Iranians: A Bunch of Petty and Foolishly Vindictive People


Anonymous Observer
by Anonymous Observer

Do you want to know what a petty and foolishly vindictive people we are?  Take a look at this comparison:

Japan: two nuclear bombs dropped on them by the United States.  Number of casualties: an estimated 200,000 dead.  But, post WWII, Japan became an important U.S. ally, allowed U.S. bases on its soil and became an economic powerhouse.

Vietnam: in the 1960’s and 1970’s, invaded by the U.S. in a totally avoidable conflict.  Number of casualties:  an estimated 2,000,000 Vietnamese dead..  Vietnam today has full diplomatic and trade relations with the U.S.

Germany: An estimated 2.5 million civilians killed by American and allied bombardments with full combined civilian and military deaths totaling almost 7 million.  Entire major cities in Germany were reduced to rubble.  Germany then became a staunch U.S. ally, allowed U.S. bases on its soil and also became an economic powerhouse.

Lastly, a number of former Eastern Bloc nations, such as Poland are not only American allies, after half century of almost annihilating each other, but are also full NATO members. 

Now let’s look at Iran: an entire nation of 35 million (in 1979) became a herd of raging lunatics because of a bullshit memo written by a boasting Kermit Roosevelt a quarter a century ago.  Overthrew a progressive, or at least a pliable, regime, brought upon itself a Middle Ages style theocracy, took American diplomats hostage, chanted, and is still chanting, three decades later, death to America every single day, severed all diplomatic relations with the U.S., have remained belligerent to the only remaining superpower in the world to the extent that we have brought crippling sanctions and threats of military action upon ourselves.

Now do you see what a contemptible and frivolous people we are?  We hold grudges like if it’s a good thing.  And people return us the favor by being just as belligerent and inflexible.  We deserve every ounce of pain that is inflicted on us for our immutable and indomitable nature.     


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Anonymous Observer

How was the average American supposed to tell the difference?!!

by Anonymous Observer on

All they saw was millions of people chanting death to America and burning American flags on the streets less than a year earlier.  We need to start taking responsibility for our collective actions, even if a portion of us disagreed with those actions.  That's how the real world (as opposed to the perfect world) works.  

Anahid Hojjati


by Anahid Hojjati on


Anahid Hojjati

Obviously, hostage taking was wrong

by Anahid Hojjati on

But Iranians who got mistreated had nothing to do with hostage taking and very very high percentage of them were against IRI.

Anonymous Observer

So, Anahid Jaan - Whose fault was that? Who is to blame?

by Anonymous Observer on

the people who took the hostages or the Americans who supposedly mistreated Iranians?

Anahid Hojjati

Dear AO,

by Anahid Hojjati on

I came to US at the end of summer of 1983 and I went to Portland, Oregon, which is a liberal, progressive city. As such, personally I was not mistreated by Americans because of hostage crisis.  However, I have heard from friends and relatives who were in states like Texas that some experienced mistreatment.

You cannot deny the fcat that some Iranians did get mistreated during hostage crisis in US. This is a documented fact and not just a claim by me.

Anonymous Observer

And now to my good friend professor doctor Mohammad Ala

by Anonymous Observer on

Well, I hope writing the comment was cathartic for you for all those times that I "ridiculed" you. Did I hurt your feelings by criticizing the all knowing, narcissistic Iranian nation, and by pointing out that the world doesn't revolve around our interests ?  Sorry!

Seriously though, the last sentence of your comment really encapsulates the subject of my blog. "Iranian people have no problem with American people." The official IR line that we have been hearing for the past 32 years. In fact, that is exactly the same thing that they were saying as they were holding American diplomats hostage. What is your exact problem with the U.S. government then? The 1953 "coup?" Palestine? Iraq? Afghanistan? The fact that the U.S. became Iran's enemy after its flag was burnt everyday on the streets, its diplomats taken hostage, its aircraft hijacked and its Marine barracks blown up? Whose fault is that? Oh...I know, the U.S. was guilty because of the 1953 "coup" and we had every right to say and do as we said and did and the U.S., in return, should have kissed our...never mind. Just read the blog again.

Is my contact information really blocked? Didn't even know. All the better. I don't want to get hate mail from fat people. And what is it that you wanted to tell me about the great Dr. Ravazadeh anyway? Does he now believe that Cyrus and Darius were real and not Zionist inventions? Please do share.

Anonymous Observer

A few responses

by Anonymous Observer on

Anahid: If what you are claiming is true, do you blame the Americans for mistreating Iranians during the hostage crisis?

iamfine: no arguments with overspending on the military by the U.S.  It has to stop (unfortunately, I don't think it will happen any time soon), otherwise, America will be in deep trouble in a few decades.

HTG: the main difference between Rastakhiz and Hezb-e-Ollagh is that Rastakhiz was made up of a bunch of opportunists.  They all packed up and hit the road at the first sign of trouble.  Hezb-e-olagh is made up of a bunch of opporunists who are not going to go anywhere, and will pour onto the streets to bash your (and mine) skull in with guns, clubs and chains at the first sign of trouble.

MeyBokhor: first, kamtar mey bokhor.  Second, it's only a matter of time.  Just wait.  The chips are falling into place.  The IR has created the perfect storm for Iran.  

Vildemose: I don't think that the U.S. is really that patient.  We will see.   

Anonymous Observer

No Karim Joon -

by Anonymous Observer on

Next time you yell at a superpower for 32 years, call it the Great Satan, hold its diplomats hostage for more than a year, help every terrorist organization around the world that wants to attack it, fund and shelter the terrorist (Imad Moghniyeh) who hijacks its civilian aircraft and kills its citizens and blow up its Marine barraks and kill more than 200 of its soldiers, that superpower will send you candy and flowers. U.S. wants to attack Iran...well, duhh!

Talk about narcissism!  We're always right.  Everyone else is always wrong.  That's another problem with our people.  Subject for another blog though.

Will respond to everyone else later.  Short on time now. 


 AO: Agreed. However, this

by vildemose on

 AO: Agreed. However, this time, I think there is one entitiy that is more vincictive than us and even much more patient...Do you have any guess???

While seeking revenge, dig two graves - one for yourself.
Douglas Horton

Reform requires the consent of the corrupt

Karim M.

Such vendictive people...

by Karim M. on

Iranians are such vendictive people that many of us find so little in common with lobbyists who have been hoping to bring a war on Iran and Iranians. Anyone who reminds the US not to make the same mistakes it has made with Iranians in the past and to learn from those mistakes is so vindictive, right AO?!  We should all be good little boys and girls and forget about the past or even present and say, "Please liberate us!  Oh, please Massa! Throw some bombs on us! Bring us democracy!"

Say, did you call in sick again today?


Mohammed Ala

by Truthseeker9 on

I am sorry to say that they way you beat people down for not using their name (totally irrelevant) justifies the petty accusation on this blog. Do you assume others do not achieve and do things "in their own name" just because they do not advertise it on the internet? 

Mohammad Ala

Your posts/blogs have been vindictive...

by Mohammad Ala on

I will make few comments and then draw a conclusion.  I use my real name and like you have not blocked my contact information.  I tried to let you know when I collected information about Dr. Ravazadeh but the contact button on your blog was not available.  You ridiculed me on another post, at least once that I know because of my title and you call others vindictive?  You call our people…. Foolishly vindictive people which includes me.  Your posts which I seldom read have been vindictive may I say foolishly?  

You have no idea what America has done to Philippine.

Having lived with people from Japan, Vietnam, and Germany, I can say that your assessment about people is wrong.  Some cultures are expressive (Iranians) and other cultures might not be as expressive as Iranians (e.g., Japanese and Vietnamese).  Many Vietnamese women have mis-carriages even now because of Agent Orange. 

I have spoken in public to Iranian officials for taking down the signs that say “Down with the USA” for example in hotels using my name.  In my opinion, Iranian people have no problem with American people.

Anahid Hojjati

Not valid to bring Germany and Japan in this picture

by Anahid Hojjati on

I don't think it is good logic to compare Iran with countries like Japan and Germany. those two were supporting an evil doctrine and any sane person would be against practices of governments of japan and Germany. so the fact that they were not vindictive, how coud they be? Germany was burning people so they should have been glad that they could even exist after what they had done. Vietname on the other hand is a valid comparison.


Rather be vindictive than have millions of compatriots killed!

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Japan: estimated 200,000 dead

Vietnam: estimated 2,000,000 Vietnamese dead

Germany: An estimated 2.5 million civilians killed by American and allied bombardments with full combined civilian and military deaths totaling almost 7 million


What above numbers show is that the only reason Iran has not suffered from the same number of casualties as these poor rape victims have is precisely our "vindictive, immutable and indomitable nature."



by Raoul1955 on

Logical and meaningful piece.
While social revolutions take days and months to accomplish the overthrow of a regime, cultural evolutions take generations to bring about positive and constructive changes to a nation...
The referenced nations did and do enjoy a superior culture to all ME nations...


With all due respect

by Hooshang Tarreh-Gol on

The reasons for 1979 anti-monarchy revolt was a lot more complicated than just a bs memo on the coup. It involved many different things: last one of them was called Hezb Rastakhiz, which worked pretty much like Stalin or Hitler's single party system. 

BTW, how far is it from Hezb Rastakhiz to Hezb Ollah?

But the central point of you blog is valid, we dwell too much on the past. Bygones are bygones, and so on and so on. As William S.Burroughs used to say : " Storm the Reality Studios!"


you have valid points about Iranians

by iamfine on

However, the consequence of what US did to other countries was huge loss of life. Cost of controlling Germany, Japan, conflict in Vietnam, war in Iraq and Afghanistan, having troops in more than 100 countries, controlling NATO put US into $14 trillion dollars debt and massive unemployment.

Anahid Hojjati

Dear AO, it is mostly the leaders

by Anahid Hojjati on

who are chanting anti US slogans these days. Even in 2009 demonstrations, people showed that they are done with "marg bar Amrika". Also even in the height of 1979 revolution, one good thing about Iranian people was that they could distinguish between US government and Americans. I knew several Americans in Tehran during late 1978 who were treated nicely by people even though Iranians were chanting anti US slogans. Now contrast that with many Americans who mistreated Iranians in US during hostage crisis.

Tiger Lily

ajaba, in shaghigheye bande

by Tiger Lily on

na rabti, na rapti, na rabbiyi mibine.