my salary came from a tainted source. I have tried very hard to redeem myself with and all of it would be destroyed in an instant if I accepted money from some government again. And remember, governments don't give out money for no reason. They have their own expectations. In effect, you would be working for them."

So in short, it feels good to be working for you, the reader, and fulfilling my passion for publishing. I am grateful for your support during all these years. Can't do it without you.


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Tackiness American style

by Nur-i-Azal on

I am with AK69. He/she has a point. 

As for me, I do not plan to contribute a single penny to this site. If anyone has any ideas on starting a competitor site which is not  heavily censored or as tacky and cheesy as this one, and, more importantly, is not a PC-focused paternalistic dictatorship run by an ex-propagandist for the Islamic republic who is  now apparently  reformed and a democrat, as this site is, I am happy to contribute to that site in any way I can.

Death to the Islamic Republic & Islamism! Down with the Vatican! And down with all dictatorships & especially the consumerist/military-industrial corporate-multinational system of neo-feudalist capital profit! Long live our archangel Mother Earth and Eran-Vej!

[Comment posted to USENET]


No rush

by Monda on

When i asked about those t-shirts I hadn't seen your online store items. There's lots of fun things there!

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Monda, the store has lots of nice items. We just opened it yesterday. We will have new designs on a regular basis from artists as well as those submitted by readers.

You mentioned my black t-shirt with in small white letters. It's the first t-shirt design I ever sold, back in 1996! I don't have photoshop installed on my current computer. As soon I do, I will add this design as well.


I just saw your Online Store!

by Monda on

Really Cool stuff there, not only t-shirts :o)

Monda t- shirts?

by Monda on

JJ would you let me know when and how I can buy some of your black or white t-shirts?  They look good and multi-functional. 


I hope it all works out for you...

by Q on

I'm not in a position to help out greatly, but please email me your address too and I will do what I can.

If this works out for you, I hope you can consider minimizing the annoying ads on this site for the long term.

I am in total agreement with your spirit of being independent and not tied to any government. That being said, I know for a fact some of your advertisers have received money (mostly from the US Government) and will continue to do so. I don't know if it's a violation of your ethics, but it is out there.

As for AK69, I think he only proves that there is always an ungrateful a-hole somewhere to found.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

never ever again -- thanks for the offer. An organized auction could work at some future date. I don't think new or used lingerie would sell. You know how picky women are! And the Kama Sutra... you should never get rid of. It's more precious than any book I can think of :)


Pache Khaar

by NOT_AK69 on


I stopped watching public television becuase every 5 seconds they asked for money.

If you are committed and are willing to sacrifice, then do it and stop asking for help.

Do you stand for something; anything? Than do it and STFU....
( I would tare apart your BS assertions and reasoning apart.. but I am in good mood and supposidly you gave up loving the IRI & I gave up spell check.... LOLOLOL)




oh, yeah. one other thing

by sarasepidzadeh on

too bad I don't work for GOLDMAN. I swear!


Sara Sepidzadeh - All Things IRAN


I am giving and so is my dog!

by sarasepidzadeh on

all my bonus money and the bonus treat money for my dog will go to you this month JJ!

we love uuuuuu

Sara Sepidzadeh - All Things IRAN

kfravon will be in my living will

by kfravon on

JJ jan,
I wish I could donate a HUGE amount today---but I could only have a small part in it....having done so many fundraisers, I know every dollar helps, so for those of you readers who are still contemplating, even if you can't donate much, you can still help as much as you are capable of.
We are working on updating our living will, and I plan to add with a couple of other organizations that I have a soft spot for--to our list. If it weren't for your site JJ, I would have never been able to spread the word about vafa animal shelter--and would NOT have been able to collect donations for them--so MORE POWER TO YOU AND YOUR AMAZING TEAM!

never ever again

Auction - JJ?

by never ever again on

I have both New and Used lingerie that could be wrapped in rose petals or lavender (by order) tissue papers and shipped to anyone interested - in various sizes, from 4-10 (Ladies).  Some are vintage silk and some Indian cotton.

I can also auction off 6 illustrated copies of Kamasutra, 2 signed by editors - all Used but in Excellent shape. 



step-by-step instructions to set up a PayPal account

by MM on

It sounds like some people do not have a paypal account.  PayPal has become the largest online method of choice to pay online, to send money to anyone with an email address that has a PayPal account and also to get paid for serviced rendered.


Here are step-by-step instructions on how apply for a PayPal account:

1. Sign Up

Sign up for a PayPal account. It's free to sign up and super easy.

They have three types of PayPal accounts:


Personal: For individuals who shop online

Premier: For individuals who buy and sell online Business: For merchants who use a company or group name

2. Choose a Way to Pay

During sign up, link your bank account or credit card to your PayPal account. Don't worry, your financial information is secure.

3. Shop with PayPal

Speed through checkout at your favorite online stores or logo for paying via Paypal without having to enter your payment details over and over again.

View Demo: Account Setup


IMPORTANT: Once you setup your account,

* do not give away your password and change it periodically. 

* Additionally, only enter PayPal through or trusted sites.


Once setup, paying for services is 2-3 clicks away from completion once you see a pay with PayPal logo or JJ’s appeal on


Bijan A M

Are we there, yet?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!................

by Bijan A M on

JJ, Have you reached your goal yet? If not, let us know so we can help. Why don't you follow NPR's model of fund raising?.

You can auction stuff. There are well to do people and organizations who would match other people's contribution, etc....

It's worth giving it a try. 



ahh okay

by SamSamIIII on


I rarely check that one since my main one is its*** but thx anyhow, i,ll check it now. 

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

I did email you the address yesterday. I sent it to the email address that begins with hits... I will send it it again to the email address on your account in



by SamSamIIII on


JJ getting your po box or address is ten times harder than dealing with a virgin , where is the address then.. I asked for it yesterday me then and if you dont I,ll just send it to Foad , UB, software engineering, nerd dept or just drop it off in Nazy's place, I know where she lives ;).Cheers!!!

Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


it showed up

by bahram9821 on

It showed up on 2 laptops, 1 PC and 1 MAC for 2 days.


JJJ it shows up, dunno 4 sure if "once" a day, I use IEs 7 & 8

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.



by yolanda on

Yes, it displayed on my computer at home and at work! Yeah! :O)

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

The donation page on is supposed to show up once a day, every day for the duration of the campaign.

It did not show up for me today. Did it show up for you today?

If not, could you tell us what kind of browser you are using?



Here's Post Office's link on how to get a PO box and how much

by Anonymouse on


Use whatever zip code you want and see the prices.  The smallest PO box is enough.

Everything is sacred.


JJJ a PO box is $20 for 6 months, free if you close it in 90 day

by Anonymouse on

May I suggest opening a PO box in SF area and then use it to ask people to send money.  You can open a PO box this afternoon and add it to your donation information welcome page.

Most Iranians will feel more comfortable sending a money order anonymously.  As most people have registered here anonymously.

I've already donated so water has passed my head!  

Everything is sacred.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on has no office.

Those who would like to send a check, please email me at and I will give you the address of one of our colleagues.

Please do not post the address online.

Yek donya mamnoon


Baba, look to the left column where it says Donation Campaign

by sima on

Scroll up to JJ's picture, look left, there it is: Donation Campaign in white on orange background!


I don't know why this becomes an issue for every fund raising

by Anonymouse on

The issue is not to ask people to don't worry about it or why you want to be anonymous, etc., the issue is why JJJ waits so long before giving everyone a freaking address where people can freaking donate!  Which is more important, my donation or how I donate? 

Last time we were given this address, scroll below and see Nazy Kaviani's comment in setting up an address.  Nazy jaan can you help out again and give us an address?


Everything is sacred.


about remaining annonymous

by annonymous_ranting on

When you donate using PayPal, the receipiant never sees your credit card details.

With PayPal there are two ways to pay:

1. If you do not have your own paypal account then you have to enter a credit card number for PayPal to process. I know the recepient does not see your credit card number. But I am not sure if they will see your name or not in this scenario. I doubt JJ is gonna sit and analyze your name and also he cannot associate your name to your username.

2. If you yourself already have a PayPal account and you donate using funds in your own PayPal account, the recepiant does NOT see your name, instead they see your PayPal email address or User Name. So this option would be quite annonymous.

Please Donate and don't give so many excuses, if you have money.

Separately, if JJ thinks that he would be able to get a grant from the US State Department, I think he should go for it!! At least in the US the principal of democracy exists and getting rid of the akhunds doesnt seam far from what most readers want.  But then, it is not clear that such a grant would be given and that it would last.  Hey if JJ is not interested I am. Where are these grants listed??

Sad that JJ lives with or relies on his sisters at his advanced age. Many of us have had to compromise at one point between what we like to do and lifes limitations. Hey I'm an office worker not by choice!

Another point about being annonymous.  If your name is soooo famous... use -with permision - your wife's card or pay cash to a friend and have them donate.  Remember, that if it was only by check then it would be even harder to pay annonymously.


Anonymous Observer

A note about anonymity

by Anonymous Observer on

putting the fact that, except for those who use their real names, we are all (myself included) a bunch of chickens compared to the brave people in Iran, some of us want to remain anonymous for various reasons, and it's not just this site.  I personally do the same thing on other sites, even non-political sites, where I leave comments.  I never use my real name when I comment.  There are various reasons.  Some want to go to Iran and are afraid, some are shy, some don't want to sound stupid if they put their foot in their mouths, etc.  

As far as is concerned, they have my email address, which I think has my name on it, and also my IP address (even though IP addresses are not accurate as multiple users can be using the same IP address).  So, please don't be so hard on us chickens.

As far as this blog is concerned, though, the most important thing is for people to donate so that the site can operate without interruption and provide the quality material (my blogs excluded, of course :-)) and participation that we are used to.  It's a great service to our community.   So, take out those wallets and make a donation.  



by statira on

How we can do it? To which address?

Bahram G


by Bahram G on

JJ aziz,

Would it be wise/appropriate to let us know how the fundraiser is doing? I, for one, would love to see it succeed beyond all expectations. And human psychology is such that people who rally for a cause and see it succeed tend to continue rallying to that cause.

On the other hand, if this plea for help is fizzling or falling short of what is needed to keep our virtual community alive and its master solvent, then some of us might be moved to increase our contributions.

In any event, having an open relationship with the citizens of this valued community is a good idea and it is in line with your overall guiding philosophy.