Hooman Majd by Hassan Daei

Hooman Majd by Hassan Daei
by Hooshyar Samii

From the Shah's ambassador's son to Ahmadinejad's interpreter, Hooman Majd has transformed from a sucessful film and music producer to an adviser to two Islamic republic's presidents. He is now the toast of the Washington celeb circuit. Hassan Daei explains how:



Dear Mehraban, you missed nothing.

by anglophile on

Majd's book is a blatant white wash and I can assure you that you missed nothing by not finishing the book. Thank you for your sharp observation.


 I am beginning to think

by vildemose on

 I am beginning to think that their actions really stems from a profound ignorance of Iranian culture and history

Exactly. They have not internalized the social, political culture or our "collective conscious" as we have. They did not live there long enough. How could they?

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Is this what you call "warts and all" Arastoo Siletz?

by anglophile on

I am very surprised, more like disappointed, of your cavalier attitude in defence of Majd (and by association of Parsi). Granted, you are a NIAC supporter (a card carrying member possibly) but must you deny the obvious so patently just because Majd and Parsi are an item and I suppose you feel some degree of 
camaraderie  towards Majd as both of you describe yourselves as writers and opinion makers!? You say and I quote: " Majd is successful because his work is of high quality. He projects compassion and concern for people and a willingness to hear them out--it is what makes him a good writer.  "  This obsession with describing Majd as a writer has captivated you to the extent that you refuse to see his obvious distortion of truth. Rewind the video to 4:44 and watch it up to 5:06. See Majd say that Iran is not a theocracy, that there is little fear among the population, that there is no oppressive atmosphere, that there is no sense of a secret police or a moral squad watching the people and that people go about their daily lives concerned more with economics than the politicians (ironically zooming on a burger shop named Bobby Sands!!). Are all these assertions factual to you? What about the videos, frequently posted on this site, of women being dragged into police cars for breaching the dress code, screaming and kicking in vain that fills every viewer with a sense of anger and disbelief? Was Mr Majd's account of life under the Ayatollahs a truly warts and all one as he insists at the start of his video? Is this the image of Iran your organisation (NIAC), with which you have proudly worked as a team member, try to project to the American people an politicians?


Brilliant observation Anglophile

by Mehrban on

....rootless kids (?) trying to establish roots for themselves by working against the very people whose roots originate from.

I am beginning to think that their actions really stem from a profound ignorance of Iranian culture and history. 


Ps.  The question mark is my interjection because I do not see them as kids at least not in age.  I read Majd's Ayatollah begs to differ, the recurring episode thoughout the book is his sessions of smoking (?) Hashish regardless of where he was in the North or South of Tehran, the guest of an IR official or at party.  I have to say I never finished the book.  


Majd as AN interpreter

by robertborden54 on

Does anyone think Mr. Majd could act as both Khatami's and Ahmadinejad's interpreter without first being checked out by the Ministry of Intelligence?  Would anyone be allowed to get physically that close to an Iranian president and translate his words for another world leader without the IRI intelligence first making sure of his loyalties?  It's a question that we have to think about when assessing these characters.  

Tiger Lily

"We all know who Majd is or is not......"

by Tiger Lily on

I don't! But judging by the clips provided in the video, he sounds normal as 'an observer', but the other one is seriously clutching on only god-knows-what.

So who is who? 

P.S. 'LOVE LOVE the geeveh. 

Oon Yaroo

Dear RG and Anglophile? What's wrong with sophistication, refine

by Oon Yaroo on

sophistication, refinement, and GQ style?

As the narrator of the story is saying Mr. Hooman Majd can be the Hamid Karzai or Pevez Musharf of Iran! Why not!?

And, TP can be HM's foreign minster! 


Roozbeh jan you said it my friend

by anglophile on

You are the proof that people of different politics can have common grounds for agreement. The case of Hooman Majd and his apparently innocent association with NIAC's leader, Parsi (as our good friend Arastoo insists) not to mention his lovey dovey with Reza Aslan tells a tale of rootless spoilt kids trying to establish roots for themselves by working against the very people whose roots originate from. Another good point in your comment was about the "treason embeded genes". Both Mr Parsi and Mr Majd, qualify for this accolade - more later.


Trita Parsi in good company aka "birds of the same feather"!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

The picture of this NIAC, IRI lobby,  cult leader, with the greasy, "ahmadinezhad interpreter", whose "daddy was shah's ambassador", and now "toast of washington celebs", tells us enough about this bunch of money grabbing characters , with treason firmly embeded in their genes, who are now not only speaking on behalf of "iranian americans', but apparently the entire Iranian nation...

A mere look at the  picture of this two treacherous creatures together, makes one puke  

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


It is so....

by Bavafa on

Because Hassan Daie says so!!!!


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Finally, someone had

by vildemose on

Finally, someone had to take this opportunist to task, however, I would like to ask Mr. Daie to explain his connection to neocons and AIPAC, Mr. Timmerman et al??

Mr. Daie, why do you think you need to align yourself with neocons to get your message across??

Are you pro-war?

Would like to hear from you directly. Thanks.

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Ari its simple. Hassan Daei likes Maryam Rajavi and John Bolton.


And to some extent, Bibi Netanyahu.

G. Rahmanian

Great Epose!

by G. Rahmanian on

Mr. Daii tells it as it is. His message is clear and to the point. We need more outspoken Iranians to expose the likes of Majd and Parsi!

Ari Siletz

So who does Daei like??

by Ari Siletz on

In the Parsi-Majd photo above, I see two Iranians getting along, one is an organizer and a team leader and the other is a writer and opinion maker.  Below in the Daei video I see a lone person who doesn't get along with anybody. Never heard him say a nice thing about another living Iranian. He says he doesn't belong to any organization, as though having no sense of teamwork is something to be proud of.

Majd is successful because his work is of high quality. He projects compassion and concern for people and a willingness to hear them out--it is what makes him a good writer.   Daei is not successful because his work is of low quality and misanthropic. For example, at 2:25 he tries to belittle Ahmed Karzai by saying Karzai used to work in a restaurant. When was working ever a disgrace, except among those with the most backward fuedalistic mindsets? 

Oon Yaroo

Mrs BZ! Who can beat a flip-flopper!?

by Oon Yaroo on

And how? By flop-flipping!?


Characters Exposures for Dummies

by Demo on

No naggings. No complains. No Daee or Amoo to listen to. No need to make any judgments. Just a touch of intuition is enough to completely ignore both Trita & Homayoun. Like a great number of Iranians diaspora they expose the inner sides as soon as they open their mouths. As simple as that. As for the regime, there is no credibility left with it that one could count on or as its leader rightly said to be "stretched."

Banafsheh Zolfaghari

Stop the nagging, do something about it !

by Banafsheh Zolfaghari on

Quite a damning expose on this Hooman guy.

But it is a big game and to be brutally honest, the bad guys are winning hands down, because they are creative, courageous and articulate.

The good guys seem to only nag, complain and want sepecial judicial correction of the imbalance they see in the field of play.

It will not happen. Truth be said, stop the nagging, get on with it and beat them at their game!  There are more of us than them.

Beat them at their own game.

(Think about it, won't you?) 





by پندارنیک on

We all know who Majd is or is not..............what I really want to know is Daie's source of income. I think it's reasonable to ask him for total disclosure of his tax return............We all know Daei's political affiliation................He is a well-known mouthpiece for MKO.

Oon Yaroo

Hooman Majd is a joke!

by Oon Yaroo on

He shops at expensive 5th Ave stores and that's it. Nothing more nothing less!