MISTER "Z": Meeting Costa Gavras For "Une Journée à Tehran"


MISTER "Z": Meeting Costa Gavras For "Une Journée à Tehran"
by Darius Kadivar

Last Sunday I had the Privilege to meet one of my favorite film directors of the 1970's, Greek Costa Gavras (who is currently the Head of the Paris Cinématèque Française) during an event "Une Journée à Tehran" celebrating Iranian Diaspora Cinema. I still have goosebumps ;0)

More Photos of the Event Here 

SFU Hellenic Studies interviews Costa Gavras:

Trailer of "Z":

Costa Gavras on his Oscar Winning film "Z" talks to WNYC's Leonard Lopate about making the film:


Climatic Scene from Costa Gavras - Z with Mikis Theodorakis Music Score (1969):

The Honest Judge (Jean Louis Trintignant) Investigates the Generals and Officers who took part in the Coup in Greece:

Opening Scene of "L'Aveu" aka "The Confession" Starring Yves Montand based on the Political Purge in Czechoslovakia:

The Trial Scene in The Confession:

State of Siege Starring Yves Montand based on CIA Interventions in South American Coups Vs Revolutionary movements of the 70's:

Bus Recruitements in State of Siege:


Amen- On the Vatican Silence during the Nazi Holocaust's Final Solution:

Costa Gavras on the Cannes Film Festival:

Costa Gavras on Film Restoration undertook by the Cinématèque Française:

Parthenon by Costa-Gavras:

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Farah Rusta

Fantastic blog

by Farah Rusta on

Thank you Darius jaan for this wonderful collection of Costa Gavras video clips.  I have great respect and admiration for his art and his unique gift of film making. I hold the quartet of Costa Gavras, Melina Mercouri, Joules Dassin and Mikis Theodorakis, though their idealogies different from mine, in the highest esteem and believe their examples in their love for their homeland should serve as models for many of our diasporic artists to follow. Apart from Z, my favorite of Gavras fims is Missing with its mesmerizing score:

 And talking of Melina and film music, I have a little question to ask you. One of my Mercouris' all time favorites with the most beautiful score by Mancini/Theodorakis  is Phaedra. I have searched a lot but couldn't find a copy of this gem? Any advice Darius Jaan?  

With best regards,