NIAC Ambassador Majid Rafizadeh: Appeasement with Iran But Sanctions & intervention on Syria?


NIAC Ambassador Majid Rafizadeh: Appeasement with Iran But Sanctions & intervention on Syria?
by Darius Kadivar

NIAC’s inner contradictions never cease to surprise me, but then I guess that is the nature of Politics. Trita Parsi who staunchly opposed Western intervention in Libya virtually blaming it on Sarkozy’s warmongering and conforted in his views by the ever clueless moralist Hamid Dabashi accusing the hidden agenda’s of Western "Imperialism" with his Broken record rants on European "Neo Colonialism" while people were being mercilessly slaughtered by Libya's Caligula has now added to it’s new list of Ambassador’s for 2012 an Iranian academic of Syrian heritage.  But One who for a change seems to speak some sense in regard to a country he seems to understand far more deeply than NIAC understands Iran ... 

Majid Rafizadeh is an Iranian/Syrian Fulbright teaching scholar, currently conducting research at Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars and columnist for Harvard International Review and Aljazeera.

Having acknowledged the bloody turnout of the Syrian uprising and Deadly crackdown by Bachar Al Assad he seems to have reached the conclusion that a Policy of appeasement and dialogue with Iran’s only ally in the region has reached a dead end.

Given the recent visit of Hamas leadership to Iran and their departure from Syria where their presence jeapordized their « image » in the eyes of the Sunni opposition to Assad’s regime, one can only wonder what the IRI is cooking up as a new strategy aimed at it’s own long term survival in the advent of Bachar Al Assad’s downfall ?


Is the IRI seeking the West’s approval of it’s nuclear program in exchange of it’s abandoning it’s Syrian ally in the region ?


If so then how can the IRI reassert itself as a reliable partner of be it the West or even Israel amidst the Rising Sunni influence in the region thanks to the Muslim Brotherhood itself strongly supported by powerful allies like the Emirates of Qatar ( Beaming it’s own subtle propaganda via it's Mouthpiece : Al Jazeera).


Are we to see another diplomatic stint on behalf of NIAC and it’s « experts » aimed at selling us another « Soft » version of the IRI after the « reformist » version failed to deliver ?


In which case be ready for another endless grand bargain lured to American Public opinion thanks to the suave voice of Fareed Zakaria and Co via CNN in the weeks and months to come.


If not then I guess the choice of Majid Rafizadeh as new Ambassador for NIAC is all the more intriguing to say the least.


Fool me Once … Fool me Twice ?  ….


Only time will say …



Time for Intervention in Syria?:


CNN's Hala Gorani speaks with Iranian-Syrian scholar Majid Rafizadeh about solutions for Syria 


(NOTE : if you cannot see this vidéo in your région you can also go here)    







BBC Persian with Majid Rafizadeh:




Part I:


Part II :



About Majid Rafizadeh:


Majid Rafizadeh is an Iranian-Syrian human rights activist and writes columns for Harvard International Review. He serves as the ambassador for the National Iranian-American Council (See Here). He completed his Fulbright Teaching scholarship in the United States where he taught in the Religious Department at University of California, Santa Barbara. (More on him Here)


Amongst his students while living and teaching in Damascus, Syria were Sarah Emily Shroud and her fiancé Shane Michael Bauer  (see article in support of their liberation).


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