Let's Give This Chimp Some Credit


Let's Give This Chimp Some Credit
by Anonymous Observer

I was reading this report about Moussavi’s involvement in the massacre of more than 10,000 political prisoners in 1988, and it dawned on me: out of all of these perennial IR characters that we have seen for the past three decades—you know, Rafsanjani, Karroubi, Moussavi, Khatami, Khamenei, et., al.—Ahmadinejad remains the one with the least blood on his hands.  He also remains the person least involved in IR’s crazy and disastrous adventures, such the hostage taking, the prolonging of the war with Iraq, etc.  The only atrocity that took place under his watch was the crushing of the uprising in 2009, but even the extent of his involvement in that heinousness is disputed.  Wasn’t there a report that he was slapped in the face by an IRGC commander for his defense of the demonstrators during the uprising?

Now, I know that IC readers are really not that keen on nuance.  So, let me spell it out: I am not an AN fan.  In my opinion, the entire IR cadre, including AN, should be put on trial for crimes against humanity.  All I am saying is that in the context of the IR, Ahmadinejad seems to be less of a criminal than the rest.  Kind of like looking in a toilet bowl after a massive bowel movement and deciding that one of the pieces of excrement looks better than the rest. 

But while we’re at it, we should really give him credit for some of his other accomplishments as well:

-He is first politician in the history of Iran, let alone the IR, who agreed to live, televised, no holds barred debates where he was called everything under the sun by his opponents, and he took it like a champ;

-He tried to show Iranian women some respect by declaring that they are allowed in football stadiums;

-He is a nationalist, and at least gives lip service to Iran’s pre-Islam history;

and last, but certainly not the least:

-He is one of the few in Ommatestan-e jomhoori eslami who is not an Ommati poet.  That should count for something, no?  


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by مآمور on

thanks for inviting me, after long discussion with my boss he instructed me to write this little quote

تو مو بینی و من پیچش مو

I wear an Omega watch


Another of one those blogs

by Mammad on

by an intelligent person who can do better than this.

1. What blood does Khatami have on his hands? Making sweeping statements like this is not right, if we are going to some day have a good political system in Iran. Nothing is absolute; everything is relative. Just as there were too many patriots working for the Shah's government that I despised [and still do], the same is true about the IRI.

2. I recognize that some readers on this site will, as usual, jump on this, but the murder of the political prisoners in 1988 - which indeed was a crime against humanity - was not something that was controlled by Mousavi; he had no role in it. Just because he was the PM does not mean that he was responsible. He did not controll the judiciary or the MI, which have always been controlled by the Faghih. This is a cliche propagating by the usual suspect on this site that, "during his premiership this or that many people were executed in 1988."

Recall that 9 months ago AN tried to fire Moslehi and could not; recall that Dorri Najafabadi, who as the MI had an important role in the Chain Murders, was imposed on Khatami by Khamenei [Khatami said later mockingly, "he was was my 15th choice"]. Recall that even Rafsanjani - at the height of his power - was afriad of Fallahian and said so publicly in the Majles in 1993, when he said, "none of you [the MPs] dare to vote against him.

This is not to defend Mousavi. If he had any role, he, like others must be held responsible. He, like any member of the IRI, does have moral responsibility for what happened, but that is a far cry from executive responsibility, accusing him of being involved in crime against humanity. Before anyone jumps on this again, the division of responsibility into moral and executive is not mine. It was first used and invoked during the trial of the Nazi leader after WW II.

But, since you say "give credit" based on your reading of the history of IRI, giving credit or lack thereof can be done only by reading the history correctly.

3. AN is said to have been involved in lots of operations, both inside and outside the country. He opposed overruning the U.S. embassy, but only because he wanted to overrun the Soviet Union embassy. He was a security/intelligence agent [that is how he met Mashaei], spending years in Kurdistan, and West and East Azerbaijan. He is not as "innocent" as you think he is.

4. The total number of people executed in 1988 was about 4550. At least that is the number of names that have been collected as victims of that crime. Two friends - one from my high school years, and one from my daneshkadeh, one of the nicest guys that I have ever known, a young man with two sons - two brothers of two of my closest friends, and one ham daneshkadehei of mine among them. 

Most of readers here only have heard about such crimes. People like me have felt them with "goosht va ostokhan." So, this is not meant to defend anything or anyone, but insisting that history should be read as it happened, because that is the only way of learning the proper lesson, not the way we cook it up to fit our beliefs.


Bahram G


by Bahram G on

And I nominate you as the prosecuting attorney. I'm certain you will see to it that justice is served and the criminal Islamist cabal gets what it richly deserves.


Dear AO, I nominate you as the Chimp's defence attorney......

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

When the time comes :)

Loved the picture though. Is it the Chimp himself or one of his ancestors? Should the chimp also answer back for his daddies crimes, or should he just be held responsible for his own?.... hundreds of Billions of dollars of the "missing" Iran's oil revenue during his presidency,  his active participation in mass execution of political opposition forces in Kurdestan, Khuzestaan, Turkman sahra, baloochestan, Gilan and Mazandaraan (amol...)....

Just giving you a glimpse of the list of crimes the chimp has allegedly committed before you accept the role of his defence attorney...

In his defence though, he with Khamenei's help,  has damaged and weakened  the Fascist regime like no one else. Do you think the "Jury", would show mercy to him for that? 

Take care.


"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Bahram G

Thanks for the fix , AO

by Bahram G on

This holiday season was drab without you livening it with your essays. I was experiencing withdrawal symptoms in a bad way. Now, I am back to my normal state, thanks to your blog. I thought that the toilet bowl metaphore was under the bottom, or should I say over the top.
As Red Wine pointed out, you may follow his prescription for your ailing knee so that you can run or is it have the runs? If you have the latter please say hello to Ahmadi and tell him how he shines in comparison with rest of his bowl-resident RISHOO PASHM.
P.s. at one point you mentioned that you are a vegen or vegeterian. Apparently your diet works. Would it also work for people with serious case of diabetes? Do you have any suggestions?

Anonymous Bugger

AO jaan, you know what is funny..

by Anonymous Bugger on


the comic united ommatie front of  Abuu clueless crowd who hate this guy for all the wrong reasons :). The same Abuu crowd who were instrumental in giving  Iran the gift of IRI such as;, the JM mossies, left sibilovichs, Sabzollah & Hezbollah(accessories to treason) are now scapegoating Ahmadi to cover their own partnership in ignorance & genocide. Guess they either need late shah or the Jew or the west to blame for their own doing & if not then Ahmadi is always handy .Glad, me & you operate on the same wave lenght...

I said it before a few times that ;, "within the context of Islamic Republic, ahmadinejad is the closest candidate for cosmetic reform that one might find  sufficient".

&btw, notice how this same united Abuu front lynch him for all the wrong reason such as his lip service to Cyrus(bbhs) , his camp's remarks about Jews being the friends of Iranian people, hejab ..etc.. Some of them so called Sabzo seculars go as far as calling him a Jew boy convert & that in itself shows more the agenda & character of his Ommatie adversaries who are tri-haters of the Kiaan, the Jew & the west;).

Cheers pilgrim!!!


 Sharab ghermez aziz:

by vildemose on

 Sharab ghermez aziz: Shahkar bood. Dastetoon dard nakoneh.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on


Sharabe ghermez: dorost

by vildemose on

Sharabe ghermez: dorost mifarmayeed. In tekrari hastesh. Red wine aziz, we need a new one and you are the one with the talent to do it.

 A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Can I cordially invite..........

by پندارنیک on

our friend


to write a comment here

Anahid Hojjati

Thanks AO jan for explanation

by Anahid Hojjati on

but seriously, you do have a point about AN having less blood on his hands but this can be because he has less authority than any of the other people had. Also times are different.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

کاش به ما ندا میدادید و ما یک محمود شامپانزه بهتری برایتان تدارک می‌دیدیم،این را که گذاشتید تکراری است قربان :) .

راستی‌ اوضاعِ زانویِ مبارک چگونه است ؟ طبِّ سوزنیِ چینی‌ و آبِ گرمِ ژاپنی را بسیار به شما توصیه می‌کنیم،باور بفرمایید که این دو چند سال است که حالِ مارا خوب کردند و ورزش برقرار.

سلامت باشید.


Anonymous Observer

Shoot - It was featured, so I couldn't edit it, but here

by Anonymous Observer on

The last sentence of the blog is meant as a joke and is actually a swipe at myself for my past blogs on poets and poetry.  No disrespect is intented toward our talented artists.  

Anonymous Observer

I was joking Anahid Jaan

by Anonymous Observer on

and even added the "ommati" to it.  Just for you, though, I will edit and clarify the blog.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear AO, I was ready to agree with you until

by Anahid Hojjati on

I read your last sentences, So out of all crimes that one can commit, being a poet is the worst. Now, this is rather curious statement to make. I hope you are joking.